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  1. The ferry flight isn't for me, unless I find someone experienced to come along all the way to NZ. I was looking for an C or E, a short body. Would be a first plane and I don't want too much plane. @mike_elliott if that is one of these, then definitely yes.
  2. Yes, not so easy. I guess I will need to be patient and wait for one over here or in Australia.
  3. Here I am again with my rather expensive idea of bringing a Mooney over to New Zealand. The local airplane market is quite limited, with lots of microlight or Cessnas. I am after a short body M20 that would perform well on short strip and grass. Is it reasonable to ship a Mooney in a container and re assemble it here, Or the cost of dis-assemble and re-assemble will come up to the price of a newer machine ferry flown. I am not looking for a quote but more for advice on how to choose the plane to make it a little more worthwhile if I was to resell it here. (plane purchase/shipping cost) What you guys think of finding a project plane, or a wing damaged plane or even one that need rust repair around the tubes of the cabin, in which case the purchase price would be lower than a good plane and the repair price would be partly offset by the need to crate the plane. In other words, I won't be removing wings of a good plane for nothing else than just shipping. Florent
  4. Yes, indeed. Thanks @carusoam
  5. Hi guys, Did you end up ferrying one to New Zealand? Florent
  6. Hi all, I am Florent, from New Zealand. First post here but been reading from sometime now. I have never flown a Mooney and I hope I'll have the chance to do it sometime. MS might be the right place to find an Auckland based Mooney syndicate. Or even to form one! Florent
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