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  1. Stanton R

    GTX 345R GTN650 Loss of Comms

    Unless you already bought the FS 210 or are getting it used, the FS 510 will be less cost($0 installation cost or extra Circuit Breaker). You can order the the 650 without a data card saving ~$450. The 510 also has the database concierge (super easy to use)
  2. The current G5 STC requires you use both of the 430W arinc 429 inputs for the G5, so you don't have one for the GTX 345. Garmin has added a 429 protocol on the 430W (G5) that allows the G5 to only use one of the 430W 429 ports, which works fine, it just hasn't been changed on the G5 STC approval.
  3. Stanton R

    GFC500 Update

    Have Trio or Trutrak finished the STC for Mooneys
  4. Stanton R

    GFC500 Update

    The yaw servo is $1500 the install kit for bonanzas and 210s is $795 plus labor for the installation. Don't try to save money by not getting the auto trim. I have flown 2 C182s with a GFC500, one with trim and one with out. The trim made everything work much smother. If your choice is Trim or YD do the trim.
  5. The Max Standard Battery lasts for 4 hours instead of 20 minutes like the older aspens. If you only get the MAX PFD you can get rid of the AI and DG. You still have to keep AS,VSI,ALT, and TC. If you go with the MAX 2000 system you only need the 2 aspens for flight instruments.
  6. Stanton R

    Rebuilding Bendix Ignition Switch

    After looking at the drawings I don't see any provisions for the shower of sparks on the EA 15000.
  7. Stanton R

    ST-901 GPSS needed

    Sell your GI 106b and get a G5 HSI. You will spend a little more money but end up with GPSS and a slaved HSI, back up horizon, altimeter, and airspeed. You will also get a warranty.
  8. You will get the install drawings, installation manual and the STC with your N# and SN.
  9. You can use most Garmin portable GPSs for the TT GPS input.
  10. Stanton R

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    I agree with you, however if you set a G5 AI according to the STC manual the HSI display is supposed to be disabled.
  11. Stanton R

    Aspen Evolution 5?

    Per the STC the above operation mode is not ok for the installed equipment. A G5 that is replacing the horizon is only allowed to be a PFD mode.
  12. Stanton R

    Which servo is leaking

    I know of an incident that one of the chains on the servo got a kink in it which made it shorter and it wold pull to one side
  13. Stanton R

    Backup AHRS

    Replace the KCS55 with a G5 HSI. This will give you a back up AI, airspeed, and altimeter by changing from HSI to PFD mode. It will also add GPS steering. Last put not least remove a significant amount of weight.
  14. You might have a NAV1 /NAV2 switch and it is in the NAV2 position
  15. Stanton R

    Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    The minimum advertised price for the experimental version of the ESGi is only $200 less. I'm not sure what the small fee was from the FAA but $200 doesn't seem like to much to pay to not have to worry about the FAA.