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  1. Yes I did Clarence, thank you very much. But I had already got what I needed in the way of a service manual and parts catalogue from a post on February 13. If you scroll back up a few you can see. Thanks again for all the help. Peter
  2. This has been extremely helpful. I am up around Vancouver British Columbia and do not have a local MSC available to me. My AME ( who has been maintaining a 231) and I will do the best we can with what we have. I am glad that there is a large and helpful American Mooney community out there to lean on. I am also interested in having my POH available to me in digital form. Should I have mine scanned and download it or is there one out there for a 93 M20J SN: 24-3287. I believe the POH # is 3202B. Thanks again
  3. Going to be new to Mooney ownership. Am going to want to be involved in owner assisted maintenance. Aircraft in question is a 1993 M20J. Are the manuals specific to year and model? Can I get them free online?Any help is appreciated. If desired, you can email me directly at pthiessen.peter@gmail.com.
  4. Am actively looking to purchase an M20J. Still have this one?