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  1. zuutroy


    GA is pretty small here. There are 2 Mooneys in the country! The Dublin area in particular has a huge area of controlled airspace so you won't see much around the city. Weston Airport a few KM west of Dublin is the main GA airport in the area. There's a company out there that will rent you a C150 or C172 www.nfc.ie but they have pretty strict currency and checkout rules, and it's something like €220 an hour for a 172. If you need any other pointers, let me know.
  2. zuutroy

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Based on what I paid for mine I'd say it should sell for around €75k but as you say the market is so dry here that it largely depends on how badly someone wants a particular aircraft at a particular time and how quickly the seller needs it gone.
  3. zuutroy

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Have had my eye on that for a while. I would be sorely tempted to trade in my J if I could find a 50/50 partner. A nice (though overpriced) F-reg J has just gone on sale. http://www.planecheck.com?ent=da&id=40651 Might be worth looking at. I can help with the vagaries of F-reg ownership if you need a hand.
  4. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    Thanks. I'm not sure what the rules are in EASA-land regarding 8130 etc but I'll check.
  5. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    Thanks. It has the KFC150. I thought the tail had to come off to replace them. Does that not take a while?
  6. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    Going to replace the two long pushrods that run through the tailcone. Any idea on what total labor time I should budget paying for?
  7. zuutroy

    Flight Control Pushrod Corrosion

    It had a gear-up about 8 years ago but I'm not 100% sure what body work was required at the time. Thanks for all the input. I'll ask the engineer if he might consider a cleanup job where possible. I assume replacing all of the rods would be fairly pricey.
  8. Hi, I have a J in for my first annual and the engineer was pretty horrified at the state of the flight control rods. He says they shouldn't have been signed off in previous years if anything like this. Any thoughts? I'm new to ownership so don't really have any experience to go off. Thanks.
  9. zuutroy

    KFC150 HDG Problem

    The AP wasn't getting any heading information from the G5 because the G5 itself wasn't getting any. It seems that it doesn't recognise that its connected to a GMU11 because even the magnetometer calibration option doesn't appear in the setup pages.
  10. zuutroy

    KFC150 HDG Problem

    Yea it can be hooked up to the KFC150 via the GAD29b as of last month or so. I'll update my profile now Apparently NAV mode won't engage either.
  11. Hi. My engineer is installing a Garmin G5 to replace a broken BK HSI on my 1978 J model. He just called me to say that when he was checking everything out the autopilot test works OK, but when he presses HDG the light won't illuminate. This was done without the engine running. I'm just wondering if the AI has to be properly spun up for HDG mode to engage as I know the AI has an input to the KFC. Thanks!