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    Ovation book speeds

    Again thanks a lot for everyone's input!
  2. mr.m

    Ovation book speeds

    Wow this was quick! @M20Doc thx that is a good idea! Hi Steven, thx! I'm based in Australia south east Queensland, so probably not around the corner for most members. The mission includes 450 - 600nm trips with most airfields close to sea level. No high mountains around here so no real need for a turbo. Freezing levels are usually no issue. Needs to carry 2 POB plus a good amount of cargo. Both POB enjoy seeing high TAS numbers I calculated a couple of W&B scenarios and found no problems. Mostly private use with the occasional business trip. I'm not yet IFR rated but it is work in progress. I intend to operate LOP and understand that this will reduce TAS by a few knots compared to the book ROP numbers. Follow up question: I just realized that I quoted the numbers from an Ovation II POH. If I understand correctly the M20R Gen2 comes with a faster Hartzell prop. Would a M20R Gen1 with an upgraded prop match the M20R Gen2 performance or are there additional changes to the airframe?
  3. Hi mooneyspace, Quick question to M20R owners: Are the Ovation book speeds realistic or optimistic? For example 8000ft: 190kt TAS @75% ROP (no TKS, no A/C)? I'm scouting for a new pair of wings and a pre-2000 Ovation is on top of my list. Mission (mostly 2 lightweight POB with cargo who enjoy going fast) and budget fit well, but I didn't have the chance to actually fly an M20R yet. Cheers!