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  1. That flight was 1.5 hours total. We landed at KCLM and did a lead swap so about 45 minutes each of flying wing/lead.
  2. Yeah I think I'm just going to fly to Desert Aire (M94) for their breakfast fly in instead of going to Missoula due to weather. Hope everyone that goes has a good time.
  3. $1500 as johncuyle said sounds about right for BFI. Also since your an Aggie you should join the Western Washington A&M group on Facebook. We have football watch parties in SLU during the fall and try to have happy hours in different spots around downtown once a month.
  4. I live in downtown Seattle as well but currently just have a tie down at BFI for my M20F. I like only being 15 minutes from my plane and I have managed to fly almost every week including during the winter. S50 is a great place for social aviation as johncuyle mentioned join FATPNW (Flights above the pacific north-west) The founder and headquarters is at S50 in the north enclosed hangers. On FATPNW there is a long list of fly-ins this summer that will make it easy for you to explore the area. Do pay close attention around S50 though, there's lots of traffic in the area. To the east is one of the main training areas for the local flight schools, just north of the field traffic IB/OB to RNT usually flying around 2000-2500ft just east of highway 167 and traffic IB/OB to Boeing flying just over the highway or a little west of it, and finally a lot of traffic flying east-west just under the bravo shelf around 1500ft. ADSB is a nice thing to have in the area. \
  5. Looking at departing KBFI Friday afternoon and staying till mid Saturday afternoon. Hope to see a few of yall there!
  6. Not a problem at all I've taken the trip across the mountains in both direction on V4 all the way from Colorado to Washington. Should be no problem in July-September without IFR. Beautiful flight and KJER in Idaho usually is your last cheap fuel stop prior to the PNW so I would advise stopping in there and topping off. If your coming during August just check for TFRs for firefighting operations. Also if you are up here you should fly up to the San Juan Islands. Should be a quick hour flight up to KFHR from Tacoma to see the sights.
  7. Congrats on the plane! It was also nice to meet you two weeks ago at BFI. Cant wait to do some flying soon!
  8. I'd like to be listed and have a link as well