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  1. I have 2 one in the panel and one on the yoke both fed by a GDL 52R. Best cost-benefit going.
  2. It sounds like Jimmy Garrison has a very nicely equipped 1989 M20J coming up that is not yet advertised. If is the kind of plane you may want for and is in the price neighborhood you may want to pay, give him a call at All American Aircraft.
  3. That panel and the one next to it above the audio panel look like the finish is different than the ones on either side, and look to be easily removal, so I agree with the spray paint idea. If you want spray paint made of iron, get Alumihyde from the Brownell's gunsmithing web site.
  4. I went through a nearly identical process with nearly identical hours. With sufficient transition training you will be fine. If you really want to stick to your budget I'd look at F models. I tried to find a J I was willing to buy for your budget and couldn't so I spent more. I have absolutely no regrets but would be fine with an F.
  5. My secretary did it on the computer but you could just hand write them with a big red marker.
  6. I made my own. Big red letters, laminated in plastic, and tied it onto a big yellow cotton cleaning cloth. Then when needed, I lash it to the prop with that stick to itself mesh tape. Sometimes I hang it from the compass.
  7. You might try Accurate Aero in Minden NV. They are doing some work for me right now. So far they have been on the ball in terms of knowledge, scheduling and communication, but the proof, of course, will be in the proverbial pudding.
  8. I have a friend who did this for an Archer. Do you worry about these things scratching the plastic? I trust the companies that make these for aircraft to sell me stuff that won't scratch, but I don't know about the hardware store material.
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I suspected a turn coordinator could not possibly be required for IFR instruction, if the plane is IFR legal without it. That would not make any sense at all. But, even though I don't really need it, and have three other back-ups, given how much money this machine has costs and continues to cost, not putting in the TC while doing the other humble panel work is probably just too nickel and dime, even for me. Unless I can find a better use for that 2" hole. An AV-20 maybe? Darn, something else to obsess about.
  10. I posted a while back about the need and/or desirability of having a turn coordinator in addition to a Castleberry. I understand now that the turn coordinator is not necessary for flight, and may not add much benefit in that regard. But....I am now being told that a turn coordinator is required for IFR training, and that it is something I will want just the same for IFR training. (I find this hard to believe). Is it true? Thanks for any help!
  11. Thanks for the report Don. Glad you had a good experience. My plane goes to Mario in August for ADS-B in, a JPI 700 upgrade to an 830, a new audio panel, an AOA indicator and some panel reorganization.
  12. Thanks all for the good feedback. Strong preference for the PS Engineering here, and that says a lot. I can't go remote as I only have a lowly 430 WAAS. The current audio panel is serviceable, but has some bad habits, so since things are going to be apart I can't resist replacing it. In for a nickel, in for a dime, as they say.
  13. I have a J at Concord KCCR. I'll be happy to take you for a ride.
  14. The 231 was at Advantage, yes. It was listed just a few months ago. You may want to call them on the phone and ask if they can set you up with a CFI who can give you an hour or two of dual. As I understand it, it almost never flew, either by the owner or anybody else. It's possible a flight could be arranged as an "off the menu" item if you ask.