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  1. My suggestion would be to shine a flashlight in the cowl and look for holes in the baffling.. you can easily do this if you take the top cowl off and then shine the light in the doghouse if your mooney has that setup. If not maybe the oil door on the cowling
  2. call Gryphon Aviation.. tell them Jason sent you 951-698-4260 They have worked on several mooneys they have an M20E in the shop now
  3. Gryphon aircraft at F70. Glen is the owner and does great work.. Wine Country 37680 Sky Canyon Drive #602 Murrieta, CA 92563 951-698-4260 951-698-0681 fax
  4. My .02 is I would only buy a plane that sat a long time for salvage value. Engine as a core worth X and parts that are good to sell incase of corrosion is worth Y and that is the value to me...
  5. According to the FAA. you can renew your registration online 6 months in advance... We are due in May so we renewed this month online.. not need to wait for the renewal .. just get it done and not worry for another few years...
  6. I have a piper saratoga and a mooney.. both injected.. if I start my plane and taxi it a block for fuel I never prime to restart my plane.. mixture back and crank. once it fires I advance the mixture and lean from there
  7. I would have your A&P check you valve clearance.. When the clearance is set to tight as the engine gets warm the clearance gets tighter which will make it harder to start. Good luck