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  1. nightmoves

    Instrument lighting issue - M20F

    Thanks for the replies thus far. My plan is to try and get to the hangar tomorrow afternoon to try and chase this down. Anything you have to add will be helpful. I do have 3 or 4 spare fuses that came with the plane when I purchased it. I was wondering what they were for, maybe this is it.
  2. Hello All. I've had my plane for almost a year now and the instruments have never illuminated, even though I have the factory knob at the top/left that turns them on/dims. The plane has overhead LED lighting which works fine but I've had a few times flying longer stretches at night where I've thought having illuminated gauges would be easier than the broad lighting. Anyway, are there any suggestions on where to start? I promise I did a lot of searching on the forum and couldn't find a specific answer. It appears there are some 5A fuses, somewhere, that could be the problem. Is that true, and if so where would one look for those? This is a 1969 F. ++ may or may not be related, but I had a Garmin 347 audio panel installed about 6 months ago and the backlighting does not illuminate. I am assuming the pins were properly done so that it would turn on lighting when the cabin lights were turned on. I'm hoping this is all related. The unit does briefly illuminate when it powers on during the self test ++ Thanks everybody.
  3. nightmoves

    Tail light - buld replacement

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I located a bulb for my plane and it still seems to fly OK. Thanks again for all the help!
  4. Hi all. I know I'm on a roll with my 2nd question of the weekend, so please forgive me. My tail light beacon (?) is burnt out on my F. Anyone know what to order to replace it with? I did try searching the forums and didn't find anything relevant. I remember seeing some suggestions not to long ago about so me $15 LEDs that weren't aviation. I don't necessarily have a problem with that but I wanted to see if anyone had recent experience with replacing this bulb. My lighting system is stock if that matters. Thanks!
  5. nightmoves

    Gear down warning problem

    You guys and gals are great! I will probably hand this over to my mechanic but at the very least it should save him some time trying to hunt it down, which saves me money. Thanks to everyone for their input!
  6. nightmoves

    Gear down warning problem

    I think what I'm asking is, where is this switch and what does it look like? I'm not super excited about digging into wiring so if its a wiring issue I will have to defer to the mechanic. If its a "check this switch to see if its freely moving" issue, that's more my speed. So if someone can tell me where it is that would be awesome. Sorry for not being clear. I wasn't sure this mystical switch existed, my A&P has just suggested looking for one since he's seen that issue with Arrows before. Thanks.
  7. nightmoves

    Gear down warning problem

    Sorry, some clarification. '69 with Electric gear. The light will sometimes flicker and each time its "off" when flickering I will hear a blip from the horn. Sometimes it will just go off and its a full siren, just like the gear is still up. The indicator in the floor shows gear down the whole time. Its so random that it seems like either a loose wire somewhere or literally the mechanism that indicates the gear is up/down is stuck or loose. I can be on the ground taxing, hit some bumps and it will go off/on 5 or 6 times and then shut off. I've also been on the ground and the gear down just sounded for 10 minutes until I took off. Very annoying. Mechanic said something about on an Arrow there is some sort of switch that depresses, indicating gear is up, that he has seen get "stuck" and need some attention so it calls down when the gear comes down. He is thinking the Mooney may share that technology.
  8. Hi everybody. My F started having issues recently where my gear down siren will sound sporadically even when the gear is down - sometimes when taxing around even. The light on the dash will go off when the siren sounds, then back on when it stops. This can be quite alarming when about to flare and you are 99.9% you checked the gear 5 times but the siren goes off anyway. My mechanic mentioned a switch or relay of some sort near the nose gear that might be getting stuck in the 'up' position or having a short of some kind. Does anyone know where that is and what to look for? I am really hoping this is a simple fix. Thanks to all.
  9. Hi everyone. I have a '69 F which is having issues with the original coffee grinder anti-collision beacon. This has been an (expected) expensive first year of ownership so I'm looking to get out of this repair on the cheap. My question is, If I wanted to replace this with something that is 20 years old or so (non-LED), does anyone know what I should look for (on Ebay, Facebook, etc)? From time to time I see people selling their belly strobes on here when they upgrade to LED but I'm not sure what fits that hole / wires and what doesn't. While I'm at it - does anyone have a said "new to me" replacement they want to sell? Thanks to all for the help and suggestions.
  10. Hi everybody. About 2 months ago I started getting the lovely smell of fuel in the cabin after my M20F sat for any period of time and our on-field A&P immediately located the lovely blue streak near the wing root. Interestingly this wing had been "completely sealed" not 9 months ago (I purchased the plane 6 months ago). Well, once inside the tank we found where the new sealant stopped in the area near the fuselage and only super old, crusty sealant was in place. The A&P spent hours removing all that old stuff and applying the new sealant (not the quick-dry version, took 3 days or so to set). Afterwards we gassed it up, flew it around, landed and let it sit for a few days and when I returned, no smell!!! So, that problem is fixed but now I'm noticing that every time I sump during preflight I get a sample with small red/brown flakes. If I sump 2-3 times it clears up. I go fly, land and sump again and the fuel is clear. I come back a few days later after it's sat, there are flakes again. TLDR: Is this considered normal for a tank that just received a patch sealant? Is it dangerous? Will the fuel screen catch anything large enough to cause a problem? I tried to get a picture of said screening but my camera didn't want to focus. The fakes ranges from brine shrimp size to very, very tiny. Any input is appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone. I just completed the purchase of my first upgrade, the Alpha Aviation front seat shoulder harnesses and that got me to thinking, are there any options for the rear seats? Specifically, do any of you have harness solutions for your children? I have a 6 year old who is probably too big for a car seat and booster seats use the shoulder belts from your vehicle, so that doesn't help. I see there is a FAA Approved harness that is more for commercial travel and will not work since this in a bench seat. Does anyone have any suggestions for me for a child restraint? Thanks to everyone.
  12. Spoke with the banker today, he said "I don't care what you do with the money so as long as its adding something "new" to the aircraft' - so a new harness for the front seats it is. Does everyone suggest doing with Alpha fixed harness? I've been searching and can't find a good answer on whether there is something from Hooker or AMSafe that would work. I'm going to keep researching engine monitors. There are a couple options available in that $2-3.5k range that I really think will pay for themselves over time with maximum efficiency. Thanks to all.
  13. Thanks for the advice. It sounds like your accident made you a believer and I'm guessing your story alone will cause me to do that immediately. Whether or not my banker will consider that an 'upgrade' is the question since their angle is that I do something that increases the value of the plane (to them). Whether or not it counts, I am looking into doing it.
  14. Going off topic slightly, but, I do see several generic "AMSAFE" harnesses on Ebay. This may be a silly question, but are there certain units that will fit? I see some that are inertia units that are reasonably priced assuming they fit. The listings really don't give much info other than they are used and pulled from other (generic) aircraft.
  15. Hi everyone. Wow, thanks for all the responses. I've enjoyed reading them and look forward to any more that come my way. It does seem like the engine monitor is the way to go as far as a panel upgrade is concerned. This money is supposed to be used for something considered to be an 'upgrade' to the aircraft, so technically I can't use it for something considered maintenance, if that makes sense. I have indeed considered the shoulder harness upgrade for the front seats. I've only been able to find one manufacturer, Alpha Aviation, that sells them. Are there other sources to obtain these parts? I know everything in aviation is expensive but $500 per seat belt seems high to me (but maybe it isn't?). I don't mind putting in the work to assist installing items to save some cash. I am actually looking forward to my first (owner assisted) annual to really get to know my plane. Let's just say I hope the comment about a $10k annual isn't something that is a rule of thumb. It just went through an extensive pre-buy and I would be disappointed if that many items came up right off that bat. That said, again, everything in aviation is expensive!