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  1. For the GI 275 set up. as it was explained, leave turn coordinator in. if you remove it you have to add an extra switch the GI 275 system to make the the HSI become a standby when the attitude fails. if you don't remove it you can just do it through the face of the HSI and it is a much cleaner install. No need to remove instruments if you don,t need the space for some thing else!
  2. 17k price seems the going rate for dual g275 units with AP signals, install and testing to be completed next week on ovation, extras included temp probe, and a lot of wires to be reconnected. T&B was left in panel, if removed required an extra switch for function switch
  3. converted a 99 ovation to a 310 HP stc from 280 hp, what would be the correct term or nomenclature that is used for this conversion
  4. GI 275 unit has option for wiring for OAT probe, with this addition the turn coordinator , can be removed. addition of the sensor, wire and located under wing mounting runs about 1K. believe sensor is needed for min air speed signal, can any one up date need for this addition. looking at webinar from Garmin comparing the G5 size and the GI275. its easy to see just by the size difference that its a much different unit and the functions it does, as they state the 275 has a much greater growth capability.
  5. in addition the gyro package KG 102 has also been removed, this was the second gyro package that was installed, about 10 years ago, think i paid paid $3600 for a new unit back then, when it was replaced. weight & balance change. looks a little bit empty in the electronics rack in the back of the aircraft. The advice is too wait for the GI275 interface for the auto pilots .
  6. Ovation with Garmin 275 up grade cost, ready in about 2 weeks, installing GI 275 pfd/AP and GI275 hsi w/gmu-11, hsi, remove ki-256 and kcs-55a systems, adapter plate for gi275, relocating kt-74 transponder, connecting inputs to GTN 750 and inpute's to kfc auto pilot and navagators, remove old clock install mid cont. md93h clock/usb charging port high power, remove vacuum and standby vacuum systems, add bose aircraft power outlet. price about 16K, we were told more auto pilot updates in August.
  7. yep gfc 500, what else be available for hook up unknown
  9. installing 2 Garmin 275's into Ovation, should be ready to fly in 3 weeks, looking forward to the Pixel generation and deleting the Vacuum generation, one of main items we will be looking at is how well the KFC 150 works with the Garmin 275, and how much weight difference there is before and after. Nest question is what auto pilot system to install, and how much. replace existing servos or change out servos.
  10. Garmin seems to tie the package together, icons, loading program still learning , did like jepperson approach chart, but garmin seems to be make the conversion as the way to go for me
  11. have used jepperson chart for years, for my avionics up grade,shop recommended Garmin data package over jepperson, the garmin gtn 750 is locked out of jepperson, if the want their package it about $1600 to unlock the unit and a 1k a year for their data package with approach charts. it seems they don't want small aircraft, Garmin data packages are about 2/3 the price, no unlocking charge for the same service. Looks like I will also be switching over from Jepperson to Garmin. This will include using Garmin pilot and leaving fore flight as it looks like data is easier to load and I hope its easier to use. Got to hand it to Boeing and their management staff
  12. aircraft has a kap 150, shop indicated there was no problem in getting the 275 units to talk to the auto pilot, also a vfr gps input to the 275 units in case the 750 unit went bad.
  13. made the choice on avionics up grade for the 99 ovation, we had planed to up grade the Garmin 480,mx 200 display( it hurts when Garmin say NO LONGER SUPPORTED,converting to a Garmin 750 display, and then decide to replace hsi/dg with Garmin 275 units and remove vacuum DUAL system. we had been on the waiting list for 4 months and air craft when in last week, up grade will take about 30 days. lots of choices out there, KI 300 was view as bad choice due to unit problems and they said they had had customers request removal of the KI300 after install due to unit problems.275 install cost about 16mu and added 3 weeks to the job. this is the 4 th. avionics upgrade in ten years, last one was a jp900, new panel, ADF and storm scope removal. only King units left are auto pilot,and 155 radio. other upgrades were new interior, 310 HP upgrade ( very happy about this one)), top prop conversion, and the dreaded cylinder replacement, it all started with a bad Moritz display, that after 4 repair attempts it got junked and replaced with a JPI 900. avionics shop had at least 10 planes under avionics work. now starts the learning curve on how use the new equipment and will it all work as planed. will send picture when done