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  1. Al Mooney would probably also be amazed that (1) his 1967 C is still flying, and (2) it just had its 1967 door window changed...
  2. Having replaced the door window in N2903L "Li'l Sister" this past weekend, tonight we took her on a test flight to see if the window stayed in place. It did. The optical qualities of new "solar gray" acrylic cannot be understated compared to the old 'crazed' green acrylic. Beautiful, smooth, evening in Western Alabama!
  3. Yes, the part that was exposed to the sun is badly crazed, while the edge is not nearly so. The edge was inflexibly clamped, while the center probably experienced a lot of vibrational motion. So, I leave it to you to say if it was UV exposure that weakened the material, vibration, or both that led to the changes in optical properties of the acrylic. Mixing and applying that polysulphide sealant reminded me of that old Cheech & Chong comedy routine featuring the two Russians: "Look Like Dog $#!%?". "Da. Smell bad too." We had a fun weekend.
  4. Fred₂O

    JPI 900

    The 0-30 ohm senders are fine connected to the JPI EDM900 in my a/c. They agree within 1 gallon of the dials installed in each tank, which agree within less than 1 gallon of the fuel pump. The totalizer is in the ballpark with them all. When above 5 gallons per side, I pretty much know within 1 gallon how much fuel is in my aircraft.
  5. The end result - before and after photo. There is a new window in the door, it is just so clear compared to the old one that it seems invisible
  6. This past week I passed my practical test and am a brand new instrument rating holder. Should I contact my insurance agent and ask if there is any effect on my rate, or just save it until I renew in Sept? Thanks.
  7. Your recommendation worked out great! I noticed after removing the old window that if you lay one on top of the other, they appear do be different sizes relative to each other depending upon which one is on top. This means that using one to mark the hole locations in the other is not really possible. Your technique eliminated that problem while accounting for the curvature issue. I really appreciate your advice.
  8. @cliffy a search through the Mooney M20 maint. manual PDF for the words "window"and "windshield" turned up nothing about window replacement. This weekend I'm going to replace the door window. The old one is soooo bad it must be the '67 original.
  9. The Brittain TC electrical power supply has an inverter, a little 3-1/2" dia. and 2-1/2" tall black cylindrical object attached to the TC that does something electrical. Not sure what it does. Find that, and you'll find where the DC power cables lie. Anybody know what it does?
  10. There is a 1977 M20C manual you can download that is considerably more detailed. A few of the V-speeds are different (Vfe is the big one), but you can edit those. I have the '67 manual in my bird, but the '77 manual is the one that is within reach.
  11. Question: when starting my '67C, when I get to the checklist item "Open throttle 1/4" and I do that without having headphones on, I hear something click. What is making that clicking sound? It sounds like there is some kind of microswitch being actuated by the act of pushing in the throttle., or am I imagining that? I assumed it had something to do with the starting process...
  12. Late yesterday afternoon I experienced what I would suggest is an example of "hard" IFR. In a turbulent, warm, humid atmosphere, under a clamp-on hood because I misplaced the overcasters, AND with the assistance of vector-happy BHM approach controllers- I passed the IFR practical test!
  13. Thanks, I'll give that a shot next time I fire up the sim.
  14. As @RLCarter wrote, I have that problem shooting practice approaches with X-Plane. The simulator keeps showing cloud-like textures zooming by in seemingly random directions. Makes me want to puke. I wonder if there is a way to just make it gray screen with no visual cues whatsoever like being in real IFR?