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  1. Yes, it's a helicopter, and Yes, it's a turbine, but This ATSB Report shows what can happen in only a few seconds if you don't abide by the "thou shall not run your engine in this band" warnings. It's obviously not as critical with our engine/prop combinations, but it is there. And it pays to be aware of what can happen. Losing a blade in flight will ruin your whole day..
  2. Word-of-mouth is an incredibly important tool in aviation, particularly as regards good maintenance shops or service providers. One of the best examples I can think of is Stein Air. I can't recall a single negative thing I've seen written about that company or its' people, and they are almost universally acclaimed in the Experimental world, because they go above and beyond, heck they even do an Escrow-type service for high-dollar avionics purchases between two other parties. You only have to look at the reviews they get on places like VansAirForce to know you'll do far worse than them. I'
  3. I'd send an email and follow it up with a phone call the following morning if I had a newly-installed G5 as an HSI that wasn't working and I needed it repaired. You sound like you're surprised that someone would do such a thing? I installed a Dynon GPS antenna in my RV and it went bad. But the funny thing is, Dynon never, not once, quibbled or said "we've sold thousands of these and never had a problem". The RMA was accepted, it was sent back and I had a new one on the way and in my hands within the week - and that's the other side of the world...And IIRC it was ultimately found a part
  4. Work it backwards based on the "new" prices: GTN750 $17,000USD , Aspen E5$ $4,500USD Each, GTX345 $4,800USD, Stec-50 $19,000USD = ~$50,000. Plus a new engine @ $30,000 and I would say yes, it is worth it if it had a new engine. As it is? Not a chance. You can put an RV-10 in the air for less than that if you're careful and it'll blow the doors off that F. It won't have as fancy an avionics package, but you won't be stuck paying an A&P/IA for your annuals either.
  5. I often run a tank dry in my RV and it is a total non-event. Fuel pressure drops, RPM drops a few hundred, and recovers in a few seconds after switching to the full tank. Of note, FAR23 certificated aircraft have to demonstrate continued safe operation after running a tank dry... Here's a video of it happening showing the indications on the EMS. Ignore the hunting volts & amps, the PP alternator went bad & was replaced with a B&C unit...
  6. I've got a SkyView Classic in my RV-9A and love it! EMS, 2-Axis autopilot, ADS-B transponder, Wi-fi Ipad interface, datalogging, audible alerts and on-screen charts are wonderful. While the certified HDX is slightly different, I'd never go back to a standard panel now. If you can afford it, you will not be disappointed.
  7. IT has happened. Continental 1515 in El Paso ingested an engineer a few years ago. The aftermath was what you'd imagine. When I was doing my Loadmaster thing on the Herc's, I was amazed at the number of people, aircrew as well as groundcrew, that would walk through the prop arc of #2 & 3. I got asked several times why I was always brushing the fuselage walking front-back or vice versa.
  8. An awful lot of RV'ers use EI (So the VAF forums is the place to check) and in some cases full EFII - I have twin PMags on my RV-9A and from what I can see, they're virtually identical in function to the SIM's, with the exception of the PMag's having their own generator. I couldn't be happier. Coupled with the Rotec TBI, it usually starts within a blade or two cold and instantly when hot.
  9. I wouldn't say the RV's are a PITA to build. I built my RV-9 and loved almost every minute of it, and it was just like lego. Yes there were a lot of dimples, but mostly in long, straight rows, and with the DRDT-2 tool, once you get lined up, you can do a row of 100 dimples in under 15 minutes or so. Best part about the -10? You can deck it out with whatever you want, and maintain it yourself. Worst part about the -10? You can deck it out with whatever you want, and that "whatever you want" can be horrendously expensive.
  10. Great camera positioning...I've not sat in a Mooney in 20 years, so seeing how the size compares to the RV-9 from behind is interesting.
  11. You'd better hope your mechanical fuel pump doesn't roll over either... But drawing just 0.5A at 2700RPM your fuel will run out before your battery does - if you take appropriate measures to manage your remaining electrical capacity appropriately.
  12. VNE is most definitely not IAS - at least - not all the time. For the majority of light aircraft, it is true the manufacturer does not specify it as anything else, but there are a great many aircraft, sailplanes, the entire Vans RV line and more where VNE is based on True airspeed, and as a result, it is easy to blow through up high or in the descent. I've never been comfortable with the E-models getting about cruising & descending well into the yellow arc, notwithstanding the strength of the Mooney airframe. It really depends on what the manufacturer has based its' VNE on. As an exam
  13. Should have heard the argument I had with CLARC a couple years ago when I tried to put it on the VH- register!! Their question: "Is the, or has the, aircraft ever been on a foreign register?", so I put "No". They sent the forms back and then accused me of lying to them as it was registered with RAAus. They flat out wouldn't listen to my point that in the context of the question and the others surrounding it, "Foreign" was taken to be overseas. According to CAsA, "Foreign" means "Anything other than VH-, at any time since Noah built the ark". No wonder I continue to fly it under RAAus and not
  14. IF he'd consider a trade for a 100Hr TTAE RV-9A, I'd be keen, if not, I need to sell the RV before I can buy a 4-seater...
  15. And apparently a lot more work than the new buyer appreciated, so it's for sale again!
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