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  1. Sisk Rifles

    Oviation fuel system

  2. Sisk Rifles

    Oviation fuel system

    On the Oviation R fuel system, does the return fuel from the engine go back to the same tank as being fed from or does it go to the same one always ? Is there a place that has pics and diagrams of variuos Mooney fuel systems ? Charlie
  3. Sisk Rifles

    Plane Power Disposable?

    If you wanted to buy a complete alternator from this company, what part number would that be ?
  4. Sisk Rifles

    Plane Power Disposable?

    Do you have the part number that will replace the plane power ?
  5. Sisk Rifles

    M20J MSE performance

    Folks. First post here. I am looking at a M20J MSE, 1993 model. This has the IO-360 Lycoming with Turbo. Can anyone direct me to performance data ? I have found some without turbo, but none with. Thanks Charlie