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  1. The above didn't end up working out, so still happy to hear any suggestions!
  2. I'm in Europe and going to swap my GNS430 for an IFD440 and 256 and G5 HSI for an Aspen Pro Max. We don't have many options here in terms of buying this kind of stuff off the shelf, so looking for recommendations of reputable sellers Stateside that will give me a good deal. Bonus points if they take the 430, G5 (incl Gad29b and GMU11) and 256! Not sure on rules for commercial outfits on MS, but feel free to PM me if you can help. Thanks.
  3. I've been having KI-256 troubles lately and I think it's time to say goodbye. As the G5 AI is no good for driving the KFC150, I'm limited to putting a GI-275 in there unless I want to change the autopilot too. I have a G5 HSI downstairs and I'm wondering if this is a pairing that could work? I know they won't communicate and they're essentially independent systems but so are the 256 and the G5 at present. It's a bit of an ugly solution....if it's even legal? I asked one shop for a quote here in Europe and they said they didn't like the idea (and something about STC approval....I don't really understand all this stuff) and I should go for another G5 and the GFC 500 or rip out the G5 and get dual 275s. If I went the dual 275 route, I guess the G5 could be sold on? Opinions welcome!
  4. Thanks for the tips. For curiosity I connected the original to an external vacuum pump and it shakes out fine and indicates perfectly thereafter. Time to look for some vacuum gremlins I guess.
  5. So a different, serviceable 256 also wouldn't erect properly when I replaced it and ran the engine on the ground. Just showed some crazy attitude and then wobbled a bit back towards normal when the gyro was spinning down. Does this point to the vacuum not being sufficient?
  6. Thanks for the tip. SIBA in France have some in stock (€1950+VAT with Form 1) and apparently they can also repair the 256. I've asked if they'll take mine as an overhaul exchange so I'll see what they come back with. Will also contact your guys.
  7. Thanks Bob. Could you tell me what leads you to that conclusion? Obviously when one sees an AI behaving strangely it's the prime suspect but the fact that it seems to be tied to the KFC150 confused me. I've just paid for an engine overhaul so I need to keep this repair bill to a minimum
  8. Can anyone shed any light on this? I am getting into IFR flying in my own aircraft after training on C172s and was flying an ILS last week with the KFC 150 to see how it performs. All good in heading mode but when it captured in APP mode it started behaving weird and the KI 256 started indicating a bank to the left in straight and level flight (test was done in VMC). At that point I hand flew the remainder. Today I went out to diagnose. In the video below I’m tuning in a VOR and picking a nearby radial to see if the KFC will pick it up and track it. Same behaviour again where when I hit NAV on the KFC (bottom right) it doesn’t really do it and then the KI 256 is indicating a false left bank! I turned off the A/P and within a couple of mins the 256 is behaving correctly, continues to work fine in HDG mode back to base and perfect during the landing circuit. I certainly won’t be engaging anything other than HDG mode until I can figure this one out. The only other relevant information is that I have a new vac pump following overhaul and the 256 takes a couple of mins to erect on startup. Not sure if it always did this as I’m only really concentrating on it now. The fact that a) it is reproducible and b) it slowly rights itself after disengaging NAV/APP suggests some signal is screwing with the KI 256 and maybe is some capacitive effect that decays away after removing the signal? The other weird thing is why it just decides to return to level flight when this is happening. It seems like it’s telling the pilot one thing, but telling the KFC150 something else. It’s possible that it is indeed tracking the radial (although there seems to be about 1-2 degrees of deviation), and is obeying a KFC wings level command, but just telling me something different.
  9. Yep I'm pretty sure from having read @Hank's post and talking to Lasar that their replacements will fit. I don't remember seeing anything in the logs but I'll have another look. There are some 10+ year old photos online of it on a previous reg and those tips are present.
  10. Just a final query on this. Lasar is out of stock at present so I might have to wait a bit to get it replaced. Is it safe enough to fly without the lens assuming day VFR only (ie not switching the lights on)? I have removed the screws and shrapnel.
  11. Ugh does Harp even still exist?! Will post a few reports from upcoming trips. Past year has been mostly lessons towards getting the IR. Quite necessary living on a cloudy island. The above pic happened on a flight where my friend had to cross the English Channel at 1000ft to get home. First thing he did when he reached the airport was book his first IR lesson.
  12. Thanks all. This site is a great resource to have when living in a country with a grand total of one Mooney!
  13. Oh right, I see the page in the parts catalog now where it shows the older style at the top. That explains my confusion. Would be great to get someone's cast-off as it would be pre-drilled. The Lasar part is about 1/2 the price of the other two you mentioned so I think we'll hold out for them. They will have stock next week.
  14. My partner had an issue with a fence and I need a replacement. The parts catalog note says that 210384-001 is only for serials 24-1038 and later, while mine is 0586. Just wondering if the replacement that Lasar sells will fit: https://lasar.com/lights/left-wing-tip-lens-l020-210384-001?rq=210384 Alternatively if anyone has a spare, I'll take it off your hands! Thanks.
  15. So there's no way to the self-test to work on the G5, even following the instructions above?
  16. OK I'll give that a go. Thanks. Gotta change the internal memory battery first
  17. Anyone seen this before? All of the other stuff is fine on the GNS430 initiation self-test but the G5 HSI doesn't show any glideslope. Doesn't throw a flag, just no GS deviation bar. It works fine in flight when flying an ILS.
  18. Diagnosed and repaired by the 76 year old father of my father-and-son mechanic shop who lives 100 miles away but just happened to be in the area on a Saturday in his camper van!
  19. Field wire had snapped at the ring connector. All sorted and battery recharged overnight
  20. Thanks, I'm not sure what alternator and regulator I have. I'll take a multimeter out at the weekend and do a bit of detective work. I'll also ground run it for a while and see what I see. I know the mechanic tidied some wiring at the annual (my first one) so it could have something to do with that.
  21. I got my J back from annual and on the return the EDM800 went a little crazy and told me cyl 1 had a bad probe about 20 mins into the first flight. No big deal. Today I was on an IR lesson and everything was good. Battery was reading 14.2 V on run up. Some time later during the flight (possibly around the time the EGT probe started giving silly values again) it started barking at me that the voltage was only 12.0 V. I kept an eye on it and there was no change. Also no annunciator light at any time. On final with landing light on it was showing 11.5 V! Still nothing from the annunciator though. When I popped the landing light off during taxi it went up to 11.8 V. The flight was about an hour in total, and I've done 3.5 hours since the inspection. Alternator brushes were inspected as part of it. Do I believe the EDM or the annunciator? From mx manual I believe the VOLTS light should come on at anything less than 12.5 V. I guess if it really is that low it won't turn over next time so I'll know then!
  22. @bradp It's not too bad here. Dublin CTR is bigger than it needs to be but most of the county is class G up to 7500ft and C above that. There's no class A at GA accessible levels and controllers are usually very accommodating about zone transits. Also none of that 'request a service' stuff thankfully.
  23. Dublin Intl is available for the princely sum of €3000 per month The GA airport is the one that won't take me back. There's 600 m (2000 ft) of tarmac at about 1 hr away which is also pretty expensive I believe, but I've emailed them. Ideal situation is the old base reverses their decision but we'll see how it goes. As for the drainage it's actually very good. I went there yesterday after overnight rain and the strip was still good and hard underfoot. I appreciate all of the comments.
  24. Well I was before the long mx layoff! I will do as you say before attempting to in there though. Used to be able to get her down on 600 m of tarmac without much fuss.
  25. Yea density alt is not an issue. Sea level and max temp 70f. Usually a 10kt westerly blowing too. I went there yesterday and it seems smooth and pretty dry for January. They mainly use 172s and Robins but he has had turbo arrows, saratogas, cirrus, and 182rg in and out of there.
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