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  1. MooneySpace Member Map

    Please add me
  2. Garmin G5 Review

    I have a KAP 150 autopilot, GTN 650 and GTX 345. My AI is KI 256 and King HSI. It’s my understanding my autopilot can connect to a G5 replacement of my HSI, but that the G5 as AI won’t drive autopilot. Can someone confirm this? My AI is acting up, and I’d prefer to replace it with G5 rather than overhaul 23 year old unit. Thanks
  3. JPI900 Placement

    Hard for me to question mechanic on this topic. The flush bracket itself adds size to the equation. The unknown behind the panel will be resolved shortly.
  4. JPI900 Placement

    I met with the AP today and held a JPI 900 flush mount bracket in the area right of the altimeter, it does not appear their is enough room to add that bracket without affecting the neighboring instruments. Won’t really know for sure till the glare shield is removed and see the clearance available. If he mounts it raised, not flush, he can punch a new 3 1/8” hole just right of blank hole at his shop, if we try flush mount it involves removal of all instruments and taking out the panel to an avionics shop to cut the rectangle flush mount hole. The raised installation is the easier way and still would be tight, and I think I am giving up on fitting the flush mount bracket. If I second guess not installing it flush I can always try it at a later time. I have a large available area right of the radio stack in front of copilot, but I want it in front of me. Anyone think I have given upon flush mount too soon?
  5. JPI900 Placement

    I’ve not had time to consider the Stormscope options yet, I’ve been told, perhaps incorrectly, that once I send it in only option is a full overhaul, not just a repair here or there. At $1,200 I’d do that tomorrow.
  6. JPI900 Placement

    As I understand it, the JPI 900 unit is designed to mount in a standard 3 1/8" hole, yet it's full display is offset from the unit that fits in the hole. So if one wants to mount it horizontally, it needs spare room on left side of unit, not right, and I would have to either mount it vertically or mount it upside down for it to overlap right. My best choice here is to flush mount it, just right of the blank plate I have and have the round hole made into a rectangle hole and purchase the flush mount kit. Those people that only have room right and want it horizontally need to install it upside down and have the buttons on the top rather than bottom and JPI logo upside down. I don't think my AP will be able to move any instruments and take out the stormscope without having him put my airplane back together and have me fly it to another field with an avionics shop. Thank you to all that contributed their thoughts.
  7. JPI900 Placement

    Although I’m in Sarasota, the only hangar I could find was at Avon Park, home field of Phil Jiminez (PJ Aircraft Services) that did my pre-buy and is installing the JPI 900. No avionics shop here. I prefer it landscape with buttons on bottom. The airplane is on jacks for other upgrades and since the 900 is primary JPI is taking their time sending it to us. I will use 900 more than 2nd glideslope and the upper position slightly better viewing. Gear handle won’t be an issue as it will be in up position most of time I haven’t made the call to try and fix stormscope that has no brightness, doubt I will, but removing it doesn’t give me an option. I believe mechanic desires to put under gear handle and have it partially cover blank plate left of it, or spot right of altimeter, it won’t be very clean.
  8. JPI900 Placement

    I have a Mooney 201 that I've owned for a month and am getting a JPI900 installed this week or next. I'm looking for recommendations on placement for those of you that use an engine management system already. The unit can be installed portrait or landscape. It appears to me that landscape is the better orientation, yet I believe portrait will fit better. I've attached a picture of my panel. To the right of the altimeter and above the 2nd glideslope is an empty hole with a blank panel over it. Also available is the area to the right of that below the gear handle, but that would involve cutting a hole, I don't know if that is easy or not, or has to be done only at an avionics shop. My AP is doing the installation and no avionics shop is at the field. Below the spot under the gear handle is an inop Stormscope, and the center stack has a GTN650 and GTX345 along with KAP150 and 155 2nd radio. Installing landscape in the open cut slot right of the altimeter might infringe on the altimeter, I don't know. My thoughts were that the area under the gear was best and gave me future options to use the other spots for G5/Aspen potential options of moving instruments. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. I clicked on the checklist link provided and it automatically opened in ForeFlight. It’s a bit different than my 1993 201, but it will be much easier for me to edit it than start from scratch. I will post my completed ForeFlight checklist when finished so another Mooney pilot with a plane more similar to mine can use or edit for their purposes. After seeing this in action and never using this function before, I am more committed to ForeFlight than ever before. Mooneyspace is a great resource, especially to a new Mooney owner and it’s members are great.
  10. Looking to see best solution to mount an iPad Mini in a 93 J, what are others using? I’m a new Mooney pilot and haven’t had enough time flying it to investigate. My guess is a pilot yoke mount would be best yet I see some photos of people placing them on copilot side.
  11. Looking for pedal extensions

    I’ve owned my 201 for 5 days. I am able to move my seat forward and raise its height without any problem. I can raise my seat virtually till my head touches the ceiling or slide forward till my knee hits the panel, all with a stock airplane. So I don’t have any problem seeing over the cowling, but in order to properly use the rudders I have to get too close to the yoke and panel, and it’s claustrophobic. I can no longer use my knee board as it conflicts with the throttle. Add me to the list looking for a rudder pedal extension solution. I’m not sure what’s different with my seats that I don’t need any pads.
  12. FOR SALE: Garmin Aera 795

    Just curious, does the 795 pivot on its left edge? Is it covering switches?
  13. New Mooney 201 prebuy

    I was able to put the 201 under contract today, Irma may delay my pre buy inspection. Really appreciate the replies I got to my first post. Will make some calls tomorrow.
  14. I'm a new member looking to buy a 1993 201 and need a prebuy, then likely some planned work resulting in an annual. I'm new to this but see Daytona is a good option and it is reasonably close. Other recommendations or wisdom? It's a low time airframe and for some years never flew. I would also like to be put on the southeast Florida email list as well. Scott