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  1. Is this method more sensitive than a panel mount CO detector, which I have a passes the sf check?
  2. Maybe that’s my question. What is the turkey Bastet method?
  3. I've just started my first annual with my M20F. I know that I read on the forum a couple times that guys have figured out how to get the exhaust apart for inspection without removing the lower cowl. having an elusive 200hp bellow between the cowl and throttle body, disturbing it as little as possible is the goal. Would someone familiar with this procedure please describe the process? Thanks!
  4. The ailerons are high on the ground and in the air. Did I read correctly that the elevator boards are necessary when removing the bungee cartridges?
  5. I assumed they would be needed for two reasons. First, the trailing edges of my ailerons are rigged slightly high, and one more than the other, but they are very close to even. Just have to fly with slight opposite yoke and rudder inputs. I know that I’m losing a few knots from the high condition. The other issue is play in the elevators, which is likely from old bungees and/or rod ends. This is the bigger concern, because I read that the tail has to be “rerigged”after removing the bungee cartridges. Maybe I’m overthinking. It certainly won’t be the first time.
  6. I’m a bit surprised. Their website was active after I purchased my Mooney in September of last year. Was really counting on that during annual next month. Bummer.
  7. The website is down. They used to, or still do, rent travel boards for rigging. Anyone know if they're still around and have alternate contact information? Thanks.
  8. So, I figured this out after work last night. The vertical section of the left front baffle, which is located next to the block and underneath, has a hole for the through stud and associated nut. This section is flexible enough to to be pulled outboard and over the stud as the outboard portion of the baffle is rotated upward. At the same time, the baffle extension that is attached to the bottom side for the lower portion of cylinder #2 must be pulled forward, so it clears the fins on the upper part of the cylinder. I'll post some pictures the next time I'm at the hangar in case anyone else searches for this issue.
  9. Found three bolts; two in the case and one in the cylinder. I'm pretty sure it's free, but can't coax it off.
  10. Good morning from Michigan. What's the trick to removing the front left piece of baffle that sits in front of cylinder #2? Everything is disconnected and it's loose, but the through stud and associated nut that sits beneath, and the tab that sits between the cylinder base flange and cooling fins are getting in the way. I have not dropped the starter, but don't see that it's an obstruction. The prop has not been removed. For reference, the picture was taken in the beginning of the project...and yes the two small upper baffle pieces have been removed. Thanks!
  11. pilot_jb

    Converting To 6-Pin Headset Connector

    Bose does sell a LEMO to two pin adapter for $60. Sporty’s sell the same adapter for $30 or $40. Running out of time, as the rebate is only valid on purchases made on or before today. I’m 99% sure I’m going to convert to LEMO
  12. pilot_jb

    Converting To 6-Pin Headset Connector

    Great information! Thanks!
  13. I intend to take advantage of the Bose cable upgrade rebate, which expires at the end of the year. Currently, my front seats are setup for standard two-pin headsets, but have an additional third jack for power. The last owner used David Clark ANR headsets. Ideally, I would like to convert to a six-pin setup, so I can take advantage of the auto on/off function. Has anyone here converted their jacks to the six-pin setup with power? As mentioned, the power is already there, so my thought is that it won’t be a big deal, but I can find little information online.
  14. Showing your age, because you're into Cobras?! No! Hell, I've loved these cars since I was a kid, driving them since I was 28, bought my own at 34, and am only 40 now. I'd also own a Dayton Coupe and GT40 if I could afford it. My license plate...
  15. pilot_jb

    Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    I love the shirt. I’d buy another if/when dark heather is stocked again Mens Backwards Tail Fast Airplane Red Grey Black T-Shirt 2XL Dark Heather https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07494HZB8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_RCr-zbP0CP0KA