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  1. Mooney m20j approach and descent power settings

    Thank you guys so much...will help transition to this plane...
  2. You guys care to share your power settings for instrument approach and descents? New to me m20j and just want some numbers to start with please. Thanks
  3. New Mooney owner with battery question

    I'm in Jonesboro...plane is hangered at Kpgr right now.
  4. I just purchased a 78 model M20j, I've flown it maybe 5 hours and it flies and lands great...heard all the stories about hard to land, hard to slow down but seems to be a great plane. I'm located in northeast Arkansas and have owned a Cherokee 180 and a Citabria... anyway im curious how and where the battery panel access is...says tailcone access panel but can't locate it...not at the airport now and was reading the POH. Thanks...