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  1. CDNflyby

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Count me in as well.
  2. CDNflyby

    How many Mooneys do you have on your field?

    Mine makes 4 at CEG3. 2 J’s, 2 F’s
  3. Here's the flightaware link:
  4. Just happened to be in the air, when the tower made an announcement that there would be "an aircraft dumping fuel" to the east of the airport. We looked at each other in the plane, and wondered if we heard that right, and figured we'd hear about it on the news later that day:
  5. This would also be the rough payment structure I’d be able to afford.
  6. CDNflyby

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    You mean, like this:
  7. CDNflyby

    1967 M20E parting out

    No worries. Mine is being sent out for overhaul as we speak. Thanks.
  8. CDNflyby

    1967 M20E parting out

    Not sure if the -11 and -9 model numbers would be Interchangeable or not. But, that’s what I’m pulling off the Precision website.
  9. CDNflyby

    1967 M20E parting out

    I’m going to assume your Fuel Servi went with the engine, but thought I’d check anyhow.
  10. CDNflyby

    M20J - Fuel Servo, Opinions Wanted

    I just had mine (potentially) poop the bed today. Had an engine that would run very lean, but any adjustment Rich 1/4 rich, and 1/8” travel in mixture it would start to stall. Mechanic figured servo, and had 2 other opinions on it pretty much confirm it. Worth an overhaul, or just bite the bullet and buy new? Engine has 750 hours on it. Just bought the plane. 5 hours in and this happens.
  11. CDNflyby

    Aveo engineering wing tips

    There goes another $2500 plus install.....
  12. CDNflyby

    M20F Approach Configuration

    My '74 F is Vfe 125 Vle 120 mph. Check your POH as there are downloadable checklists on here that vary from year to year, aircraft to aircraft.
  13. CDNflyby

    Best Headset?

    I actually bought 2 sets of UflyMike, and Bose QC25 earphones second hand. $100 for the earphones, and $275 each for the uflymike. Tried them on a flight once, and I'd rank them right up there with my Bose A20 at a fraction of the cost.
  14. CDNflyby

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    Who would’ve thought..... someone goes, and asks in public, for another man to measure his stick and post the photo.... and it goes sideways! The post went sideways.... not the stick.
  15. CDNflyby

    Flying to the Summit

    And at 100-110 mph, you were still passing Cessna’s and Piper’s!