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  1. Fred_2O

    ADSB Rebate is back $ 500.00

    ditto. Stick it to those who do the right thing by rewarding them that don't. Gov'ment picking winners and losers. It is a tax refund that I'm not eligible for because I did the upgrade in July.
  2. Hank- adding detail what I thought I said: When not properly inspected and maintained, and crack detection is sometimes very difficult, tubular steel frame landing gear can exhibit sudden failure when exposed to shock. That's all I"m saying. I'm sure your landing gear are fine. Not trying to pick a fight. As I said, my opinion only , not worth much. In an earlier life I was a farmer. You don't pull a plow with a tubular steel frame for a reason. You pull it with three thick pieces of metal.
  3. Given the noted fragility of the tubular landing gear frame on the M20 series due to its susceptibility to cracks and corrosion, plus the general lack of ground clearance, I agree with @MBDiagMan and recommend that you consider an aircraft with more robust landing gear and ground clearance for the off-airport experience. Sure, there are some places where you can do it, but there probably fewer where it would be advised given the extreme cost of a prop-strike. Most insurance companies probably would argue that an off-airport landing in a M20 series is poor pilotage. Just my opinion, worth the electrons it took to send it... Good luck.
  4. Fred_2O

    PC Wing Leveler-HELP!!

    No worries. Search for Brittain. The company has been bought and is coming back. You'll find a thread to that effect here on MS.
  5. They should have made this retroactive to the end of the last rebate. We upgraded this past summer and because the rebate is not retroactive, we get to stand by and not enjoy the warm cozy feeling of a government handout. No wonder people don't trust the government. It encourages poor behavior (procrastination).
  6. Fred_2O

    Mooney and TBM History

    Anthony, thanks for the links to the nice Hagiographic writings. The only thing I can say is this: F'n ladders and helicopters stole Roy LoPresti and Stevie Ray Vaughn from humanity.
  7. Fred_2O

    Drone strike

    According to the article here drone impacts can do considerably more damage than birds of the same mass. Birds go splat and disintegrate more than drones. Think about those dense little electric motors. The bird damages the leading edge, but not the main spar. The drone damages the main spar.
  8. It seems that our C is the only Mooney roosting in Tuscaloosa. There are lots of RV's of various vintages, most of them seldom flown. A mixture of vintage P, B, and C makes too. A Lancair and a Cirrus or two. There are some nice warbirds in hangars on the 'l33t' side of the street but they are seldom exposed to daylight. BUT- gameday is a thing to behold. The normally sleepy but towered TCL field takes on the feel of an air force base on the first day of a war. They close rwy 12-30 to use it for parking. You can't hear yourself think for all the APUs running, keeping interior's cool for soon-to-return hot & sweaty football fans and the air reeks with the odor of burning kerosene.
  9. Fred_2O

    Today's flight for 2018

    The eatin' fish we caught were: three Mahi-Mahi or "Dolphin" as the locals call them, one King Mackerel, one blackfin tuna. We cooked some of each Saturday evening and they were tasty. The smallest one is a good baitfish and I don't recall the name. The Atlantic was flat as a lake last Saturday.
  10. Fred_2O

    Today's flight for 2018

    Last Friday, I flew across the affected portions of South AL & GA affected by Michael. Poor folks. Could see from 7500 ft. that the trees down there were missing their leaves. Lot's of fires from what I assumed were folks burning broken branches and woody debris. Next morning went fishing with a buddy about 15 miles off Palm Beach. Saw the beautiful remnants of shallow tropical CB that fizzled at sunrise. That afternoon back at his house with the catch. It was a good trip. I left the bird behind to get her tanks resealed.
  11. Fred_2O

    LED Position Lights

    @MB65E where did you find clear lenses.?
  12. The other weird thing is this: Owning an older Mooney is like playing musical chairs. The music stops when something is found that will cost more to fix/overhaul/replace than the ship is worth parted out, unless your place some intangible value on it that somehow tips the balance.
  13. Damn, @Yetti I want to have this cast on a bronze plaque and framed. This and the above quote by @SantosDumont about flaming C-notes at will for fun. <wipes tear from eye>
  14. Their company www page here says that they are coming back! Yippee!