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  1. My 1968 m20c has a Vne of 189 mph, and a Max structural cruising speed of 150 mph, whereas the 1970 m20c's are limited at 200 and 175 mph respectively. I can't seem to find any structural changes in control rods, control surfaces that would constitute these upgraded limitations. Since my Mooney typically cruises at around 160 mph IAS, I wonder if being in the yellow arc range should be any concern? John
  2. Thanks all for the referral, my mechanic has contacted Alan Fox.
  3. Hi all, After discovering exfoliating corrosion of a right side flap, most right sided block hinge, my mechanic has been unsuccessful locating a replacement part. I think it is p/n 240015-502. If anyone on this forum can direct me to a solution, that would be great! Part may also be contained in a salvage right flap, of which we would need the outer 4 inches of said flap. Thanks, John
  4. A, thanks so much for the summary and will take your advice to heart. John
  5. Cheers all, always good to have more food for thought!
  6. Hi everyone, I have been getting conflicting messages regarding aggressively leaning the mixture while taxiing, or being on the ground in general. My 1968 M20C Ranger POH clearly states to to keep it at full rich and propellor RPM high during taxiing to prevent overheating. Prevent running the engine at low RPM to prevent fouling of the plugs. My mechanic who has been taking care of my Mooney since 2017, says to not lean on the ground and so far reports that my plugs are very clean and are checked every 50 hours. Seemingly everywhere on this forum, most indicate that they all aggress
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