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  1. Ross Woodley

    What's this?

    Anyone have any idea what these buttons are A&P doesn't, but don't want to rip it out if there's something worthwhile here...Thanks...
  2. Ross Woodley

    Cabin Heat Cooking Avionics

    I got my M20C in the fall, but recently went flying in winter and it was incredibly cold. I look at other pics and believe I'm missing a tube that connects from the left side of the co-pilot seat to - not sure where. Can anyone tell me the diameter and length of that tubing and where it connects. The top picture is of my plane and the bottom is what I believe is missing...Thanks.
  3. Ross Woodley

    Tie down ring stripped

    Thanks for all the great advice...
  4. The wing receptacle for the tie down ring was now completely stripped out and the ring basically just falls out when inserted. Does anyone has come across this and knows how to repair it.