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  1. SkipSS


    M20FanJesse, please stop hustling me for your publication!
  2. SkipSS

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I’ve dealt with other vendors in similar circumstances and have learned to just walk away, regardless of my desire for the product.
  3. SkipSS

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    Forgetting the potential special pricing, how much do these units typically cost?
  4. SkipSS


  5. SkipSS

    WTB Stormscope or Strike Finder

    I’m looking for a WX-900 if anyone has one. Scott
  6. SkipSS

    Partnerships in FLA

    I have a M20J at SRQ looking for a partner, you won’t find a nicer airplane, needs nothing, 1993. Still interested? Scott
  7. SkipSS

    Rudder pedal extensions revisited

    I have a newly purchased set of 3” extensions and have reconsidered whether I should have purchased the 1.5” instead. So I may be interested in swapping the 3” for 1.5” or possibly selling outright the 3”, but not sure. My concern is I may add a partner to my plane and fear he might be too tall and hesitant to install the 3” extensions until I know better. If it were just me flying I wouldn’t hesitate to install the 3” ones.
  8. SkipSS

    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    Selling a used 650 and buying a used 750 is very expensive. I just bought a Garmin Aera 660 and it is “aviation grade” mounted on my yoke using much less space than my iPad Mini.
  9. I have a GTN 650 and GTX 345 but the screen size is too small on the 650 to read anything on the map. I wish I had a 750 but the 650 was installed before I bought the plane. A Mooney friend has the older Apollo MX20 (Garmin bought Apollo and replaced it with GMX200) in his plane connected to his GNS 430 and it works great. The MX20/GMX200 is a large screen. Im considering purchasing a used GMX 200 and installing I’m my 201 for map and traffic, or I could subscribe and get charts for the GMX 200. The unit is not supported by Garmin anymore but since it’s only acting as a display I’m not so concerned given the lower cost. Used GMX 200’s sell for $2k -$4k plus install. I use an iPad Mini with ForeFlight connected to my 345, but would prefer to have a panel mounted sunlight readable large screen that doesn’t freeze or get too hot. Anyone have any wisdom to share on this thought?
  10. Friend sent me this today from Okeechobee.
  11. SkipSS

    Garmin Stuff

    Alan, does the GMX-200 connect to a GTN-650 for map or GTX 345 for traffic? scott
  12. SkipSS

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please add me
  13. SkipSS

    Garmin G5 Review

    I have a KAP 150 autopilot, GTN 650 and GTX 345. My AI is KI 256 and King HSI. It’s my understanding my autopilot can connect to a G5 replacement of my HSI, but that the G5 as AI won’t drive autopilot. Can someone confirm this? My AI is acting up, and I’d prefer to replace it with G5 rather than overhaul 23 year old unit. Thanks
  14. SkipSS

    JPI900 Placement

    Hard for me to question mechanic on this topic. The flush bracket itself adds size to the equation. The unknown behind the panel will be resolved shortly.
  15. SkipSS

    JPI900 Placement

    I met with the AP today and held a JPI 900 flush mount bracket in the area right of the altimeter, it does not appear their is enough room to add that bracket without affecting the neighboring instruments. Won’t really know for sure till the glare shield is removed and see the clearance available. If he mounts it raised, not flush, he can punch a new 3 1/8” hole just right of blank hole at his shop, if we try flush mount it involves removal of all instruments and taking out the panel to an avionics shop to cut the rectangle flush mount hole. The raised installation is the easier way and still would be tight, and I think I am giving up on fitting the flush mount bracket. If I second guess not installing it flush I can always try it at a later time. I have a large available area right of the radio stack in front of copilot, but I want it in front of me. Anyone think I have given upon flush mount too soon?