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  1. typical bk delays, if unit will work, it would nice if it was plug and play, or is that to much to hope for
  2. just saw an ad in AOPA mag that both units are now available, hard to believe, question is does the gyro KG102 package remain or can it be removed, vacuum system, would like to dump KI 265 -255 flight director and go glass in my ovation, how much work is required to install.
  3. full top prop conversion 03 setup and jpi 900 set up, not sure if its low pitch set up, but it climbs really great as compared to first set up
  4. had the same problem, on take off roll, would hit a flat spot on roll and then be ok, also found leaning engine on ground by 1/2 turn would cause engine to stall, had injector overhauled problem gone,then installed top prop conversion, part of change was fuel increase on take off, really moves now, great change. injector had about 1k hrs on unit before it was overhauled
  5. will be a mapa class, April Santa Maria, attended several times good info about Mooneys
  6. using the top prop stc Hartzell for f77498 acclaim type S thin blade, installing the JPI 900 we lost weight with the conversion and moritz was un repairable. Jpi will have to be readjusted and the prop is in the mail, some time in late January. trying to beat the usually year end cost increase. Ran a before test with the McCally at 11000 ' fuel flow 14.9gpm, 2470 rpm @ 3 degrees with 4 way ground speed avg. was 178.5. with AC equipped. would like to see results for $ spent. Looked at the carbon fiber props , decided on metal blades, but love the looks of the 4 blade( trophy prop vs one I can live with)). Cost was a big factor vs speed gained, and looking at my 1000 hr. prop wear helped make a choice. will be doing some test flights with the different Mods and how speed has changed. What is the best altitude/vs speed for the ovation for a test comparison
  7. Have ordered Hartzell top prop for 280 to 310 conversion, replacing a McCaully 3 blade prop, governor is a McCally set at 2550 , can this unit be reset for 2700 rpm , looks like fuel flow is to be reset at 25.6 to 27.3, engine instrument package has all ready been replaced with a JPI 900 which will have to be adjusted for conversion prop speed and fuel flow
  8. install jpi 900 in my ovation, AV company had a hell of time to get set of wing fuel levels to work correctly, replaced both indicators in one wing and every thing works, found out that jpi recommends replacement of fuel senders after the fact, cheaper to replace then trouble shoot
  9. m20 ovation with kap 150 auto pilot with intermitten altitude hold problem , set 9500 for example air will climb to 10000 and some times corrects, have to over ride to correct then systems works. trim control motor /clutch was just overhauled. Any ideals and repair shops in southern California that know these units, where does altitude control get signals from/ to auto pilot system
  10. reached a decision that my 99 ovation which is a 3 blade hartzel has a 1000 hrs. dosen't leak, 280 hp ,prop set at 2550 for take off , new cylinders installed, adsb in/out and decided that the moritz gauges( which are unrepairable) are to be replacement with jpi 900 engine monitor. instead of buying a new Mooney, decided to upgrade and convert to a 310 hp but not shur which prop would be best suited, want speed improvement since my current prop may need an overhaul in the future and have to decide which way to go. Could use some advise from the brain trust located Camarillo California
  11. doing some upgrades on 99 ovation, Hartzell has a prop j3fo7550stp they say is thinner faster prop then the standard ovation prop, how does this compare to factory upgrade ( 310 hp upgrade) believe there # phc-j3yf-1rf/f7693df(b)2 any comments, looking for speed increase
  12. moritz gauge cluster package is junk, cant get unit repair , dilemmas finding space to install approved replacement the JPI 930 is approved unit will require major panel revamp, 5.5 inches of space is a little too large for left side of panel, are there any other units that are approved as primary and use less space in panel, currently have a jpi monitor that about 3 inch's
  13. located on west coast, ready to convert my 1999 ovation to 310 hp and install a new prop, where can info be obtained on mt. prop. composite prop looks great, my Mooney has 1000 hrs on engine with a new set of contiental cylinders assy, hartzel prop is ready for overhaul, looks like a good time to change , Questions are where can info on stc for conversion to 310hp be found , is it two separate items paper work and governor with prop change, looks like mooney has the stc and is the mt prop approved for ovation, will top speed improve, what are the differences between hartzel up grade prop (tbo) vs MT prop