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  1. Fred₂O

    Future of Mooney

    This cracks me up! There are some truly amazing bondo artists in Cuba, and most of those REALLY cherry '57 Chevy's and Fords are mostly bondo, with Subaru engines and Hyundai transmissions. Ford and Chevy parts have been unobtainable in Cuba forever. They get their used asian cars from the D.R. and Jamaica, who got them used from Japan and REALLY used them up- throw in lack of oil changes and tons of salty warm rainwater and you have a serious case of autocanibalism supported by Bondo! Luckily our GA situation is not so bad, or we would be figuring out how to attach a radiator to our Mooney's.
  2. Fred₂O

    Strange airspeed indicator behavior in rain

    The information content of this thread has become so low that I am going to stop reading it. Thanks to everyone who contributed a thoughtful response to my original question. @jetdriven experienced the same problem and offered a possible, even likely, fix. The pitot tube is just plumbing, so there is nothing pressure sensitive in it and blowing it out with compressed air with the rest of the instrumentation disconnected should not create any problem. Of course after breaking open the pitot-static system it will need tested. I know someone who will do that. signing off.
  3. Fred₂O

    Strange airspeed indicator behavior in rain

    Our '67C has no drains that I'm aware of. Definitely nothing near the left wing root. I like the idea of disconnecting the air fitting to the pitot tube inside the wing, the blowing the pitot tube out with compressed air.
  4. Fred₂O

    Strange airspeed indicator behavior in rain

    That is a likely explanation Don. Last annual I removed significant mud dauber nests from behind the rodent socks in the wheel wells from when the a/c used to be parked outside.
  5. Fred₂O

    Strange airspeed indicator behavior in rain

    I happen to have a single 2" EGT indicator that I would ship you free of charge. Just say the word.
  6. Fred₂O

    Strange airspeed indicator behavior in rain

    As @carusoam suggested, I'll open up the tail tomorrow and inspect the static lines for water. That said, I'm guessing that it was not a static port issue because it didn't affect the altimeter or VSI.
  7. While on an ILS approach as part of my IFR training this afternoon, something strange happened with the airspeed indicator reading. I was in a stabilized descent at 90 kts, flying through rain, when I noticed the airspeed was decreasing. About the same time my instructor noticed it an he instructed me to increase speed. All other indications were the same as before- nose low attitude, 500 fpm descent rate, wings level, about 15" MAP. I hadn't changed anything. The airspeed indicating kept decreasing towards 70 kts. I instinctively lowered the nose and the rate of descent indication increased but the airspeed didn't. This told me that the a/s indicator was incorrect. Then, the airspeed indicator needle performed a few jerky increases and decreases, then increased back to 95 kts. It really acted like it was burping some liquid through the system. The OAT was 48F, and my instructor suggested I turn on pitot heat to perhaps help eliminate water from the pitot tube. The remainder of the flight was uneventful. We returned to our home airport. After shutdown, inspection of the pitot tube revealed nothing obvious. The drain hole in the back of pitot tube just below where it joins its mount seemed unclogged. I cannot tell you how hard it was raining. My instructor thinks it was raining pretty hard. Was the drain plugged and somehow it magically came unplugged? Was it just raining so hard that it overwhelmed the drain? Anybody have any similar experience? I've left a message with my A&P, and thought it would be good to see if anyone here has seen anything like this. -Fred
  8. Fred₂O

    Vacuum failure

    I think I've just been given the idea to change my screen name! Thanks -a-!
  9. Fred₂O

    Vacuum failure

    I have the AV-20S. We did the install during the previous annual. The install took about 6 hours each for my A&P and myself, plus a couple hours from my wife who is really good at pulling wires. We installed it next to the airspeed indicator, so we just teed off the pitot and static lines that were going there. My A&P agrees that swapping out a clock is a minor modification. I really like it. Mostly I use the time functions, secondly the real time TAS indication is nice to have. It agrees with the calculated value from the GNS430W within 1 to 2 knots. Knowing that there is a backup attitude indicator there is great. I've been unable to get the probeless AoA thing working yet, but that is probably the last thing I care about anyway.
  10. Fred₂O

    Vacuum failure

    I installed it because according to the attached letter referenced as: 100S-13-31, from the FAA, replacement of a simple clock in non-transport category airplane is considered a minor modification. It was deemed that way for a Davtron clock, and for the FDS GT-50 clock provided that the extra functionality does not replace original instruments. I cannot imagine that the AV-20 wouldn't fall in the same classification. None of the non-clock functions in the AV-20 replace required instrumentation in my C. It's just a clock and has a representation of seconds. It meets the requirements of GRABCARD as it is permanently affixed to the aircraft, behind the panel. 100S-13-31.pdf
  11. Fred₂O

    IPad 2-factor authentication?

    ok, I get it now. Need something else to worry about...
  12. Fred₂O

    IPad 2-factor authentication?

    Last night, I guess IOS updated to V 12.1.1, and today when I first logged in it said I should do it. There is a red (1) on the settings icon that also directs me to enable 2FA when pressed. Kind of annoying. I really don't think I want/need to do that.
  13. The latest IOS update on iPad is asking me to enable two-factor authentication. I really don't want to do that because I fear that being without a WiFi connection, say at a remote airport, my IPad won't let me log on. It seems that a fingerprint should be enough!?! I consider the iPad to be flight critical hardware because paper maps/charts/plates just aren't in my flight bag anymore. Anybody have any information or experience that might assuage my fears- or tell me how to say no and fuhgeddaboudit to Apple? Thx. in advance.
  14. Fred₂O

    Vacuum failure

    The AHRS attitude indicator in the AV-20 sold by Aerovonics seems to be rock solid and battery backed. I've compared it against my gyro instrument and it always agrees pretty closely. The AV-20 is a clock with a bunch of cool lagniappe (look it up). Pretty awesome for what it costs.
  15. Fred₂O

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    Correction: The data cards are not CF cards. I found an old CF card and it is too wide to fit into the Jepp. data card adapter.