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  1. asaxet

    Cracked oil sump?

    I didnt know the rpms would go that low... LOL maybe I'm stuck on the MAPA article that suggests any thing other than 25/25 is a waste of Mooney, money and/or Time.. Good info to know... Thanks... i'll have to try it out on mine... but back to the thread... if i put more than 5 qts in the sump... in short order ends up on the belly of my bird...
  2. asaxet

    Cracked oil sump?

    My A1A has its best burn rate if kept between 4 and 5 qts...
  3. I have s/n 895, registration shows 65.... mooney s/n data shows 66..... as far as i can tell after a yr of flying it.... no body cares... and i am starting to wonder if I do... ???
  4. I found David's process very productive with my E... search google for "Hot Starts M20E interview with David McGee" Im usually running in 1 or 2 start attempts of 15secs of starter engagement... Just get in the habit of 1000 rpm shut downs... that throttle position works well for myh cold starts too...
  5. asaxet

    Keep your speed up, if able.

    an ATC request to keep it moving a few weeks ago into KDAL.... Speed brakes came in handy... fun day...
  6. Mine has one also.... was wondering.... now Im not... Thx..
  7. Thanks. Contact me at In case I messed up the PM
  8. Morning Browncbr1, Interested in the Brittain box, if it includes the rudder and aileron connection hardware ? Thanks..