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  1. Jguysr

    201LM visors?

    My ‘87 is of the LM variety. Sun visors were one of the items eliminated. The question is whether or not, the attach points to the airframe exist under the plastic on the pillar? Would adding visors require a new attach point, or simply making a hole in the plastic to reveal existing attach points? Jerry
  2. I know of the CFI lists on MAPA and Mooneyflyer. I even met a representative sample of them at the MAPA PPP in Feb@KFIN. (Great Event, Great People) I’m looking for a CFII in South or Central Florida, to guide me through the resurrection of a 35 year dormant Instrument Rating. (IPC ++++) Looking to train to safe/proficient, not just current. Have M20j, King HSI, AP, GNSS 530W, GTX345. Looking for your personal recommendations.