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  1. Finally!!!

    Yeah. Browsing around looking at panel gadgets just makes me shake my head.... Aircraft Spruce has a Century HSI listed for $15k.... I thought for sure it had to be a typo, I could put together a device that does all that digitally for under $30, plus about a week of my time to brush up on Raspberry Pi and program it.
  2. Finally!!!

    Came here looking for a cost. Avionics manufacturers sure have a funny notion of "affordable".
  3. Every time I feel depressed about my perpetual single status, I have to remember this. I know so many people who's lives have been ruined by their wives and kids.
  4. News on the street: NO avgas in Canada

    In the interests of international co-operation, I will gladly assist in the disposal of any of this "faulty" avgas that can be shipped to Virginia.
  5. GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    My 430 is a plain 430. the WAAS upgrade is very nearly as much as the trade-in price for the IFD440, and the IFD440 will let me monitor standby audio, as well as being a more modern (read: compatible) device.
  6. GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    I would hazard to guess that WiFi and Bluetooth hardware is present in every IFD440, the only thing you are getting for the extra $2,000 is an "unlock" of some kind. If (when) I find myself upgrading to an IFD440, my conversation with the sales associate will include "I'm not paying $2,000 for you to unlock the wifi/BT on this device, but if I have a device with usable WiFi and Bluetooth, I may be inclined to buy some of the shiny gadgets that make use of it in the future."
  7. M20 C Engine Start problems

    Mine is loud enough that it startled me the first time I started the plane (startled the IA doing my prebuy too, he hadn't seen a SoS system in a while). In fact, mine is faintly audible over the starter, with my headset on. it's got some oomph in it.
  8. Hanger Door Frozen

    Ethelyne Glycol will melt ice handily, just make sure you sweep it up so as not to piss off the EPA...
  9. Ipad holder

    Good lord, those things are expensive. I had been scrounging around for a while for a way to mount my Samsung tablet. Looked at a couple yoke mounts, tried a cheap one, and just hate the way that works. Looked at some panel-mount flex-arms like the one posted above, but they are all way more money than I am willing to spend on such a simple device. I ended up making a wedge-block that I can Velcro to my panel, and then Velcro the tablet to, which uses the huge empty space on the copilot side, and angles the tablet so i can see and reach it easily. Stuck everything in place with 3M Dual-lock so nothing is "permanently" affixed or modified (that stuff sure holds tight, though) and it does great.
  10. Mooney crash, pilot walks away

    Donno if someone has mentioned it (haven't read all 6 pages of comments), but i'll take this opportunity to plug my Sensorcon CO detector. $160 well-spent, if it saves me from an incident like this.
  11. For comparison: I recently bought my 1964 C model for $40k, also in VA, I got: Frame-off restoration in 2007 (wing removed, entire structure cleaned, re-painted, and treated with corrosion-x after re-assembly) Freshly sealed tanks (have to check the logs for an exact date, but at least once since restoration) Engine overhauled in 2007 during restore, 220 SMOH at time of purchase All recurring AD's complied with, most permanently by parts replacement (including the prop hub, no 100hr teardown required) Standard GNS430 GTN 327 transponder GMA 340 audio Narco ELT If you need a recommendation on a pre-buy inspector, I can give you a name/number to reach out to. The fella who did mine operates out of Shannon (EZF), and he was exceedingly professional, as well as a wealth of useful knowledge, and he permitted me to participate in the inspection. (He was so good that i'll be bringing him the plane again in April when Annual is due) This confuses me. Mine is a 1964, has 52 gallon tank, retractable step, manual cowl flaps, and dorsal fin. Am I a Ranger or a Mk21? (breaker box lid says Mk21)
  12. I also have the sensorcon detector, and have found it handy. I've yet to register anything over 50, but i've seen it go from nothing to 40 real quick sitting on the ground at idle. Playing around with the vents, i discovered that with the main fresh air vents sealed, air wants to come in through the nose wheel well control pass-throughs, and this can admit exhaust if the wind is right.
  13. I was over at Hummel yesterday to take care of a few things, and Rusty mentioned that there are plans to extend the runway there to 3100' next year. Sounds like it might be good news for Mooney drivers. That field has claimed another victim recently: There is a J-model (not posting the N-number out of respect for owner's privacy) in Rusty's shop right now. Apparently swerved off the runway after a hot landing and mowed some grass.
  14. Offloading fuel

    Doing a bit of research on this subject, it appears that there are fuel jug plastics which have carbon added to them to prevent buildup of static charges. I came across the following advice to find out of the fuel jug you are using is in danger of carrying a static charge: If your jug passes this test, then it will be sufficiently conductive that you should be able to affix a copper grounding braid to the handle and clip it to the plane to equalize any charge. You could additionally verify this by measuring resistance between the plastic can and the end of the grounding braid. If the resistance is under 1 MΩ, then it should equalize to your plane fairly quickly.
  15. I know a Joey Sclafani in SW Virginia, any relation?

    1. jsclafani


      Probably not. The only Joey Sclafani close in relation to me was a Police Officer in Madison, NJ and passed away a few years back. There are a fair amount of Sclafani's in the US these days mostly in NY and FL.  

    2. ShuRugal


      Kewl, just thought i'd ask.  Happy flying!