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  1. M20M flaps operating intermittently

    Gentlemen: I wanted to circle back and let you know that, as a result of your experiences, we were able to replace the limit switches at a cost of $30 vs the entire preselect relay board for $1700. The flaps worked flawlessly all day in my flight (city, desert, and ocean) across Oregon. A big thanks for everyone who commented here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Any ex Grumman Tiger drivers here?

    I flew a AA5B for the last 7 years and recently bought a Bravo. I'll echo all of Emmet's comments and add: 1) Ground handling characteristics were the biggest challenge. Going from differential braking where you could turn the Tiger on a dime to the Mooney has been a slow process. 2) Constant trimming in the Bravo. In the Tiger you could get away from just muscling-through different stages of flight, in the Mooney you absolutely must trim the aircraft to maintain reasonable control.
  3. Typically stuck full up. I'm told I need a new flap preselect relay assembly. Any experience with this problem or alternative to what I'm told is a $1700 part? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk