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  1. Price on if still available; Airspeed Ind, HSI, MP Gauge, Complete auto pilot system and if that Is a "B" hub and prop too please? Fly Smart Ryan
  2. Hi Piotre, I use Skinner Aviation out of Ashland (S03), they have done my prebuy and annuals on my "C". Good work at reasonable rates. (541) 482-7675. Medford Jet Center is listed on SAVVY for their maintenance, but I have not used them. I know the guys, they are reputable in the industry. Fly Smart, Ryan
  3. I just purchased a new to me 1975 Mooney M20C Serial# 20-1172 and love it! I am trying to learn the most I can about my aircraft so that I do not get in a bight. I have a question regarding the fuel gauge limitation markings. I have read through my POH and have not found any reference to it. Between “E” and “36” lbs there is a yellow band, but it does not cover the entire distance between the two markings. What is this yellow band and what are the associated numbers, limitations and/or cautions with it? Is this a "No slip" area, 30 Min Fuel area, (that cant be due to different fuel flow rates and IFR vs VFR reserves). Then is the 30 min the bottom of the yellow to E? I have sticked the tanks bottom of the yellow leaves about 4 gal of fuel in tank. (30 min at my cruise settings). I don't have the stones to run the tank dry to know the exact time from bottom of yellow to flame out. Please see the attached picture. I have contacted Mooney and they stated it was "Be cautious your low on fuel"...duh....if that was the case every aircraft would have a yellow caution area, but Mooney did not do this. If you guys have the answer please let me know and attach the reference. Fly Smart Ryan
  4. Hello

    Just a quick welcome to the West Coast Mooney Club.  I am in the beginning stages of planning our next fly-in.

    Stay tuned for more information coming up. 

    Looking forward to meeting you in the future. 

    All the best, 

    Michael Rodgers

  5. Jim: I did my Mooney Checkout and additional life saving training with Dubois Aviation out of Chino CA in their M20B. Best money and Instruction that I could have purchased. I can not say enough about those guys. They worked me in with my different work scheduled and not living in the area. I got one instructor exclusive and the aircraft blocked out for me. Its worth the drive down and hotel. Did my complex and Mooney Checkout in 5 days. The aircraft they have is worked pretty hard, don't prejudge by the curb appeal, she flys great. Good luck and Fly Smart, Ryan
  6. Bob, just took a pic of mine hope it helps. Fly Smart, Ryan
  7. Hello my fellow Birdmen, does anyone have a recommendation or previous experience with getting the Eddy Current AD done on the Hub of a 1975 M-20C. I fly out of Ashland Oregon (KS03) and into Brackett California (KPOC) regularly. I am not interested in flying to Texas or way out of the way spots. I figured I would ask here first, so as not to get taken to the cleaners! How long does it take to do? Do you have to remove from the aircraft? I will accept the cheap shots from my fellow Mooney drivers first (be gentle, I am a new Mooney fellow)...haha...yes I have asked my Mech and they do not do it at their facility...ugh Thank you Fly Smart, Ryan
  8. Gentlemen yes I am, and have written, a checklist. I over all like the color, layout, formatting of Jims an wanted to mirror his. Yes I have adjusting/tweaked it just for my acft. Yes I have mirrored the POH. Guess my above request was lost in translation. I have been taking little bits and ideas from all the ones you guys have provided. Heavy laminate with checklist rings with performance info an Emergncy section. Pilot proofed it! Will get it posted here for others if needed. Thanks for all the help Fly Smart Ryan
  9. Hello my fellow Birdmen out there in Mooney Land. I have scoured the internet and not having any luck. I have a really nice Check List by Jim Price that was on the Dauntless website for a Mooney M-20C Ranger. I like his overall layout, but I would like to change some of the data to match my new aircraft a 1975 M-20C. Do you guys have this attached Checklist in RAW Excel or Word Data that I can get a copy of? I have emailed Jim but the one he sent back was similar but not it. I have been building one up, but not near as nice as Jim's. Thank you Fly Smart Ryan jim_price_m20c-ranger checklist.pdf
  10. Thanks guys for all the quick imput. I was born and all my upbringing in aviation all has been in KIAS. I am very new to the MPH thing. I will post a pick of the panel below. I like the big Fisher Price letters and numbers that are easy to read at a fast glance. I learned the quick ref 60,80,100, and 120 numbers for my M20 checkout, now I have to translate them in to MPH to see the big numbers on the outer scale.
  11. Hello my fellow Birdmen/women. I am new to the group so please be gentle. I just purchased a 1975 M-20C. It has the standard MPH outer/ KTS inner ring style OEM Airspeed Indicator. I am looking for a KTS only style indicator (less clutter and easier to read and not so cluttered). I know it can be done, the training M-20B I flew had a KTS only Ind. I have only found a company that can make a new one with all the proper markings and limits. Starting at $800 and up! My question is do any of you out in Mooney Land know of one that needs a good home or where to get one? Thanks in advance. Fly Smart Ryan