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  1. Rumblestrip

    Why we like the U.P. in the winter time

    So, that was taken last week?? When I lived in Marquette for a couple years in the late 90's I remember ice in the lake in late May.
  2. Rumblestrip

    Mooney must be selling some

  3. Rumblestrip


    That is very much Nicky. #rideonkentuckykid
  4. Rumblestrip

    Holy Yikes!

    CLOSE! Sushi at the Pittsburg Airport. Sincerely, Tony Reali (If you watch Around The Horn, you'll get the joke)
  5. Rumblestrip

    Flying with guns?

    Come on over to the East Side, for some great USPSA matches. 1st Sunday is at Brooklyn, about 2 miles from the Speedway. Second Sunday is Livingston Gun Club, about in the landing pattern for the Brighton airport, 3rd Sunday is at DSC in Rochester, and the 4th Sunday is at Raccoon Hunters right between Willow Run and Detroit Metro.
  6. Rumblestrip

    I'm just going to upgrade the transponder........

    What are the four most expensive words in GA? While I'm/you're in there.....
  7. Rumblestrip

    Why Spruce Creek is Appealing to this Yooper

    Back in the late 90's when I lived in Marquette for two years for work, I remember the last of the ice in Lake Superior going away in June.
  8. Rumblestrip

    M20F Checkout in New Hampshire
  9. Rumblestrip

    Annual Time, It’s No Cessna!

    Over or under .4 AMU's for that SnapOn?
  10. Rumblestrip

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    Interesting numbers, in the automotive world the Toyota Prius is 0.24, the Audi A4 is 0.23 and the Merc CLA is 0.22
  11. Rumblestrip

    What do you think of this crazy J??

    Sling2/4 with a UL350 engine? Well till we get to the pressurized bit.
  12. Rumblestrip

    Chasing the Dream

    Funny you should say that because at 48 I'm having career thoughts.
  13. Rumblestrip

    RV-8 PIREP

    @Joe Zuffoletto ok if you are taking requests, up next a Thorp T18, you know that Vans RV before there was Vans RV.
  14. Rumblestrip

    Mooney aircraft ownership video on YouTube

    They have their podcast up where they talked with a C driver, it was pretty good as well.
  15. Rumblestrip

    Mac 1700 Question

    You sure you have enough panel space for that??