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  1. Alas, I have struggled with this forever. I have modified a Garmin mount so it will fit way back in the yoke and hold the new Garmin 760 without blocking anything. I Keep the iPad against my left hip and pull it out and set it on the knee board as needed. Less than ideal but the best I will accept.
  2. Two of us are looking for a 3rd participant in co-ownership of this great aircraft. Check under Mooney M20J tail number N10194 for complete information and photos. Email or call 510 377 0129 for additional information or to discuss. Thanks! Steve Mink
  3. I had very good luck with Don Valentine.
  4. I have an Aera 660 on the yoke and will probably upgrade to the 760, in part because the 660 is already hardwired to a GDL 52R. The 760 is just a little smaller than a mini iPad and will sit far back in the yoke in portrait without blocking anything in my modified mount. I always carry two iPads and always will, but the damn things shut off from heat all the time and glare is a real problem. I am still waiting to find out exactly what the 760 will and will not do but it looks like it provides much of the functionality of a GTN 750 at a fraction of the price. Hopefully there will be more about this device discussed on this forum.
  5. I just got a crate that fit and limited the dogs to ones that fit in the crate.
  6. Thanks very much David. That sounds easy enough!
  7. I can't help gilding the lily a little since I am flying less and saving so much gas money. I want to get sheepskins for the front seats, and I don't want to put the arm rest back after I install them. To remove the arm rest, it looks like I just take the screws out of the back panel of the seat, and that'll get me to the fastener that holds the thing on. Is that correct? Any danger zones or pitfalls? Any help will be appreciated!
  8. I think the "Diamondshare" model is hazardous from a liability perspective when done by us average folk. And in any event, you are on the hook for all unscheduled maintenance. That's the killer. Ask me how I know. If you lose the engine, for example, the non-equity partners are not obligated to help beyond what they have contributed for reserves. On the other hand, as was alluded to above, there is no rule that a true equity partnership has to be in equal ownership percentage amounts, or that the buy-in be equal. Just be sure that everyone involved is an actual owner (I prefer LLC's), and is on the hook for equal amounts of the fixed expenses and unscheduled maintenance (and unscheduled maintenance expenses can be apportioned based on hours flown). I think this is dicey stuff. If we have enough assets to fly airplanes, we have enough assets to protect them carefully. Scott Williams Esq Camarillo CA. This is not a job for backyard lawyers.
  9. It is magnificent only having to pay half of the expenses. But the person matters the most. If it’s not someone you know well make sure someone you know well does. Try Scott Williams esq in Camarillo for help. Good luck!
  10. Thanks all. I think I'll just sand off the built-up Rustoleum gently by hand as I had planned, down to the factory finish paint but not through it, and forego the electric sander. That way I will not reveal any more bare metal than the "rain rash" already has. I'll clean the revealed bare metal with rubbing alcohol, prime with SEM self-etching primer, fill the primed areas and the pits in the paint with fairing compound, prime the repaired areas again, and then finish paint the leading edges. If anyone has any more advice or better ideas let me know. Hopefully, the leading edge paint will hold up for a while. Or, maybe a go fund me page for a new paint job.....
  11. Oh Lord, I don’t want to total the plane! The area involved is about 3” up from the front edge and about 2” below it. There are some areas where the paint has been eroded to bare metal by water. I am not sanding any bare metal or removing any paint down to that level, not even down to the factory primer if I can help it, just enough to smooth out and remove some of the built up paint. I plan to prime the few bare metal spots, fill the pits with fairing compound and then paint just the 6” strip of the leading edges. Does that sound like a safe and reasonable plan? Thanks!
  12. The paint on my plane is original. When flown in the rain, som of the paint on the leading edges gets water-blasted off. The prior owner would spray heavy coats of Rustoleum over the bare spots when this happened. There are what looks to be 5 coats of paint on these surfaces, and big pits. I am painting the leading edges during the lockdown. Is it possible I will hurt the tank sealant (also original) if I use an electric palm sander to prepare these surfaces? Thanks!
  13. 1/3 partnership share in a very nice and well equipped M20J SE hangared at KCCR Concord CA. Please send an email to or call 510 377 0129 for full information and photos. Thanks! Steve
  14. The best days in these here parts are to be had in October, November, and even December. Spring too. Northern California is simply one of the best areas for flying in the country. Just not for paying taxes.
  15. I have 2 one in the panel and one on the yoke both fed by a GDL 52R. Best cost-benefit going.