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  1. Well something I haven’t thought of but is now in my radar is the Dynon skyview. Same price as g3x but will play with others. I am very curious if trutrak would work with that even though they have their AP, Mooney isn’t approved yet.
  2. That’s my primary reason for the ngt9000.
  3. What you what you have was another option. Wondering why you would want to pull them out? Could you elaborate?
  4. I was thinking about going remote but from what I have seen (might be missing something) you don’t get all the functionality because you don’t have the screen m(such as winds aloft). Am I wrong? This might be a email question to the respective parties to find out.
  5. Well the problem is the GFC500 isn’t certified for the short bodies and keeps dropping on the list for Garmin to certify. Second, the reports about the price and install price puts it into the mid 20k range.
  6. Looking for some brain power from you guys. I am looking to do a big upgrade on my panel to get rid of the old stuff as anybody would. So first, my mission is that I use my airplane to commute back and forth to work approximately 30-50 hours a month VFR and IFR and a lot at night. Currently in the airplane; IFD540 JPI EDM 900 and a full working Brittan AP (no alt hold) Nav and heading tracking. Have a second narco nav/comm that I would like to upgrade as well. Currently this all works pretty well together and since my trips are between 3-6 hours legs, an AP is pretty important. So what I have been looking at; -Aspen EVO PRO Max and the MFD 1000 MAX for backup with Trutrak and a NGT-9000 -500 TXI, to much money for me -G3x 10 inch with no EIS, Trutrak (when ready of course), NGT-9000, G5 for backup (if needed which I think it is) -Dual G5's with trutrak and NGT-9000. Since the Aspen setup will be almost 20k along, this makes the G3x very competitive as long as it will work with my IFD540 and the trutrak autopilot when it is ready (g3x and trutrak work on the experimental side from what I have read on the RV forums. I am a bit of a techie so eye candy is nice but looking from input from people that have gone down this path and what they have found.
  7. Eagerly awaiting this becoming available.
  8. At 12000 running 18-18.8 at 2500 I am at 7.5-7.9 at 135kts at 60ish% power at 10000 running 20 at 2500 I am at 7.8-8.3 at 138kts at 65% power. I am happy with the speed because I found I only gain a couple knots or three with 50 ROP and a fuel burned that is 8.5-9.2 gph. The fuel burn isn’t worth the speed gain and I am doing long flights of 5+ hours. I try to run at peak EGT and 65% power. I do have a JPI900 and have about 65 hours tweaking it and learning what works best for me.
  9. Well on my plane the side panels have a complex shape and curve. I am curious if the hole pitch pattern would be the same from plane to plane. On flat panels I can see it as no problem with just creating a new panel.
  10. I have some cowling panels that have small cracks or other defects and was wondering if it’s possible to replace them with like year panels from another airplane. I understand that our airplanes are very much hand made. So I am wondering if anybody has done this with success?
  11. Thank you for the update!
  12. Is there an estimated timeline yet for availability?
  13. Gents, I called Mcfarlen to ask to have one made and Kelli the custom work manager said she had to check and then emailed back that they no longer can because they dont have the parts and they are very expensive to make the parts. Just to pass the word along.
  14. Oh man! I had already ordered one from another salvage and got it delivered and installed on Thursday. This is a great price!