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  1. Travis2015

    Looking at a 1988 M20J 201

    Update for curious movement yet. Working on risk management and acquisition costs....isn’t that always the story. Looks like overhaul was done in 2009, prop in 2011 with only 25 hrs on engine, and same tach time today being out of annual since Feb 2017. Had an A&P look over the logs and he thinks they look complete with no short cuts on the overhaul and parts replacement.
  2. Travis2015

    Looking at a 1988 M20J 201

    I little update... The plane had the engine removed and sent to be overhauled in Missouri in Fall '09. Also had the prop switched to the 3 blade prop at the same time. The current owner was redoing it to be his forever plane, but lost his medical shortly after getting it all put back together in 2010. He had someone flying it periodically until '16 and kept it current on the annual until now (and it should just be a few months out of annual). It has been inside the hanger with full fuel, but not on jacks. It has just standard avionics with dual kx 155's and 4000 hours TT. I'm thinking I might be able to get it bought for 85AMU's with a current annual and flying. The guy that has been doing the annual for about 5 years is the one getting ready to do the annual now, and it should fly when the annual is complete. @carusoam If I got hit with a $15AMU bill shortly after purchasing, it might not fly as much as it should...
  3. I know of a plane coming on the market in the near future that I wanted to get a couple opinions on. It has been with the current owner for around 15 years and been inside a hanger the whole time, but hasn't flown much in the last 5 years. It is out of an annual as of last year and has practically no avionics upgrades. The engine has less than 50 hours on it SMOH, but that was done over 5 years ago. Would the consensus be that this is most likely a sleeping demon and money pit? I know it gets started monthly but am not sure if that means up to operating temps or not? I think it was last flown in 2016. I'm a low time pilot in my mid 20's looking at the possibility of buying this to be a long term plane. Thanks for any advice/ recommendations! Travis