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  1. You will get the install drawings, installation manual and the STC with your N# and SN.
  2. You can use most Garmin portable GPSs for the TT GPS input.
  3. Stanton R

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    I agree with you, however if you set a G5 AI according to the STC manual the HSI display is supposed to be disabled.
  4. Stanton R

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    Per the STC the above operation mode is not ok for the installed equipment. A G5 that is replacing the horizon is only allowed to be a PFD mode.
  5. Stanton R

    Which servo is leaking

    I know of an incident that one of the chains on the servo got a kink in it which made it shorter and it wold pull to one side
  6. Stanton R

    Backup AHRS

    Replace the KCS55 with a G5 HSI. This will give you a back up AI, airspeed, and altimeter by changing from HSI to PFD mode. It will also add GPS steering. Last put not least remove a significant amount of weight.
  7. You might have a NAV1 /NAV2 switch and it is in the NAV2 position
  8. Stanton R

    Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    The minimum advertised price for the experimental version of the ESGi is only $200 less. I'm not sure what the small fee was from the FAA but $200 doesn't seem like to much to pay to not have to worry about the FAA.
  9. Stanton R

    FS 510 and Android DB xfer

    Is my experience that the apple version of GP works much better then Android for database transfer. With the Android you really had to have the stars to align to get database transfers to work. With iOS it works every time. Not to mention at the time that the Android version of GP didn't have all the features of the iOS version.
  10. The EDM 900 has a volt/ammeter that is STC'd for primary replacement.
  11. Stanton R

    Looking for some upgrade advice

    If you have a King autopilot you will not be able to get rid of the flight director.
  12. As far as GPS approaches go, leave it in GPS steer. The Stec manual assumes that you don't have GPS steering and the only way to track the approach would be changing to trk mode. You will be much closer to being on course using GPS steering, especially with a cross win.
  13. I would add Garmin G5 HSI for your 750 indicator. It will help make room for the EDM 830 in the pilot panel and also add GPS Steering to your autopilot which will make it work much better. I would for sure get rid of the KNS 80 and #1 com. It would also be a good time to change to a ADS-b transponder like the GTX 345. At a minimum for the audio panel a PMA 7000B would use part the KMA 24 wiring.
  14. an917-1d you can get it from aircraft spruce