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  1. Hangar looks like Fl Flight Maintenance KVNC. When did this happpen?
  2. There is a map at the end of the Daily mail article listing total murders for 2019. There were several under 18 years old and multiple “unnamed”.
  3. There sure are a lot of “unnamed” deceased in London and some very young ones. Are the unnamed homeless or identity withheld? Sad.
  4. I never had a chance to meet Bennett in person but he sure made this little online community a better place. I ask that whoever is reading this that you would join me in raising a glass to Bennett. Fly on brother, you will be missed.
  5. Any damage history? Recent repairs? How many years since OH?
  6. I saw this headline, I hope our @FloridaMan is ok. Florida man died from meth overdose before he was eaten by alligator.
  7. OMG! I just did.....holy crap! For any other’s out there who are curious, just don't do it. Really, trust me.
  8. Ah Virginia, I empty my relief tube every time I overfly Virginny. What a corrupt state when it comes to traffic laws. Radar detectors are illegal and the highway patrol works their system of speed traps to take advantage of out of state plates. Mandatory court dates that require one to hire counsel on ones behalf. Money grabbing sons a beeches. Virginia will never again get a red cent of my tourist dollars.
  9. Yes, I have my instructor named on my policy as well as “all pilots whether named or flying under open pilot warranty”. Must be current with flight reviews and medical, pilot certificate and ratings. Category, class and type and meet or exceed 300 hours, 20 retract and 10 in make and model. Just paid renewal, $1600 for $80k hull value.
  10. Careful now. You start whipping out things around here you're liable to have the men in blue suits show up at your door. -Carlos Danger
  11. Whoa! We hit the motherload! Hey, that’s me.
  12. My thoughts as well. Mooney could use a really good PR campaign right about now.
  13. I thought it was Marauder’s girls. By the way I haven't seen any Marauder’s girls in quite a while. What gives? Political correctness?
  14. ...or triples. Need more speed? Add an engine.
  15. I haven't been a member since they featured Bruce Jenner on the cover. I've been offered a ball cap to renew. I guess I'll wait for the cuff links.