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  1. Tony Starke

    lawsuit in Philly

    I long for the good old days when you had to use your noggin. Growing up I didnt require a label on electronic devices warning me to not use the hair dryer while I was in the tub, I used my ole noggin. I never ironed my clothes while wearing them, I used my noggin. Not once did I attempt to check my fuel level using my Bic lighter as a light source, I used my noggin.... Seems people today don't use their noggins anymore. They expect every product to be completely safe. Let someone else do the thinking for them and provide a safety label. If they get hurt, call John Morgan, for the people, because "it''s not my fault, I'm a victim". Glad I still have my noggin and know how to use it.
  2. Tony Starke

    Bolts Came Off/Sheared on #2 Cylinde

    Hello Lima Whiskey, Glad you are OK and found the issue before the cylinder came off. There is a specific sequence to tightening the bolts when assembling a new engine. I have attached Lycoming's Service Instruction here. I'm guessing the two bolts that stayed are the through bolts? SI1029D Bolts, Crankcase, Tightening Procedures for Thru-Studs and .pdf
  3. Tony Starke

    Low RPM Misfire M20F

    I've got to tell you Doc, that method really sucks...ah actually it blows. Works great though. I was able to locate an exhaust leak using this trick.
  4. That's why I hate apple. My ipad doesn't open it. No rhyme or reason as to why one works and another doesn't.
  5. I like to tell people how much I despise my iPad so they don’t make the same mistake I did. Apple produces a mediocre product and sells them at overinflated prices. Marketing is everything in today’s world.
  6. Tony Starke

    Photo Flight with B-17s and Mustangs too!

    Very Nice! That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen on Mooneyspace. You are one lucky Gerbil. Are you based at I19? @Gerbil
  7. Tony Starke

    Chicago FBO?

    And feces.
  8. Tony Starke

    Likelihood of engine failure

    I’m with you RobertGary1, I have friends that drop their planes off at the “big name” shops for maintenance and annuals, then pick them up and fly away without a second thought. I have a mechanic that allows me to work beside him and make decisions as a team. There are often more than a few guys working under that big name and I wouldn’t doubt that the guy with the name might not ever set eyes on your plane.
  9. Tony Starke

    Likelihood of engine failure

    Glad you and your passenger made it out of that one alive. Did you ever find out what the FOD consisted of?
  10. Tony Starke

    Likelihood of engine failure

    That’s not very comforting. What were you there for? Engine work, annual?
  11. Tony Starke

    Likelihood of engine failure

    AOPA just posted this... This could have ended up as a stall/spin had he not made that last minute decision to land off airport.
  12. Tony Starke

    Accidents happen on the ramp as well

    Son of a Beech!
  13. Tony Starke

    At Okeechobee Airport

    Registered to a company in Ocala, Fl.
  14. Tony Starke

    TAX DAY-$$$

    That would be nice but congress will never allow it. On a positive note, had the new tax code been in effect for this return, I would have saved $5000.
  15. Tony Starke

    TAX DAY-$$$

    Not all get back, I just sent Uncle Sam the equivalent of a GTN750. Yay!