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  1. True that! Sometimes I wish I didnt have quadrant style.
  2. My opinion is it depends on the how much the aircraft is flown. For instance, If you are a 100 hour a year person then 25 hours might make a lot of sense. However, if you are somebody that does 20-40 hours a month average, then 50 hours could make more sense.
  3. I have over 250 hours on my JPI900 and get the same alarm. But usually I get the low fuel at 6 gallons but I am committed to run that take to empty because I would rather have more fuel in one tank than split tanks. I have to factory fuel level senders and when my left tank is at zero, it will sometimes give an error for not outputting any info. But I never get repeat low fuel alarms like you are say and out of the 250 hours most of the is nonstop XC from KIWA to KMCC, these are my observations.
  4. Thanks for that. So you just left one end of the hose open with not fitting and place it around the barb on the surefly?
  5. I think I will just do an AN 4d to 1/8pt to this union and get the barb like you. Won’t need the tee since I am giving the mag its own MP supply.
  6. I was trying to stay with AN fittings but these would work as well.
  7. Gents, For the ones that have had this installed or have done the install, can you describe your connection from the Manifold pressure inline to the nipple. I plan on tapping #4 cylinder and running a hard line with AN fittings close to the emag and then connect to the MP port on the emag. Thanks
  8. Evening. Looking for help On the diode. I did find a PN but nothing is coming up on the inter webs. Has anybody found a substitute? PN 10h3n
  9. Your probably aware of this already but EDM’s take a lot of install. I was quoted 35-45 hours for my EDM-900 that I ended up installing myself (I’m an A&P). I bought it on sale new for $3300 if I remember right. So there is a lot of work that goes into some of these items to install.
  10. Gents, I might be missing this somewhere but is a cabin speaker required? Thanks
  11. This may help or not but I went down the path for a buzz or static and it was expensive and painful but short answer was SPARK PLUGS! I had the champions and went to tempest and it was clear as bell. now long story, I narrowed it down the right mag and swap plugs and it was still there. Replaced the capacitor and it was still there. Remove antennas and check the grounding plain and reinstalled them. Then changed to new antennas and at the same time new RG cable. Then in the middle of all that, I reran the p leads. I also installed a filter because as mention above found that #2 was staticky or buzzy and I had really had radio even close in on some of the towers. Check the wires and nothing looked bad. We after 50 hours from my last annual I check the plugs and they showed signs of wearing out and since I can’t just change a couple and have mismatch, I changed all 8 to tempest massive’s and the problem was gone. like I said, might not help and I had a bigger budget to work with but stupid plugs was my issue and I could have check the resistance at the start but I didn’t because the problem came up after 100ish on the new plugs and wires.
  12. Are you able to confirm that the NGT-9000 will talk with the HDX?