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  1. I can answer some of these questions (it's my aircraft he's referencing). The symptom is that it cranks and cranks (cold start / hot start / flooded start procedure, doesn't matter). Eventually fuel starts dumping from the cowl after the 4th or 5th attempt. Occasionally when I let go of the key it acts like it wants to fire but never does. One way to get it started is to unhook the left mag (which is brand new). If he does that the plane fires up immediately but runs super rough and is almost impossible to get stopped (I apply full choke and it still runs for 30 seconds until it finally dies).
  2. Good Morning. My mechanic is still trying to chase down the reason my PC system rolls right. Hoses have been replaced but we are still seeing the issue. He spotted a small tear in the servo boot and we are thinking that might be the cause. Can someone tell me where one might find replacement parts for this system given that Brittain is unavailable? Attached a picture of what he found. Thanks for the help!
  3. Got mine on the 24th, installed and did my certification flight for the rebate yesterday. The entire process, including a few minutes trying to download the FAQ PDF, took 10 minutes. I was just positive the test flight would be a waste because it just seemed entirely too easy and surely something wasn't working right. Got my ADSB report and incentive code 1 hour after the flight. What great technology.
  4. Has anyone actually received their units? I have less than 3 weeks to complete my verification flight for the rebate and I'm starting to suspect I will miss the deadline. There are a couple of commenters on Youtube stating their units are in-hand.
  5. Great pics, Thanks! Do you have any experience with the various GoPro units? I would assume the smaller the camera the better. I think GoPro makes a smaller unit called the "Session" but I dont know if its any smaller or lacks key features of the "Hero" line. A quick search on Amazon yields plenty of cost effective helmet mounts for these units. I'm glad to see its as easy to find as that!
  6. Hiya, I am considering getting a camera to mount on the exterior of the aircraft and was wondering what everyone uses for that? It's all foreign to me so I haven't settled on any particular camera brand / type. I am most fascinated with the views from horizontal stabilizer or top of the tail. How is this done without creating aerodynamic issues? Hopefully this isn't a stupid question. I tried searching and really couldn't find how its done. Thanks!
  7. The cost to refurb appears to be about $165 each. This is likely the route I will take here in the next month or 2. My plane almost always burns between 9-11 GPH but this was an unusual flight. I was near gross, it was hot and the clouds were in my way the whole way. Constantly climbing and descending to get around them. I had to constantly re-lean, which isn't super efficient using the single EGT gauge that came stock on the aircraft. So, with all the non-cruise maneuvers I had to make there was just no way to know how much I was burning... I just know the gauge was telling me "there's a
  8. Hi Everyone. I fly a '69 F with essentially no fancy stuff on the inside. Short version of the story is, I was on a 3.5hr leg recently and must have been running very rich as I had calculated I should have burned ~22 of 32 gallons in my right wing. My fuel gauge was indicating between 1/4 and 1/2 at landing. I landed, went to fill it up and I put 29.5 gallons in. Whoops..... (other wing had 15 gal available). I would have thought with 2 gallons available the gauge should have been pretty close to reading E. I have been planning to buy an engine monitor as soon as the next JPI (or EI)
  9. I know I'm digging up an old-ish thread here, but this is now relevant to me. I took out my first policy last summer as a 0-hour pilot in my F through Falcon, who is supposed to search multiple providers. My premium last year was about $1,900 and that was to use my plane for my PPL training. I figured "it can't get any worse than this" - I was wrong. My renewal came back today with Star and the increase was about 25%. They cited "low time pilot" as reason for increase. I have about 60 hrs as PIC right now. My agent said 4 of the companies declined to even quote me and Star was the only option.
  10. Yeah, I completely agree it didn't happen overnight. I do a visual scan on the blade as I run my hand around it to check for something uneven but I honestly rarely look at the inside of the spinner area. I'm not sure I would have seen that area without removing it even if I was looking. I know the prop was removed at annual a few months ago for a crank seal issue so I would like to think that would have been seen at that time. Ugh.
  11. Made a fuel stop after a 2 hour leg yesterday, taxied out after getting fuel for a quick run-up and noticed a bit roughness when I increased RPM. I allowed the prop to spin at 1900 for about 20 seconds and the roughness evened out so I assumed I was good to go. Was 100lbs shy of gross and the climb out seemed normal for being heavy. When I was pulling the plane into the hangar I noticed the damage. Mechanic says he can fabricate a new piece but I'm wondering why this happened and if anyone has had this issue before? I'm guessing I need to have the prop balance checked as it seems logical it wo
  12. Thanks for the replies thus far. My plan is to try and get to the hangar tomorrow afternoon to try and chase this down. Anything you have to add will be helpful. I do have 3 or 4 spare fuses that came with the plane when I purchased it. I was wondering what they were for, maybe this is it.
  13. Hello All. I've had my plane for almost a year now and the instruments have never illuminated, even though I have the factory knob at the top/left that turns them on/dims. The plane has overhead LED lighting which works fine but I've had a few times flying longer stretches at night where I've thought having illuminated gauges would be easier than the broad lighting. Anyway, are there any suggestions on where to start? I promise I did a lot of searching on the forum and couldn't find a specific answer. It appears there are some 5A fuses, somewhere, that could be the problem. Is that t
  14. I just wanted to let everyone know that I located a bulb for my plane and it still seems to fly OK. Thanks again for all the help!
  15. Hi all. I know I'm on a roll with my 2nd question of the weekend, so please forgive me. My tail light beacon (?) is burnt out on my F. Anyone know what to order to replace it with? I did try searching the forums and didn't find anything relevant. I remember seeing some suggestions not to long ago about so me $15 LEDs that weren't aviation. I don't necessarily have a problem with that but I wanted to see if anyone had recent experience with replacing this bulb. My lighting system is stock if that matters. Thanks!
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