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  1. Todd Cullen

    Officially in the Market

    I have a 1979 J that I would part with...great plane but I have twin fever. S tec autopilot, 430, great paint and interior...
  2. Todd Cullen

    Oil pressure readings

    Where does your oil pressure normally read? Mine has been sitting at the bottom of the green at cruise...seems a little low...compressions we’re good 30-40 hours ago but seems like they would read higher...
  3. Todd Cullen

    Ride from Kennett to Memphis on Wednesday?

    When will you be here? Wednesday? You flying into Memphis international?
  4. Todd Cullen

    Panel stickers

    I’ve found trophy and engraving shops to be good for this
  5. I saw on a recent post you mentioned getting the radio operator and radio station license...were these both the 605 and 605c forms?  I think the total costs was 170 with it being charged out at 100 and 70 separately.  It’s confusing as mud...


    i followed all the prompts from the AOPA site, so confusing...

  6. Todd Cullen

    How do you mount your ipad

    Oldguy...which mounting kit is this? The one I’m seeing on sportys needs one more arm thingy to get it lower or more adjustable???
  7. Todd Cullen

    How do you mount your ipad

    Oldguy is that a full size iPad? Looks like a good setup.
  8. New to me Mooney m20J. Curious how you guys mount your iPad in the plane? Yoke or on the side window? Any way better than others...I’m not Tiny (6’ 210) and the cockpit is ...welll...snug....
  9. Todd Cullen

    Had a problem starting today

    Mb65E...just move the mixture full rich for how long? I’m sure I had a vapor lock...
  10. Todd Cullen

    Had a problem starting today

    Hit starts haven’t been that tough...something happened when it sat for 30-45 had to be cranked A LOT...I wouldn’t have cranked it as Muchas the mechanic did...but he did that after I flooded I’m confused...
  11. I went on a short cross country to Cape Girardeau today....haven’t flown in a few days and wanted to go for lunch and to get some time in at a towered airport and a few practice approached in my new to me Mooney as I’m finishing up my IFR work... Starting up went perfect as usual...5 second of boost pump and then mixture to lean and increase to rich as it begins to start.. anyway the problem was after I tried to start at Cape after lunch...maybe 35-50 minutes I absolutely could not get the machine started. First I tried a normal hot start boost pump, mixture lean, throttle cracked. Then I tried a little boost pump and still no dice. Talked to one of my instructors and he had me give it more fuel via boost pump with throttle and mixture fully open...this had fuel running out underneath the plane. Anyway i go inside the FBOs hangar and their mechanic is nice enough to help...he says it was really flooded and maybe vapor locked and helped start it by cranking more than I ever would with the throttle open and mixture out... what should I have done...I’ve hot started this money 5/7 Times with no Issues but this was a big pain...
  12. Todd Cullen

    Mooney m20j approach and descent power settings

    Thank you guys so much...will help transition to this plane...
  13. You guys care to share your power settings for instrument approach and descents? New to me m20j and just want some numbers to start with please. Thanks
  14. Todd Cullen

    New Mooney owner with battery question

    I'm in Jonesboro...plane is hangered at Kpgr right now.
  15. I just purchased a 78 model M20j, I've flown it maybe 5 hours and it flies and lands great...heard all the stories about hard to land, hard to slow down but seems to be a great plane. I'm located in northeast Arkansas and have owned a Cherokee 180 and a Citabria... anyway im curious how and where the battery panel access is...says tailcone access panel but can't locate it...not at the airport now and was reading the POH. Thanks...