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  1. Sorry for the delay.
  2. I love McMaster Carr. One day shipping to my front door and they have every oddball thing I've ever needed.
  3. I always fly with my button out. lol
  4. This is helpful. I'll start searching. The "washer/vacuum" line sold at the auto parts store is stiffer and has a thicker wall than the original tubing, which has a neoprene feel to it. Several of the selections from the auto parts stores were marked that it was good to 1 bar. Seems to me that's as strong as it's going to get without stepping up to hose that is reinforced with fiber braiding.
  5. Yesterday, I went to every auto parts store in town. None carry 3/16 tubing. It’s all either 5/32 or 7/32. The 7/32 seemed to fit snug enough. Ground test in the next day or two. The weather is supposed to be garbage today.
  6. pilot_jb

    ‘67 M20F Yoke Cover Plate

    Yeah. I wasn’t sure if they all came that way, or if it was an option. My clock was moved to the panel years ago.
  7. The belt on my plane has a Gates part number. I can take a picture of it for you this evening if it'll help.
  8. pilot_jb

    Best Source for Salvage Parts?

    I found one, but I'm definitely going to save your link and number. Thanks!
  9. Airspeed. This is an illusion. All is well with that connection.
  10. Thanks for all of the feedback, guys. I'm going to go ahead and replace all of the vacuum tubing and filters under the panel and then run the checks per the manual. I'll let everyone know how it went. For reference, the step is retracting fully.
  11. My plane is pulling pretty hard to the right when my yoke valve is installed. Been doing this over the entire year that I’ve owned the plane. I understand that this means that there is likely a leak on the right side of the system. However, we just had the plane apart for annual and found not find any breaks in the tubes, or connections. Also, all of the servos look really good, including the tape, and feel like they have a balanced amount of pull when manipulated manually. What does look bad is pretty much all of the surgical tubing that comes off the turn coordinator. Have any of you seen this tubing cause an imbalance in the system? Additionally, does anyone have a source for this tubing? I really don’t care about the functionality of teh autopilot, but I love the idea of being able to use the wing leveler.
  12. pilot_jb

    Deposit on plugs?

    Not as sophisticated as the rest of the comments, but my F needs to be leaned on the ground nearly to the point that an application of power will cause the engine to stumble. Took a while to figure this out, but now it’s second nature.
  13. pilot_jb

    Things that make you go, "Hmmmm"

    Grease grooves.
  14. pilot_jb

    ‘67 M20F Yoke Cover Plate

    I do have the issue, but the problem isn’t the amount that it can be tightened. The issue is that the radius of the claw is smaller than the radius of the tube. Basically, there’s only two point contact. Intil recently, there was a map holder and light mounted to my yoke. The MGF Mount would rest on the top of the map light. Now that it’s gone (the reason for my need for a cover) I’m not sure how it’s going to go. Finishing annual tomorrow, so I guess we’ll see soon
  15. Who is the best source for salvage parts? I’m looking for a front seat back for a ‘67 F in a hurry. Thanks!