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  1. -a- your are the consummate gentleman and a treasure to this site. Thanks for the tips, but my snide comment was definitely removed after it received a couple of emoji responses. Nothing vulgar or reprehensible on my part I assure you however this is a common theme amongst my like-minded brethren here.
  2. Damn, one of my posts mysteriously disappeared. I wonder what censorship magic is working somewhere behind the big curtain?
  3. Yeah, those bastards are so biased toward long haired hippies.
  4. Is that the thread where he revealed that he is his wifes bitch?
  6. Speed looks normal to me based on this...
  7. It depends on the science they believe in. Fake science based on manipulated data to generate an outcome in line with those providing the research funding? Not really.
  8. People have been burning things for years to express their anger and hatred toward ________________(fill in the blank). It has been my observation that these burners of things tend to be hateful, bigoted and generally simpleminded as a whole. Normal, intelligent people do not burn things intentionally. Look at recent history, these burners have burned crosses, churches, cars, cities, bibles, korans, books, films, other people, oil fields, draft cards, bras, etc. Of course the proper way to retire a worn flag is a dignified cremation ceremony. This is an entirely different scenario as is burning trash, burning rubber or burning your casserole. Flag burning is offensive to me, but I'm offensive to others I'm sure. That's life. We Americans have a right to peaceably assemble, so there it is.
  9. You represented the Mooney family well, very professional. "Jerk" was fine in my book, "Dick" would have been my go to word, but I'm a Gen X'er. Glad you're safe and took the time to make the video.
  10. "The secret is Hydro-chill technology". Hy-tech cooling for your Mooney. But wait, if you order now you'll get a free "Fire Palms" hand warmer for those oxygen requiring trips into the flight levels.
  11. Not about my political views, just defending a fellow aviator that was attacked for making a comparison of how we as a community are judged a lot of times by the actions of a few bad actors.
  12. Ah, I see. So you are anti-gun.
  13. What I understood PTK's comment to mean is that an irresponsible pilot's action resulting in an incident is a black eye to the general aviation community even though tens of thousands of GA flights happen daily without incident. Gun owners as a whole face the same negative consequences when an irresponsible individual, whether intentional or not, mains or kills another human being or beings. Reading the comments section after news articles of plane crashes reveals the misunderstanding of many in the general public of our particular hobby. The same is true of gun crime news. In my opinion his concern is legitimate. His post in no way alluded to a conspiracy of hot air hysteria.