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  1. Here’s the deal...Lampson field is temporarily closing down for runway improvements in early August, and we dont want to sit on our hands for 2 weeks. Soooooo, how about a win/win scinario? You bring your plane in for service before August 1, and we will give you 10% off labor. We stay busy through the closure. You save money! Give us a call to schedule your service. (707) 263-0412
  2. Hey Mooniacs! Just a quick note to let you know that LASAR is offering thousands of Mooney parts at up to 30% off. This is an online-only promotion, and is on a first come, first serve basis. Browse the discounted parts at
  3. Hey Mooniacs! Just wanted to let you know we are looking for stories of your favorite flight, favorite LASAR experience, or just how you came to own a Mooney. For those who share their story before the end of 2017, you will be entered into a contest to win $500 in parts or service with LASAR! Submit your story and enter to win at:
  4. LASAR

    Mooneys for sale

    Hey, just wanted to let y'all know our site is hosting planes for sale again as a free service at Also, we are selling our E model at: Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. We love Mooney stories almost as much as we love our Mooneys, so we are trying something new on We have created a platform for pilots (and copilots) around the world to share their stories with the entire Mooney community. Whether you have a favorite flight experience or just want to share the history, mods, or photos of your airplane, we would love to hear from you. We will be featuring different stories each month within the themes of "Favorite flight", "All about my Mooney", "My LASAR experience", or anything else "Mooney" that you would like to share. Simply type up your story in our online form, upload a photo or two, and we'll take care of the rest. Once your story is submitted we will put together a featured post on our site and also share it on our social media. To learn more, read stories, or share your own story, visit us at
  6. LASAR

    Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    Pleasure to meet everyone! Excited to plan the next one.
  7. LASAR

    Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    Next time! We will be hosting another one in May.
  8. LASAR

    Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    Thats great @Amelia! Glad you like the shirt. There have been a few requests for an east coast facility. Hopefully we will get there soon. We are trying to grow our contact database of Mid-west and East coast Mooney pilots. Most of our current reach is on the West Coast. If you are aware of the best ways to reach out to our East Coast Mooniacs, we would love to get connected.
  9. LASAR

    Mooney Bladder Install

    @N6758N We have fuel access panels in stock. List price on new ones is $481.24. We have 2 used ones for $210.00 each. Dan's direct line in parts is: 800-954-5619. Nice work!
  10. Only 9 days left until the Fly-in! Are you going to make it? We are offering a catered lunch, classes, and one lucky Mooniac will win a Free (no squawks) Annual ($3500 value). There are already 61 people signed up. To learn more, and sign up, visit P.S. We are also hosting a hangar sale with great deals on our salvaged parts and avionics. Feel free to bring any used (and working) parts you would like to sell.
  11. Super, make sure you find me (Dustin).
  12. Super! the shirts got sent out about a week later than we wanted, so in case you didnt get the message, our contest is now ending on August 26th, at the fly in instead of the 18th. Post your pics to win!
  13. LASAR

    WTB: LASAR WingTips for M20J

    Dan and Robert talked about the wing tips this morning. Right now, we are too busy to take Chris out of the shop to do molds. So, they are just temporarily out of production. Chances are good we can be back up and running with these in a few months.
  14. LASAR

    LASAR Visors

    sounds like Dan got a few more orders on his list for visors! Thats great! Hopefully we will have enough to go to production soon on those.
  15. LASAR

    LASAR Visors

    Hey everyone, Dan in parts keeps a running list of people who are interested in visors. When the list is large enough to justify production, we can have them made. If your name is not on Dan's list, give him a call at (800) 954-5619. Would love to see a new batch made!