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  1. All of my go-arounds so far have been executed from full-flap trimmed for a nice stabilized 400'/min glidepath at 1.3 VS0. all have been trivial - roll the power on, start to climb, wheels up, flaps to around takeoff position, re-trim as the aircraft accelerates, and before you know it you're in a normal takeoff climbout. And that's with the hand-wheel trim and hand pump flaps. The fancy planes with electric gizmos should have it real easy, just some thumb swipes on that trim switch.
  2. full flaps is great - set it down with the barn doors giving you all that extra lift available, then suck 'em in and glue it to the runway.
  3. You can also plan to accommodate the float - want or need to stick it in on the numbers for a shorter ground roll, but know that you're going to float a couple hundred feet? aim shorter, flare over the grass, float to the numbers.
  4. ShuRugal

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    PDFs can carry similar attacks - malware injection by PDF is one of the more common attack vectors.
  5. @epsalant How much you want for the Parmetheus? I've been eyeballing one, but I don't fly at night often enough to justify the retail price. EDIT - nevermind, just saw 28v...
  6. I thought fuel injection was supposed to make engines run easier, not harder?
  7. I've had my A1D for only 10 months now, and I find it easy to start... almost always catches on the second blade. 4-5 blades if starting from a hot engine.
  8. ShuRugal

    Relocate the battery

    Anyone ever come up with the paperwork to make this a legal conversion? I just ran the numbers on what this would do to my W&B, and it would take me from being right at the forward limit in any config involving a copilot to being centered in the CG envelope in all configs - Definitely want to do it at some point.
  9. ShuRugal

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    I can kinda see where you're coming from on the patent enforcement angle, but having read the patent itself, I don't see how it can be valid in the first place. Signal interception and decoding has been around for literally a century. There is nothing whatsoever novel about intercepting a signal and decoding it to gain useful information... or if there is, then Garmin had better get ready to sue the Department of Defense for infringing their patent.
  10. ShuRugal

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    Hey, if anyone from Garmin is reading this... I was on the fence as to whether I would upgrade my GNS430 to a 430W, or throw a few extra bucks at an IFD440. This abusive lawsuit has decided me: I'm getting the Avidyne product. I'll also not be purchasing any Garmin products in the future. uAvionix is trying to do something helpful to Aviation as a whole: give GA operators an affordable means to comply with a new odious regulation. No one who is uAvionix's target market is buying a $5k+Install Garmin ADSB-Out transponder. Garmin won't be loosing one single unit of the Airline industry, which is where their real money is, to this product. Garmin can go crawl up their own arses and die - I won't be supporting them ever again, and I'll be recommending to everyone I know to steer clear as well.
  11. ShuRugal

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    I use VSDC - It is not super intuitive, but it has a handy wizard function for importing and splicing multi-file segmented videos. The real problem I have is with export profiles - I have yet to find a setting that matched the combination of high quality and small filesize GoPro Studio could output.
  12. ShuRugal

    Hard mounting a tablet vs a MFD?

    I have my Android tablet semi-hard-mounted on the copilot side - made a wedge-shaped block to angle it where i can see, then stuck the block to the panel with 3M Dual lock, and the tablet sticks to the wedge with slightly less dual-lock (so the tablet will unstick from the block before the block unsticks the panel). Only downside to using a tablet is that they like to overheat. I might redesign the block to have a fan.
  13. ShuRugal

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    well, take stock of all the "gotchas" people are listing here, and make sure that they are checked on PreBuy inspection.
  14. ShuRugal

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    Reading posts like this makes me really appreciate how well taken care of my bird was when I got it last year. I was just over at the previous owner's shop yesterday for some paperwork, and he had 3 other mooneys in the hangar for work ranging from an engine teardown to annual and panel upgrades. The shop is practically an unlisted MSC.