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  1. Don’t go to Crown Air at Montgomery. I called them to get a quote on replacing my gear pucks on just my mains (labor only) and they quoted me 4 hours per side 8 hours total! I called LASAR and they quoted 3 hrs total both sides. Ended up having someone a couple of hangars away help me and we did it in 3 hours total..
  2. Called for a quote from LASAR last week to have my main gear landing gear pucks replaced. They quoted me 2.5 to 3 hours. Called Crown Aviaton in San Diego trying to save myself a four hour trip northbound, and they quoted me 8 hours (4 hours per side). When I stated LASAR quoted 3 hours TOTAL , “they stated that perhaps, they could do it for 3 hours PER SIDE”. Mmmm.. anyone have a similar experience?
  3. Vantage Plane Plastics has early Mooney replacement windows in clear, green or gray tint.
  4. Anyone ever replace a left or right rear window on a early Mooney M20A, B or C?
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