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  1. If you are acttually tuned to a Localizer, the OBS is ignored. That's only for VORs. If this is just a self-test, then the deflection is per device, and doesn't reflect any real radio reception at all. I just noticed that your Heading is about 180 degrees from your selected course. If that is the case, with a Localizer, the deflection is correct.
  2. Dual band is required by the latest TSO and by the FCC. 406 for general location, but that's one burst every 50 seconds. 121.5 for final direction finding.
  3. I don't have any GPS, so I'm not going to argue too much for either. But you would need to be going faster than 300 Kts for a standard rate turn to take you more than 4nm from the centerline.
  4. I think this is probably correct behavior. The IFD will start a turn within 2.5 miles of the waypoint, as a fly-by. If the turn angle is greater than 135 degrees, it would need to start the turn much earlier to not overshoot the outbound course. By overflying the waypoint before turning to the outbound course it is possible to stay in protected airspace. For example, at 150 Kts, the turn diameter at standard rate is only 1.6 Nm. Without GPSS, navigation would normally be fly-over, and this is no different. A direct turn to the outbound course would overshoot and require an S-turn correction. This method gets you on course closer to the waypoint. Garmin doesn't document what it does for the GTN series, though it is possible to select either fly-over or fly-by on a G1000.
  5. The reason is that the VOR's version of magnetic North may differ from the current magnetic North by several degrees, since the VOR declination is set at install time and not changed when magnetic variation changes.
  6. Where did you get that list? The latest Certified Install manual I could find onlinel, Rev. 11, says (for Cessna) If the 300A is supported, that would make all the difference for me.