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  1. zuutroy

    Basing a J on Grass

    @bradp It's not too bad here. Dublin CTR is bigger than it needs to be but most of the county is class G up to 7500ft and C above that. There's no class A at GA accessible levels and controllers are usually very accommodating about zone transits. Also none of that 'request a service' stuff thankfully.
  2. zuutroy

    Basing a J on Grass

    Dublin Intl is available for the princely sum of €3000 per month The GA airport is the one that won't take me back. There's 600 m (2000 ft) of tarmac at about 1 hr away which is also pretty expensive I believe, but I've emailed them. Ideal situation is the old base reverses their decision but we'll see how it goes. As for the drainage it's actually very good. I went there yesterday after overnight rain and the strip was still good and hard underfoot. I appreciate all of the comments.
  3. zuutroy

    Basing a J on Grass

    Well I was before the long mx layoff! I will do as you say before attempting to in there though. Used to be able to get her down on 600 m of tarmac without much fuss.
  4. zuutroy

    Basing a J on Grass

    Yea density alt is not an issue. Sea level and max temp 70f. Usually a 10kt westerly blowing too. I went there yesterday and it seems smooth and pretty dry for January. They mainly use 172s and Robins but he has had turbo arrows, saratogas, cirrus, and 182rg in and out of there.
  5. zuutroy

    Basing a J on Grass

    I know there have been plenty of grass threads in the past but I just wanted to get some opinions from more experienced Mooney pilots. I was away from my home airport for a while on extended maintenance and stopped paying for my parking space. Now I'm ready to return but they say they're not taking any based operators so I'm kind of homeless. There's no other tarmac within 90 mins drive but a guy who runs a small farm strip has offered to let me stay there at no charge. Its 700 m (2300 ft) and pretty flat with little in the way of obstructions at either end and the ground is free from holes and dry along most of it. You can look at on Google Maps here. Do you think it's safe/feasible to fly out of here for a while?
  6. It was LASAR that sent the parts without forms. Ultimately they sorted it but all this stuff takes time. Here are the photos of control rods:
  7. Corroded flight control pushrods and a few other parts needed replacing. They were initially sent over without 8130-3 which we have to have here. They were sent back and re-issued. That whole process went on for months. Since October all I know he's waiting on 'a part'. It's my first annual, and he's not an easy guy to get hold of, but I'm told by another customer that he wants it out of his hangar asap. 17 months of airplane ownership and I've had it less than half that time
  8. 10 month in total. I guess I'm scared because I've read a lot of horror stories, but it's only the people who had problems that post about. Fingers crossed! Thanks.
  9. I have a J with an IO-360-A36BD. 1000 SMOH with 76+ compressions when I left it for annual. However the annual has dragged for months and months due to a variety of issues. Not sure what steps the engineer has taken to keep the engine dry but as a worst case assume nothing special. It's been in a warm hangar the whole time but the climate here is humid maritime. Last flight before the downtime was pretty long so should have burned off a lot of water vapor. I should be getting her back soon and I want to know what I can do (if anything) to minimise the risks of corrosion induced shortening of engine life time. How likely is it that I've lost a few hundred hour of healthy running? Will definitely start using Camguard but I'm not sure if that can do anything after the fact, and have also been told to change the oil after about 10 hours. If the cam is spalled is it worth just IRAN parts at 1000 hours or would a full overhaul be more sensible, even though I can't afford it! Any other tips welcome.
  10. zuutroy


    GA is pretty small here. There are 2 Mooneys in the country! The Dublin area in particular has a huge area of controlled airspace so you won't see much around the city. Weston Airport a few KM west of Dublin is the main GA airport in the area. There's a company out there that will rent you a C150 or C172 www.nfc.ie but they have pretty strict currency and checkout rules, and it's something like €220 an hour for a 172. If you need any other pointers, let me know.
  11. zuutroy

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Based on what I paid for mine I'd say it should sell for around €75k but as you say the market is so dry here that it largely depends on how badly someone wants a particular aircraft at a particular time and how quickly the seller needs it gone.
  12. zuutroy

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Have had my eye on that for a while. I would be sorely tempted to trade in my J if I could find a 50/50 partner. A nice (though overpriced) F-reg J has just gone on sale. http://www.planecheck.com?ent=da&id=40651 Might be worth looking at. I can help with the vagaries of F-reg ownership if you need a hand.
  13. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    Thanks. I'm not sure what the rules are in EASA-land regarding 8130 etc but I'll check.
  14. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    Thanks. It has the KFC150. I thought the tail had to come off to replace them. Does that not take a while?
  15. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    Going to replace the two long pushrods that run through the tailcone. Any idea on what total labor time I should budget paying for?