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  1. Spike Kavalench

    High fuel pressure?

    So it turns out there is an adjustment you can make on the fuel regulator which is integral and unique to the turbo installation. Rayjay engineering drawings show how. In case anyone was wondering.
  2. Spike Kavalench

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Yes I moved her to Boundary Bay which is a little closer to home. Should be able to spend more time with her now!
  3. Spike Kavalench

    scrapped a mooney m20c

    Also if it has the old style fuel caps with the thick rubber donut I’m interested. Mine are dried and cracking.
  4. Spike Kavalench

    pic of scrap m20c

    I could use a DG.
  5. Spike Kavalench

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    So today I finally got my new to me M20B up high enough to rev up the turbo, and it works way better than I imagined! I got a very noticeable power and climb performance increase at 6500’! Idig it! Sorry I didn’t write any numbers down but I am quite pleased with how well it works.
  6. Spike Kavalench

    High fuel pressure?

    Thanks David and everyone for the replies. I looked at the engineering drawings for the turbo installation and they refer to a redline of 8psi, and also provide a recommended pressure adjusted to 6psi at 2300 RPM, so maybe the turbo mod has an adjustable fuel pressure... in any case, thanks all for the input. Here’s a pic. She cleaned up pretty nice!
  7. Spike Kavalench

    High fuel pressure?

    My “new to me” ‘61 M20B indicates about 4.5 psi fuel pressure with the electric boost pump on and about 8.5 when the mechanical pump kicks in after start. Is that out of limits and if so, why would that be? I believe the mechanical fuel pump was replaced with a new one a while back.
  8. Spike Kavalench


  9. Spike Kavalench

    Tips and Tricks

    Judging by the number of views, I think you have a point!
  10. Spike Kavalench

    Rajay turbo

    Any chance of getting a digital copy of the Rayjay Manual?
  11. Spike Kavalench

    Effect of Carb Heat?

    Actually, somebody on this site already has a turbo for sale, you should look him up if you want one. As for a manual, everything you need to know is placarded on the panel and I have all the installation drawings and paperwork, so if an over zealous inspector asks, I have answers, but thanks for the tip!
  12. Spike Kavalench

    Effect of Carb Heat?

    Nice reply, Cliffy, thanks very much. That’s what I expected, same as every other plane I have flown, so I wanted to confirm. It’s back in the shop. The plenum between the filter and the carb looked pretty rough so I suspect that was the problem. The turbo was an add on and I don’t think I have a manual for it. Thanks again!
  13. Spike Kavalench

    Effect of Carb Heat?

    Ok, thanks guys.
  14. Spike Kavalench

    Effect of Carb Heat?

    On my 0-360 A1D Rayjay turbo powered constant speed prop M20B I get zero effect on idle (or any) RPM when applying carb heat on the ground. Is that normal? Sorry I didn’t notice if there was an effect on manifold pressure.. it threw me to not see any effect on rpm.
  15. Spike Kavalench

    M20B Weight And Balance Manual

    FltPlan.com just posted a weight and balance template for the M20B, it’s awesome! Just amend the basic weight and arm and it will work for you. Fltplan.com is a free moving map/flight planning app. Works slick.