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  1. I have an M20S (with an IO-550) that is probably louder than a Bravo. I was also concerned about damage to our cat's hearing so I talked to my vet about it. He prescribed Acepromazine (1/4 tab of a 10mg tablet). We give it to our cat about 30 minutes before our flight and he is very relaxed (drunk?) for about three hours. Without a sedative, our cat is very vocal and restless in his pet taxi while traveling in a quiet car. With the sedative in the plane, he is calm and occasionally naps. I second the recommendation about always keeping your cat in a carrier while flying. BTW, we tried a pair of mutt muffs that fit him well, but he would wiggle out of them in less than a minute.
  2. I have seen no problems with IAS climbs - before or after the sticky yoke fix.
  3. My long body M20S was having the same glide path pitch oscillation as Don's Bravo. PMAX has solved the problem. There was a slight sticky spot in the yoke when the elevator was close to the neutral position. The yoke shafts and guide blocks were cleaned and lubricated. Every moving part in the elevator control system was inspected and lubricated. The yokes then moved smoothly with no sticky spots. After that, I flew three approaches (two RNAV and an ILS) and the autopilot tracked the GP/GS perfectly.
  4. I recently had a GFC500 installed in my Eagle (also a long body - as you know). I have flown it about 5 hours with the new autopilot and have the same problem. The GFC500 works well overall, but there is a minor pitch oscillation while tracking the GP on an LPV approach. The airplane hunts up and down at 100fpm but stays right on the GP. "Shallow roller coaster" is a great description for this. I have not noticed it when making heading changes while flying level.
  5. I decided to place the GMC507 at the bottom of the stack. I figured it would be easier to operate in turbulence. I flew in the bumps recently and found that it was easy to access by resting my right forearm on my right knee.
  6. Here's some photos comparing: a Whelen Parmetheus Plus LED landing light to a GE 4596 incandescent bulb in the landing light location and a Whelen Parmetheus Plus LED landing light to the Aero-Lites SunSetter ULTRA LED landing light Also included are photos of two GE 4596 incandescent bulbs in each taxi light location and two Aero-Lites SunSetter ULTRA LED taxi lights.
  7. I also asked my avionics shop to start the PO process.
  8. You are not missing anything. One version of the pixie hole is seen in this photo. There is no pixie hole on the new Ovation. The Ovation Ultra in the first photo is scheduled for delivery next week.
  9. Toured the Mooney Factory yesterday and took this photo (with permission). This is how the Mooney pixies deal with cooling cylinder #5 on the new Ovations.
  10. I am interested in your M20S. PM sent.