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  1. Yes, regarding the North American warbird, that probably is the SNJ. I am not familiar enough to tell them apart. We used to have quite a few deer, and so one should always buzz the field one time, to check for animals. But I agree the lights are great. On landing from the East I make a high approach to make sure I'm not near the trees. My Mooney landing light is original equipment and none too bright. It's OK to land long anyway because when you're off the ground you can see if there is someone beyond the "legal" end of the runway. In effect we have 4000 feet if needed.
  2. Been away and missed some of the last messages posted here. 1. Sorry, but we have very few mosquitoes in this area--you are probably thinking of Savannah....or Louisiana, perhaps. Much too dry here--a Californian would probably feel at home. 2. Yes, I definitely will miss the planes here. At one of our fly-ins Doug came over and asked if I'd like a ride in that T-6, which I definitely did! I had not been upside down in a plane since my Air Force days. Don't attempt it in the M20J. 3. As for being 10 months too early, don't despair. Check back when the time comes--we may well be waiting for a buyer still. Selling a house in an airpark is not so easy because the pool of potential buyers is narrow and shrinking. And frankly we are in no hurry to leave this wonderful community. In fact last Sunday I planted over 200 garlic cloves for June harvest.
  3. Good idea, Gus! I do feel very bad about leaving my fellow Mallards Mooneys. Not to mention how we will miss contributing to the Mooney population here. I didn't know communities like this existed before I moved here.
  4. In the apple country between Gettysburg and Carlisle, on Route 34. It's where I grew up. Problem is, where to hangar the Mooney? Gettysburg has been repaved but there's nothing there. Carlisle is handy but the few T-hangars never change hands. I'm on the waiting list at York, which is handy enough and an excellent airdrome. I hate to face the trip, but I used to have her at Manassas, where the personal property tax is effectively non-existent for typical GA aircraft.
  5. Yes, this isn't the same economy here, though many locals have good jobs at Delta. Property tax is pretty reasonable too, particularly if you're OLD like me! We pay about $1200 per year, and the HOA fee is $900. The latter was $300 when we moved here ten years ago, but we voted to build a new pool, spend more on runway, etc.
  6. Lovely home on 1.7 acre lot with 48x48 hangar on Mallard's Landing airpark, 35 miles SE of Atlanta on I-75. Wonderful non-gated neighborhood, with 4000' of well-kept grass (2800 usable for T/O) and other amenities. See attached flyer. Interior photos coming soon. Moving to PA to be near family. House has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, plus. Hangar has "crew lounge/office" inside. Grounds are park-like, including a woods and a vegetable garden, on cul-de-sac. Pintail house FOR SALE.pdf