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  1. Regular registration for Caravan XXIII ends on June 15! Sign up before then to get the regular rate ($125/pilot) and so you can get your Mooney Caravan hats, shirts, and badges included. After June 15, late registration fees are increased to $150/pilot and no hats, shirts, or badges are included. https://www.mooneycaravan.com/web/Mooney/Pages/Registration/Registration.asp See you in Madison!
  2. In our haste to launch our awesome new website, we totally forgot about polos and hats. Whoops! Better than leaving the fuel cap off, I suppose. Anyway, we've set up a separate order form if you want to add Mooney Caravan XXIII polos and hats to your MSN/OSH experience. Complete our polos/hats order form and pick your quantities and sizes. Be sure to calculate your total and follow the payment link at the end! P.S. here's a quick guide to our merchandise this year: T-shirts are part of your Mooney Caravan registration, and arrive in Madison (order by June 15) Polos and ha
  3. PMs sent, see you both on the server!
  4. PM sent, welcome to the club!
  5. P.S. if you don't know what Discord is: it's an app, much like Slack, but for gamers/groups instead of companies. If you don't know what either Discord or Slack are, you'll do just fine by sticking with the mailing lists and MS. We're just using Discord for extra chat.
  6. A few of us have gotten together on Discord -- if you want to join in, reply here or PM me and I'll send the invite. Once we're past our beta phase we'll post the link more publicly.
  7. @ragedracer1977 great to hear you'll be joining us! Registration is still organized around pilots with planes, so once you've identified someone you can fly with and camp near, it'll be simpler (and cheaper) for you to cancel your main registration and to sign up as a passenger in theirs. There's no rush for this and it can happen once you've made contact.
  8. Registration for Mooney Caravan XXIII is now open! The greatest aviation event in the world is coming up in July, and AirVenture is too. The Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh is the best way to make close friends and fly in style. Our Caravan registration page provides details on ramp space, accommodations, schedule, program details, prerequisites, and more. Be sure to read the page in detail before registering. In particular, please pay attention to our proficiency and currency requirements. Connecting with your local Squadron is essential for meeting these requirements and for placement
  9. On a lark, I picked up a used copy of the Golden Science Guide book on Flying by Barry Schiff, published in 1971. It's a kid's book on flying physics, techniques, and procedures -- it reads a lot like a primer version of the PHAK. Really well-written and compact. It turns out that Mooneys feature prominently on both the cover and the contents! I was able to make out six different tail numbers identifying a bunch of 1968 M20s and two Mustangs. Some of these planes show up in other advertisements and appear to have been factory demonstrators. Tail numbers are: N6764N, 1968 M20E
  10. The Golden Science Guide book on Flying by Barry Schiff (published 1971) is a kid's book that teaches all about flying. It turns out to feature lots of Mooneys! In addition to the red and white M20 featured on the cover, I found six planes I could identify by tail number: N6764N, 1968 M20E N3271F, 1968 M20F N2722W, 1966 M22 N3522X, 1966 M22 N6796N, 1968 M20C N3293F, 1968 M20G
  11. There are two different STCs: SA5691NM adds the TSIO-520 and increases gross weight to 3017 takeoff/2900 landing SA00243SE further increases gross weight to 3200/3083 Many (but not all) Rockets have the second STC, which appears to only be paperwork. Someone reported a few years ago that Rocket Engineering sold them that STC for $3k.
  12. All my money goes to avgas and aerotows. Thankfully down here in the southwest the lapse rate gets to be so crazy that hanging on to thermals is child's play. Regularly max out the vario at over 10 knots of lift in the afternoons!
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