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  1. Like the AV-30 .... Very interesting stuff. We are heading into exciting times for avionics.
  2. Us 250 from Elkins to Monterey VA. Goes up over Cheat Mountain....awesome ride.
  3. Agreed. Definitely watch the weather closely...Airmets for mountain obscuration for that whole region will tip you off. Plan your arrival/departure times to avoid evening and early morning if you want to avoid IMC...sometimes low IMC. I haven’t been to AVL, but have been into KHSP to the north a few times which is one of the highest public access airports in the east (the highest??). Cloud ceilings during the afternoon and fog at both ends of the day are commonly an issue if VFR. Beautiful place to fly though...
  4. All bets are off with tornados....
  5. I went up on the fourth in NE Ohio many years ago. I thought it was pretty cool!
  6. I fly the same aircraft with Boilermonkey. Last time I flew her, she sputtered and popped a little advancing the throttle too quickly on the takeoff roll. Accelerator pump seems a likely culprit.
  7. Ha! Probably. Wish I lived closer. I’d help with the recovery. 29U is squawked with a gear issue....
  8. Yep. That was my aircraft. I missed all of the fun, it sound like! I would have helped you measure. I did talk to the airport staff for a while and they mentioned the fence as a formidable problem.... There was a nice Gulfstream sitting on the ramp next to my aircraft when I left. Was that yours? Definitely a small world. Glad you and yours are ok. Nice work putting her back down in the field.
  9. Sorry if I offended with the title. Again, glad everyone is ok and yes...great airmanship to put it back down in that spot.
  10. Fair enough. It definitely looks recoverable. I’m just glad everyone is ok.,
  11. I just made a flight into Springfield Ohio (KSGH) this morning. When I went into the terminal, they mentioned that a Mooney went down last night...lost power at 300 feet. Everyone is ok and the aircraft was largely undamaged. Tail number N201P. Was it anyone from here?
  12. Thanks for being brave enough to put this out there. If nothing else, this gets each of us to revisit our personal minimums and evaluate our preflight procedures as we think through your experience. That is valuable in and of itself. I am half way through my instrument training. I’ve not yet been in the situation, but I’m not doing VFR on top until I finish my instrument ticket.
  13. I filed last night using and had the same experience as gsxrpilot. Clearance was ready five minutes later when I called ground. Things are pretty well connected now.