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  1. Big Thanks to MCDSiena for letting me check out his C. Enjoyed meeting you and chatting. I’m gonna have a look at that plane in TX and see how many reasons I can find not to buy it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Keen sounds good to me. Lunch is on me of course.
  3. Yeah, I don’t foresee an issue, but I am built a little different than most. 6 feet, ~250 lbs, size 50 slim fit suit. Fortunately, my wife has narrower shoulders than I do. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I’m happy to drive to Stowe, but it’s farther away from me than Saratoga. I’m near Mt Snow (4V8) but they are proud of themselves (landing fees, etc) and have a fairly short runway. Regardless, if the weather looks good and you want to fly somewhere, I’ll make my way to wherever that is.
  5. Thanks! I'm definitely not dismissing other models, but right now there's an M20C in TX that looks good (on paper). As long as I can get along with the ergos, I'm gonna have a look at it in early December while I'm down there visiting family anyway.
  6. Thank you so much! I'm about 10 miles from 4V8 - Mt Snow. 5B2 is only about a 2-hour drive for me and since I've been renting out of KEEN which is almost 1.5 hrs, not a big deal. KRUT is about an hour and 15 from me and KDDH (Bennington) is about 45 minutes. I'd be happy to meet you anywhere to get an owner's perspective on the mighty C and see how well I fit into the cockpit.
  7. I searched and found a few old threads so I know there are Mooniacs in these woods, but anyone got a C they’d let me try on for size? I got my private ticket last fall and have been searching for my first airplane. I have ~115 hrs and I am pursuing my commercial ticket (at 45 years old, haha) so I need to build time and I’d really like to get my IR in my own airplane. Doing it in a Mooney means more complex time in my logbook by the time I get my Commercial and I can take the comm check ride in my own airplane to boot. In addition, we’ll be making a few trips per year to TX and CO from VT to see family. Most trips will be me, the missus, and our 15 lb dog. Periodic sight seeing trips with a friend or two. I’m confident the Mooney fits my mission profile, I just want to make sure it fits me. Literally just want to sit in one for a while. I’m heading to TX in a week and a half and planning to look at one for sale there. I am happy to buy you a meal, drinks, bring you some VT maple syrup or cheese, or whatever. Thanks in advance.