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  1. I had trouble with my IO360 w regards to oil consumption as well. I was at 3hrs per qt, also with oil visible in the spark plugs. When I had all 4 cylinders replaced last year, I noticed on broken oil control ring. I have also considered having the cylinders honed(?). In the end I opted for new ones. Now consumption is less than 1qt per 10hrs. I also cruise around 8-10k ft.
  2. I use a regular RAM mount, however for me I feel it is better to use an iPad mini and put it on the copilot side, and tilt it a little bit into my direction. So I save the space on my side and can grip the yoke easily, while still having the iPad in a good reaching distance. I have always wondered why I don't see the copilot-side setup more often out there.
  3. That's even fairly cheap - thanks for your help!
  4. Does anyone know the part number of the black 50 amps generator CB for my '67F? I made a photo attached, hope that helps. Many thanks in advance! Frank
  5. @podair yes that’s right, I bought it from Justin who I think used to be around here as well. Was a nice and very helpful contact. I bought it January 2018 as my first aircraft. I had a lot of really nice trips in it around Europe with my family already. The F model is really capable in terms of load, and as my family is fairly light, we can go out of our little airfield with bags and full tanks. That’s at least for now with the kids though. Although I have invested quite a lot so far I have never regret buying it for one second. Nothing better than having ones own Mooney at permanent disposal. AFAIK Justin now has a very decent Seneca, I saw a photo once.
  6. Thanks a lot @podair! I have checked it and loaded it up. I have tried to set up my own profile there as well now, for my 1967 M20F, if anyone is interested: The code is 25037PIFW. I am just in the process of getting my IR, so there surely are a lot of people out there who know to fly by the numbers a lot better that I do. However, I tried to insert the real-world-numbers I have reached with my aircraft the way I fly it in the aforementioned code (mods are one-piece-windshield, cowl closure, three-blade-prop, otherwise stock). Edit: BTW, I have finally managed to update my MS-Profile here
  7. @podair there should be an option to generate a sharing link once you have logged in to autorouter. @carusoam MS is amazing!
  8. @Hyett6420 yes, but that is only for the modern mooneys. There is no f-Model profile.
  9. ...and thanks for doing the search here for me, @carusoam It shows a sharing linking Guillaume‘s m20j which is better than nothing. Maybe still someone with a m20f shows up within thread. If not, I‘ll share my profile once I have decided to set it up myself then. cheers frank
  10. Autorouter.aero is an IFR flight planning Tool that Basically does the complete ifr flight preparation for you. It submits an atc flight plan and provides you with an extensive briefing pack with plates, route and everything. In order for the flight plan to be correct, it needs to know the aircrafts performance date. Fuel burn, climb, descend, speeds, etc. now I could either enter these details myself which would take maybe 2hrs or I could at least get a starting point using an aircraft profile of someone who already did that job and just modify some basic data like empty weight etc I agree it’s a rather European or maybe even German thing, although planning capabilities cover whole Europe at least. seems like no european fellow mooniac uses it here though...
  11. Hi, I am in the process of setting up my autorouter account. Does anyone have a M20F autorouter profile and would be willing to share it with me? Frank
  12. I have a 67 F. Oil temps are totally solid between 185 and 200 degrees, regardless of what I am doing with the aircraft.