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  1. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    The AV-20 has NORSEE approval, which means that it may be installed as a minor modification provided that (... see FAA letter at Aerovonics). I installed it during the annual under supervision of my A&P, who inspected the work and signed off on it.
  2. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Having a clock/timer that can help save 'yer arse in the event of a vacuum failure is pretty darn cool lagniappe.
  3. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Aerovonics AV-20. A really cool 2-1/2" clock/timer that has a bunch of other features, including a backup AHRS attitude indicator. For less than 1 amu.
  4. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Learned a new word today:
  5. Fred_2O

    Check Gear!

    Any aircraft slows if you pull power and hold the nose up. Imagine getting in a high drag configuration with power just above the MP-triggered alert with the gear up. You could then put the flaps down and forget all about the gear... It happens. Knock on wood. When I first started flying the M20 a little over a year ago I was shocked at how hard it was to slow down. No problem now. You can't slow it down in much of a descent. Slowing involves level flight or climbing for a bit with the power out.
  6. Fred_2O

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Here's what the 900 looks like on the right-hand side of the radio stack flying over the Grand Canyon I put it over there because it doesn't need to be part of the scan.
  7. Fred_2O

    Check Gear!

    I find the gear up warning alert extremely annoying. It creates a level of anxiety in me kind of like this: cannot wait to put the gear down to make it stop. Does anyone make a device wherein a hand comes out of the panel and smacks the pilot?
  8. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Interesting discussion here from April of this year by @Igor_U and what those numbers entail.
  9. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Haven't checked this thread since I started it because I'm at a conference. When I replied I thought there were three replies not a whole bunch. This is really cool. There is factory rep. here at the AGU conference- I visited with him briefly today- tomorrow I'll ask about curves for the short body.
  10. Fred_2O

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    I think seeing the data would be great 'cause I really like that stuff.
  11. In the Sept. issue of MAPA Log Trey Hughes asserted that Mooneys were "built by engineers for engineers". As one of those, I proudly wear my nautical mile wide nerd streak on my sleeve. When re-designing the panel in our M20C earlier this year, a spare 2-1/2" diameter hole was created for a small accessory. I found that the good old Davtron 811B served great as a clock/timer and bagel toaster/watt waster, but not much else. Then I read about the AV-20-S from Aerovonics, which includes engine run time based on bus voltage, flight time based on V>40 kts from pitot-static, count-down and count-up timers, GMT, local time, density altitude, true airspeed, plus AHARS standby artificial horizon, and sensorless AOA, all in a tiny 2-1/2" package. The sensorless AOA display requires calibration. I've spent some time looking for lift and drag (Cl and Cd vs. alpha) coefficient curves for the M20 series, but have not been able to find it yet. Does anyone have such info? Old design reports? Would it be worthwhile to contact the company? Of course I want it for the C, but would take it for the E or F. Thanks.
  12. Fred_2O

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    Interested if a Friday or Saturday.
  13. Fred_2O

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    I've been to Jack Edwards, but not the other two. What are the relative merits of each? I know JKA will likely be 5-10F warmer than Culman, with seafood at Lulu's. Let's here some reasons (in the livestock or destination judging context).
  14. Ned, you can't stop me from dreaming. That famous W.C. Fields quote is still true, but I'm not holding my breath.
  15. We used one of these, and it works fine. It uses pulse-width modulation rather than resistive loading to vary the power delivered at constant voltage, so it dims both LEDs and incandescent bulbs. The lack of a large resistive load makes it lighter, considerably more efficient, and cooler running when dimming than a rheostat. The only thing I don't like it is the price. There are $30 alternatives that do the exactly the same thing, but they are not STC'd.