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  1. lights on order, supported one of our supporters on Mooney space, 2 landing lights and 2 taxi lights, since there are 2 lights in each wing, down loaded how to do article, thanks for MSC support and don't have to spend 750 on rewire. and use half the power. SEX DOES SELL
  2. o-baby you sexy led, you are really looking good
  3. makes the decision to convert to led lights easier, looking at installing 4 landing lights, does anybody know the difference in the amount of current draw of the led vs conventional light bulb. looks like aviation consumer will be doing an updated article on the led lights
  4. coming out of annual. one item is lights M-20-286-000 SERVICE KIT LANDING/TAXI LIGHT MODIFICATION, does any body know what this change does to the wiring system and why needed / suggested. cost estimated a $750 to do. am planning to go to led lights
  5. could use a little clarification, what is the differences between External VNAV profile-vertical navigation (magenta chevron on a G275 and Glide path-gfs source( magenta dot) they both get signals from in our case a GNS 750
  6. have ceis and jp1 930 units ,low fuel come on at 12 gallons and setting are adjustable start out with 89 gallons and systems is smooth and work great
  7. just shot an approach, instead the dot now appears to be a chevron ( ^) turned side ways, actually found it easier to monitor. looks like Garmin is making small changes to the G275 system
  8. converted to dual G275 units now have about 15 hrs. learning on the GTN 750 with dual G275 units. units work great, one main complaint is on the HSI Vertical Guidance information provided during an approach is small, its basically just a dot, on the right side of the instrument, when compared to our old king HSI its not easy to read and a lot harder to read when your busy doing an approach. Any body else have comments, maybe a soft ware upgrade some day
  9. got name wrong its a lemo connector, can see that is to be treated with care, but really enjoy the way its works
  10. got tired of replacing batteries in my Bose noise canceling head set, during an avionics upgrade converted to a faro adapter for the headset, was really surprised on how well that simple conversion worked out, no more battery change out and as soon as master is switched on, instant noise elimination and no more inflight battery change outs. now to do the co pilot side
  11. agree pulse width is the way to go, sixty's teck has been surpassed by todays technology
  12. does any body have a schematic or the best place to obtain schematic wiring, that shows wire to transistor power regulator wiring in rear avionics compartment, 3 wires tie into the regulator for panel pad lighting on early ovation
  13. thanks for the information, this is the 4th time we have had the unit( a 1960 design) go bad over the years, transistor cant handle the load, over heats nice to have lights when doing night flying. a top notch avionics shop recommend a faa approved unit, Seaton Engineering Mini dim units, for panel lighting, resettable and can handle all types of lighting from led to old fashion light bulbs. time to update to a newer design.
  14. hear a loud pop when using dash pad lighting was turned full up, there appears to be two parts of the control ckt for a early Ovation, the reostat on right side of panel and the transistor control unit to provide adjustable power to the pad lights and instrument panel lights. can some body provide location of transistor control unit for lighting.
  15. that little blue button is awesome, while learning on how to use the GFC 500 and what happens, pressed the button after take off and the auto pilot sprung into action. allowing air craft clean up.
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