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  1. In this case, the source of the data was SoCal TRACON. See attached
  2. FlightAware shows the data was from LA center, not through ADSB. It would appear that a controller mixed up the tail number.
  3. Wow, $900 installed, that is a good price. I'm close to pulling the trigger on an upgrade (GTN750/NGT9000/PMA450B), the shops pricing has been decent thus far, but kinda shocked me when he quoted $1795 for a FS210 installed. 2 wires, ground and power shouldn't be ~8 hours of labor.
  4. We are considering a panel upgrade on our M20C. The install would include a GTN750, NGT9000+ and PMA450b. Since the NGT9000+ requires a somewhat large NY164 antenna, for which the install manual wants 24" spacing from all other antennas I've been trying to determine if removing/relocating a few antennas is worthwhile. I've attached a photo of our plane. The GPS antenna is installed where the loran antenna is. The ADF antenna has been removed, with the exception of the small mounting point on the top of the cabin. There would appear to be nowhere where we could install the NY164 right now and maintain the recommended spacing. My thoughts are as follows: - Replace 'V' VOR/LOC antenna with a new 'V' VOR/LOC/GS antenna. Does anyone have know the which antenna is now recommended for VOR/NAV/GS. CI-158C? AV-532? Will this be a simple swap that can be done when the old coax is being replaced with RG-400? - Remove front GS antenna and adf antenna mounting point. - Remove the front '7' antenna. - Install a comm antenna on the belly. CI-122? This would free up a lot of space for the NY164 antenna to be installed where the front '7' antenna was located. Thoughts?
  5. We have a M20C with the control shafts approaching the ad inspection timeframe. Does anyone know where I could find the required components to upgrade to the 201 yokes/shafts? Thanks!
  6. New GFC 500 Update: GFC 500 Certification Programs Currently In-progress: Mooney M20 Models: F, G, J, K, M, R, S All other Mooney models appear to have been completely removed from any certification plans for the next 12 months.