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  1. Eagle Lake, TX Airport. KELA. About 45 miles west of Houston.
  2. Tankman (Carl Sharon) completely stripped and resealed both of my tanks for my 67F 2 years ago and did a great job. The last person that did work on my tanks used the wrong sealant, installed the incorrect drain plugs and had vents sealed up. Carl identified the previous problems and completed the job keeping me updated on his progress until it was complete. No leaks so far. Walt
  3. After landing mine only comes down about 1/2 way. I have to step on it to bring it down all the way. Greased it with no luck.
  4. Yes. I got my throttle cable from them and the notch was cut out. Careful with the micro switch. The positive screw is very close to the micro-switch board. I had to file mine down as it kept shorting to ground.
  5. I have pictures of my old M20C ignition switch that has numbers on it but not sure how it was numbered.
  6. I just saw my old 1963 M20C is being sold on EBAY due to gear collapsing after JBAR came out of down lock block on roll out after landing. Makes me want to replace mine on my 67F. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-MOONEY-M20C-3775-TT-COMPLETE-AIRFRAME-WITH-BELLY-SCRAPING-NEW-INTERIOR-/133467181711?ul_noapp=true&nma=true&si=ILhMocp4t3kWGvqR01GsF7SgXy0%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. I was very close to the red on original garwin oil temp gauge even when it was 45 degrees outside climbing and in cruise. Took out oil temp probe and put it in 200 degree oil and it actually read 200. Before I put it in oil it read OAT. Then I took out vernatherm and put it in oil and heated the oil and it did not open until 225 degrees. So I got a new vernatherm and now I am in the green even when 95 degrees outside. One note is that when I heated the oil it took a really long time to cool the oil down. Like 15 minutes for just a few degrees. My vernatherm was original to my 67 M20F.
  8. Anyone have that knob that goes on the duct assembly in a 1967 M20F? Part number is S6844-605. There are actually two of them under the panel so I was going to take the one I still have off and try to find a knob that is the same size.
  9. I tried to renew with MAPA online but the website does not allow you to do that. Then I emailed MAPA and did not get a response I called MAPA and no one answered the phone so I left a message and did not get a response. What else can I do? Is MAPA GONE NOW???
  10. Thank you Yeti. I will try that tomorrow. FYI we were both born on Earth Day!
  11. You said you replaced the fuel pump without removing the mag. Do you have any advice or hints? Thanks.
  12. I have been flying only vintage Mooneys for 25 years and I am used to the Throttle Mixture Prop order. But you are correct on needing to replace all three of them.
  13. When doing my preflight I pushed in on the throttle cable and it would not go all the way in so I pulled on it and it broke. Only one strand of cable was left on it when it came all of the way out. A&P removing it this week. I am also replacing the Prop cable. There were metal filings on top of the throttle cable micro switch back plate which might have got into the cable causing it to deteriorate over time which I assume came from the radio stack installing a radio in the past. Going to send them to McFarlane to have them built for me.
  14. Prayers for the family. Donation sent. Walt
  15. Greg, Did the same shop do the panel, HSI and EDM900? Can you tell me what shop did the work, how long it took and the install price. you can PM me if you dont that information to be public. I am located west of Houston. Thanks Walt
  16. Has anyone installed a Lasar pilot side 9 hole panel and was able to fit a Stec 30 turn coordinator computer panel in the slot as shown in the picture where the regulat turn coordinator is? I have a 1967 M20F and need to know if it would fit in that slot. Thanks Walt
  17. Yes Carl uses the cherry red coat as per the Mooney specs. The picture I posted was taken before the top coat was applied. I will post more pictures later.
  18. Yes he can do the extended tanks as I saw him doing one. He charges a little extra for those.
  19. http://houstontankspecialistsllc.com/. Carl Sharon is the owner. Tankman@htsllc.net 281-799-8487. Eagle Lake Texas Airport. KELA Don't remember the hangar number but it right across from the hangar with the public restroom. Call to get pricing and reserve a spot. Tell him Walt Burger recommended you to him.
  20. Sealant has been completed. Waiting on more pictures from Carl but here is one of them,
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