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  1. It kinda looks as worn as mine... but mine still has all the chrome plating on it. How much were you thinking of asking for it? Might be worth me having it as a spare in case mine breaks off entirely...
  2. Yes I do still need one but how badly worn is it? I’m replacing mine because it is quite loose around the square bar it attaches to. If it’s in good shape and fits tight, I’m very interested. Spike
  3. Friends I am in need of the inside door handle (square hole type) and the door opener slide for my ‘61 B model. Anyone? Thanks.
  4. Turned into a slightly bigger job than I anticipated.
  5. Took a while but hopefully it will be worth it. A friend’s wife recemtly said “Mooney... is that like Money with two O’s?” Yes. Yes it is.
  6. The Mooney Pare parts manual shows a 6048-19 part number, but does anyone know what tomuse as a replacemet for those short rubber hoses at the wing roots?
  7. Seems logicsl... the previous mechanic didn’t disassemble anything, he just flushed it from the outside, I presume...thanks for your input.
  8. Thanks for all the input guys. I guess we’ll pull it and have a prop shop flush the hub. Cheers!
  9. So I had the engine overhauled because of a main bearing chewing itself up. We overhauled the prop governor, replaced all the oil hoses and oil cooler, but after flying it two hours I find out the mechanic only flushed the prop and did not send it for a contamination inspection. We’re doing the annual now and my current mechanic thinks the prop should be sent in for a contamination inspection. The prop still has two years on it before it needs a 10 year overhaul (Canadian requirement). Do I need to pull the prop and have it opened up? Also my spinner is cracked so I may have to pull
  10. Thanks for checkin in, fellow B Model flyer. Sorry I don’t have any performance data but I have only flown my plane about 7 hours in the last year because I had to have the bottom end overhauled and we’re still trying to iron out issues we keep finding. Now we’re starting the annual so it’s going to be a while before I get to do any serious flying. Keep those old B models flying!
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