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  1. RV-8 PIREP

    @Joe Zuffoletto ok if you are taking requests, up next a Thorp T18, you know that Vans RV before there was Vans RV.
  2. Mooney aircraft ownership video on YouTube

    They have their podcast up where they talked with a C driver, it was pretty good as well.
  3. Mac 1700 Question

    You sure you have enough panel space for that??
  4. Advice on a Mooney purchase

    If it's this one, it looks very interesting!
  5. Looking to purchase a Mooney M20J

    umm yeah, not that I have their page bookmarked or anything........
  6. My 252

    For what some people are getting for the motorized towbars you can buy a ratty golf cart for the same or less money and have more utility unless your hanger space is THAT TIGHT.
  7. $100 Engine Montitor

    The Angular 2 is one more. (It's funnier if you say it in a Nigel Tuffnel accent talking about your amp)
  8. News on the street: NO avgas in Canada

    $6.33 USD/gal $7.15 USD/gal w/HST
  9. GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    This video is from Barron Pilot on YouTube. He chose the 440 over the 540 on his ship because of the iPad app. He goes through the IFD 100 app in detail here. He also mentions at the beginning that Avidyne has a free app that lets you learn the interface of the 440 and 540.
  10. $100 Engine Montitor

    Yes sir!
  11. $100 Engine Montitor

    @Yetti you may have seen this solution, but in case not, Raspberry Pi has a "dash" solution ready to go. This guy used it for his Miata race car.
  12. Putting vinyl ("decals") on your plane

    One other thing to consider. If you are stripping and painting your plane it's going to start at what $12K for someone you trust? A good vinyl wrap would be closer to $7K I'm thinking. If you wanted to really slick it up after the wrap have the wrap ceramic coated. It would make it super easy to keep clean and maximize speed.
  13. Putting vinyl ("decals") on your plane

    A couple good videos to check out which go into some depth about vinyl wraps and clear bras compared to what was available even 4-5 years ago. This guy Larry Kocilla is one of the top detailers in the U.S., Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes and a few other OEM's hire him to prep cars for shows.
  14. Overhaul on calendar time - io-550

    Something more along the lines of this then?