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  1. The MVP-50 does have the option for audible alerts on the experimental and OEM versions. It may be possible to add that functionality to an STC'd version via field approval. Unfortunately, the FAA required additional testing as to how audible alerts would be prioritize in the event of multiple functions violating a limit simultaneously. As such, it was decided to suspend further development (certification) due to cost.
  2. As this is a certified unit, any changes to the limits will need to be justified by what is specified in the POH, STC, etc. The FAA will not allow us to provide passwords to users in the field to amend the markings beyond what was specified by the manufacture or STC holder. If a mistake was made when completing the worksheet, we are happy to make simple changes to the limits and we would very likely waive the fee to do so. In regard to the charge for the configuration fee, configuring/re-configuring the MVP-50P system and amending the drawings is fairly labor intensive when large changes are requested or when adding functions when the system has been completed and delivered. The fee is to cover the labor of our calibration team and was noted on the worksheet that was signed and submitted with the order. I have attached a copy for you to review. Worth noting, we would absolutely provide a password at no charge to change your tail number. SKM_754e20022412110.pdf
  3. Unfortunately, if fuel level or landing gear indication is not currently configured on the MVP-50P, it's not a simple matter of enabling it. Functions need to be created and mapped to the EDC, voltage thresholds and limits set, etc. We can reconfigure the system via e-mail, but we need to have a look at the current config to determine the best way to move things around to make room for the new functions. I tried to dig into the configuration, but I can't make out any of the serial numbers for the EDC or pressure transducers. If you can provide me with one, I will be happy to look into it further.
  4. We'd still like to work with Mooney owners if they would like to participate. I will discuss details with management and create a new post as to avoid threadjacking the OP.
  5. The CGR-30C can be purchased new from most of the larger dealers for $2648.00. The GI 275 EIS starts at $4895.00. Please see below for an example: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/display10-05754-9.php?clickkey=811070 https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/garmin_gi275eis.php?clickkey=6652784
  6. The CGR-30C is indeed certified for primary gauge replacement. The difference between the CGR-30P and CGR-30C is that the CGR-30P is a full engine monitor and fuel totalizer which can replace five primary functions in addition to the always included RPM, EGT and CHT. Five non-primary functions are also included. Primary functions are defined as those that are required by the manufacture with specified redlines/limts. The CGR-30C can legally replace up to 16 primary instruments on a single 3-1/8" display. If a full system can be sourced on the used market, we can reconfigure it for a different aircraft. The fee for this service is $695.00, plus whatever additional hardware may be required.
  7. Best car I've ever owned was undoubtedly my 84 911 Carrera. Not the fastest car I've had, but by far the most visceral. That's comparing with MGs, Corvettes, Mustangs, etc. Considering purchasing another but the air cooled P-car market has gone berserk. Best ride in plane was with a friend who spent time as an instructor at Miramar. We flew in a Epic LT for a return to service flight. He kind of knows what he's doing in an airplane. Made returning to my little Cessna anti-climatic.
  8. This is fantastic advice! My DPE went straight through the ACS on the oral and tripped my up on a few small things in the FAR/AIM. It's open book. If you don't know the answer, it's OK. Just know how to find it and take your time doing so if need be. It's not a race.
  9. Save up to $1600.00!! https://buy-ei.com/civil-aviation-rebate/ Civil Aviation Day Rebate.pdf
  10. Our Spirit of Oshkosh rebate expired at the end of August. We were offering a $1000.00 rebate on the CGR-30-Combo package which brings it inline with the EDM900 pricing.
  11. The factory gauges can be replaced with the CGR-30P/30C, as well. Both are certified as primary.
  12. This may be a really silly suggestion, however, it worked for me. I was diagnosed with afib in my late 30s. Spoke with a cardiologist who suggested ablation having reviewed my heart monitor results. After I was told there was a risk of pacemaker post procedure, I elected to say HECK NO to that! As such, I was put on a beta blocker for a few years, requiring a special issuance. Here's the good part. Concurrent to taking the beta blocker, I was also taking Zyrtec for allergies. Unfortunately, no doctor put together the irregular heartbeat with antihistamine use. As I grew tired of taking pills, I quit Zyrtec cold turkey. The antihistamine hangover was a bit rough and it took a few weeks to feel right, but I haven't had an irregular heartbeat since and am off the beta blocker, as well. Sure, I sneeze a bit more in the summer, thank you Central Oregon juniper, but I feel 100% better.
  13. It's not really meant to replicate performance charts for multiple power settings. The horsepower function of the FP-5(L) was designed as a useful reference (when programmed correctly) at a specific setting and can compensate for LOP operations when the AUX channel is used to monitor EGT. Hopefully, the attached file will clarify how HP is calculated. FP-5(L) HP.pdf
  14. When programming the FP-5(L)'s horsepower setting, it can be done by using the fuel flow rate at 75% power (very common) to where it will display percent power. Alternatively, raw horsepower can be displayed by using the formula found on page 21 in the FP-5(L)'s operating/instructions from the attachment (uncommon). The horsepower programming is accessed in the Power Up Programming mode by holding both buttons while powering up the instrument. FP-5(L) Operating Instructions.pdf