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  1. Tony Starke

    High nickel in oil?

    So Alex @Raptor05121, You apparently have chrome cylinders, 1-3. Contact Blackstone and let them know so your reports will be compared to the rest of the nickle cylinder engines in their database.
  2. Tony Starke

    High nickel in oil?

    That is interesting. What color code is on your cylinders?
  3. Tony Starke

    High nickel in oil?

    Mine have a single silver stripe as well. I believe orange is chrome. You might consider calling L.J. At Zephyr Engines for clarification.
  4. Tony Starke

    High nickel in oil?

    Alex, any chance you have nickel cylinders? These values are pretty close to mine which seems to be normal for nickel cylinders.
  5. Tony Starke

    Engine out. 2X in 14 months...

    I've watched the report twice and still havent seen a crash. Off field landings yes, crash no.
  7. Tony Starke

    Cracks in AI fitting

    You might try Naylor's in Gainesville, FL.
  8. Tony Starke

    wow one after another, whats next?

    I am hesitant to name the guy as he is touted as a brave hero of sorts in today’s culture. It is all very confusing to me. I'll give you a hint though...dude looks like a lady.
  9. Tony Starke

    wow one after another, whats next?

    So there’s this guy that has some very obvious mental health issues and he is a pilot. I don't know him but he is a “celebrity”. Seems he falls into a higher risk category as defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Organization. As a community, what is our obligation to him? The aviation community?
  10. Tony Starke

    Well, I finally did it ...

    Oh, happy day! That's one big smile. Congratulations Mooney brother!
  11. Tony Starke

    Empty Nest....Not Empty Hangar

    Congrats INA, we are about a year ahead of you. It gets pretty weird around the house when the kids leave. You will get used to it. Take time to re-court your wife, take her on dates. Meet her for spur of the moment lunches. Take weekend trips, visit new restaurants, go to concerts, enjoy each other's company. It doesn't take long to adjust and the transition to empty nest is actually a pretty cool experience We use the Mooney to visit our kids often and have been flying more than ever. My youngest is about 1.5 Mooney hours from where I grew up so we have been able to visit her and my family back home all in the same trip. Thats a four hour Mooney flight. My oldest is only 45 Mooney minutes away making for an easy day trip. This might be a good time to work on a new rating or do that Bahamas trip, etc. Hang in there, report back and let us know what works as your best therapy. Cheers, T
  12. Tony Starke

    L41 Marble canyon

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. What do you hunt, mule deer? Is this area part of the bison cull?
  13. Tony Starke

    lawsuit in Philly

    I long for the good old days when you had to use your noggin. Growing up I didnt require a label on electronic devices warning me to not use the hair dryer while I was in the tub, I used my ole noggin. I never ironed my clothes while wearing them, I used my noggin. Not once did I attempt to check my fuel level using my Bic lighter as a light source, I used my noggin.... Seems people today don't use their noggins anymore. They expect every product to be completely safe. Let someone else do the thinking for them and provide a safety label. If they get hurt, call John Morgan, for the people, because "it''s not my fault, I'm a victim". Glad I still have my noggin and know how to use it.
  14. Tony Starke

    Bolts Came Off/Sheared on #2 Cylinde

    Hello Lima Whiskey, Glad you are OK and found the issue before the cylinder came off. There is a specific sequence to tightening the bolts when assembling a new engine. I have attached Lycoming's Service Instruction here. I'm guessing the two bolts that stayed are the through bolts? SI1029D Bolts, Crankcase, Tightening Procedures for Thru-Studs and .pdf
  15. Tony Starke

    Low RPM Misfire M20F

    I've got to tell you Doc, that method really sucks...ah actually it blows. Works great though. I was able to locate an exhaust leak using this trick.