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  1. went you change auto pilots say from king to Garmin, is the electric trim motor change out during change over or is the system separate. know king has 2 clutch units with motor used to adjust trip. Garmin uses digital control,
  2. never knew TOGO could be used on take off
  3. first class video, puts Garman on notice on how to make a video, very well done. we have the same system and your explanation and video shows the beauty of the Garmin system and operation. you explained and answered quite a few questions we had on the operation, which Garmin was weak on explanation. thanks
  4. first class video, puts Garman on notice on how to make a video, very well done
  5. at least it can be fixed, wait until they say we no longer service your unit, then you can fell really bad, RIP Garmin 480 units
  6. the ac compressor on ovation is driven by a electric motor, have had the system recharged once since 2005, and its used on the ground as a pre cool
  7. on the ovation ac vent was moved for the bottom to the top of air craft body, really use our ac system, our system is located on the bottom. ac is handy, over all Mooney does a great job on cooling and vent location
  8. being a retired electrical engineer, after engine stars we always turn field on after system is stabilized, starting surges are thus avoided, as battery absorbs and smooths power surges. example lights usually fail when first turned
  9. the numbers are in, Ovation led lights installed,2 lights per side. went with whelen light wat and taxi lights, its a major PITA to install, have a fat hand. Current drain with all lights on, par 36 lights was 28 amps total with landing and taxi on, 7 amps per bulb. With LED,s installed current dropped to 4 amps total. 1 amp per lights. impressed with results and not a real technical challenge for the average person to do
  10. 2th the motion get ride of the Moritz, way to many newer options now available
  11. have an inspection done by a Mooney specialist, they look at them all the time, cheapest way to go in the long run, you find most of the problems like worn bushings.
  12. don't forget the wheel bearings, supposed to be lubed at 2 year interval, the word revolves around them
  13. vacuum system is remover, always liked the ideal of having a second alternator, what does it take to installed a second unit as back up on a ovation, from a pilot who has lost 3 alternators in flight over the years in different models of air craft
  14. items you may want to look at base on our ovation, master cylinder pilot /co pilot master, one leaked was overhauled and now co pilot has very small leak, brake cylinder leak/ overhaul/ strange sound. ck. fluid reservoir, ours was almost empty. surprise when you take a real close look
  15. other way to spell, Garmin gfc 500
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