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  1. Lance Link

    Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos

    Noted Lancecasper! I meant mask the plastic tab, not the plane plastic.
  2. Lance Link

    Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos

    I would mask the plastic, then sand the chrome heavily with 320 grit production paper and spray paint it with Alum-Hide (sp?) paint in your choice of color from the Brownell's gunsmithing catalogue (or some other type of serious epoxy paint). Wear a good respirator the stuff will eat your lungs. It will out last us all. Probably not FAA certified though so there is that.
  3. Lance Link

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Seven days is way too long for no contact. I'd pursue the liability claim with an attorney rather than go through your first party carrier. The attorney may not have to do much. This approach may get the matter resolved most smoothly and quickly for you at what will probably be very little cost, relatively speaking. Worth the grief it will save in my opinion.
  4. Lance Link

    New Klixon switch covers

    Got mine today as well. Absolutely terrific. What a tremendous service to mooney owners. Thank you very much!
  5. Lance Link

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Very unfortunate that this is so much worse than originally thought Don. Advantage Aviation in Palo Alto has a 231 they rent. I get the impression it is not flown much at all. You may be able to make a deal with the owner whereby you keep the plane at your airport in lieu of Palo Alto. I suspect he'd like to have the income from the time you'd put on the plane and it might be worth it to him to have it based elsewhere for a few months. Then of course let the liability carrier pay for the rental time as part of your loss of use. Then at least you'd have an available plane to fly, even if it is not anywhere as nice as yours.
  6. Lance Link

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Very sorry to hear about this Don. When we go to the trouble and expense of owning an airplane it is hard to have them grounded for whatever reason, especially for long periods of time. Here's some good news though....I will gladly pay you to fly mine with me and teach me to fly it better!
  7. Lance Link


    Valentine did a great job for me, tested bad wx 1000 components both processor and display and sold me replacements for about $1,900.
  8. If you do let me know and I'll track it down...Thanks!
  9. I have 28v! I might be interested in the Parmetheus….
  10. Lance Link

    LASAR Fly-in - Are you coming?

    Probably an excellent move. The smoke and haze has been really, really bad around here most of the time. And who knows, by May, I might be willing to land the plane with people watching....
  11. Lance Link

    Hard mounting a tablet vs a MFD?

    Good points. I have a screen protector that does help for the iPads I keep available, I think it's the one sold by My Go Flight. In my case, I believe the mini iPad is just a little too wide to fit in the space I have available. I know that an Aera 660 in a tilt dock will fit fine and will enable me to see the gauges to the right of it, but I think I'll measure that space for a panel-mount dock for a mini iPad, just to make sure I'm making the best decision.
  12. Lance Link

    Hard mounting a tablet vs a MFD?

    I am in a very similar situation and plan to use an Aera 660. The iPad is too big, shuts off due to heat, and the glare is bad. The cost difference is not that much.
  13. Lance Link

    Officially in the Market

    There is a nice sounding 1989 M20J listed on MAPA this month.
  14. Lance Link

    Window Tint Solution

    Thanks for posting this! I am at war with reradiation heat....this might be a great help.
  15. Lance Link

    Air conditioning options

    Thanks for the report. The reradiation heat that builds up in these planes can really detract from the enjoyment of flying them.