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  1. Lance Link

    Officially in the Market

    There is a nice sounding 1989 M20J listed on MAPA this month.
  2. Lance Link

    Window Tint Solution

    Thanks for posting this! I am at war with reradiation heat....this might be a great help.
  3. Lance Link

    Air conditioning options

    Thanks for the report. The reradiation heat that builds up in these planes can really detract from the enjoyment of flying them.
  4. Lance Link

    Air conditioning options

    I have found evaporative cooling hats to really help. The ones I have are from Mission. I soak them in ice water while I pre-flight, then soak my hair with the water, snap the hat a few times, and clime aboard. I am not kidding. Amuses pax to no end. But it is very effective an lasts quite awhile. I am intrigued by the electric units from Arctic Air. Looks like a potential approach for around $7K all in. Somebody please be the early adopter for me!
  5. Lance Link


    Well the AeroVonics things have a g-meter and about ten other things. I'm thinking about this....
  6. Lance Link

    Lift AOA Monitor System

    Maybe the new AV-20-S gadget will prove to be an economical to get this capability and about ten other things in the bargain.
  7. Lance Link

    Translation what is av-20?

    I wonder what the installation cost might be.
  8. Lance Link

    Do hubcaps offer any advantages?

    Thanks guys. Yes I am familiar with the air stop tubes. I read about them on Mooneyspace! That is probably the best, simplest and least expensive solution, although not quite perfect as ideally I'd like to know how much air is in the tires. The STC thing is the biggest sticky wicket, not something permitted in the FARs I realize. I figure if someone gets an STC for something, me altering it willy-nilly is not quite kosher. Although as far as taking liberties with such things, I guess drilling a hole in a hub cap may be pretty minor. But I just don't know what kind of unintended consequences might result. I don't know what those spinning wheels are doing when they tuck up into the wells. Except getting tangled up in the bird's nest. Perhaps a mechanic can tell me if there is a hazard or a liability risk. I'll have to come to judgement on this. Ultimately I'd like to paint or powder coat the wheels and get rid of the caps, and let form follow function. (The wheels are in really bad cosmetic shape). But of course that Incidentally, this site has been great and tremendously helpful since I decided to buy a Mooney, and looked for one to purchase. Now I just have to figure out how to quote and respond!
  9. Lance Link

    Do hubcaps offer any advantages?

    I've thought about just drilling a well-placed and suitably sized hole, but I am hesitant to mess around too much with things I don't know anything about. Anybody see a problem with this idea? Might violate an STC?