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  1. You can tell flight aware not to put your N number on the web page. In fact it looks like you can have the FAA block your N number from being sent to the internet.
  2. The G3X has AOA with experimental installations. My hope is garmin will figure out a way to get it approved on the certified version.
  3. Another reason for the EDM 900 is you will bet all pressurized oil and fuel out of the cockpit.
  4. From personal experience go on a calm smooth day. It is very hard to keep the required speeds, heading and altitude required to complete the calibration. I also seems to work best if you are close to max weight. Also bring someone along to keep an eye out for traffic you will be spending several minutes watching instruments.
  5. Rather then use all the transformers, capacitors and inductors we use the AIU 900A from Deklintech. It is only $250 and you end up with a much nicer installation. You also want to turn on GPS steering unless you are not hooking it up to a GPS
  6. Currently the TruTrak only hooks to your GPS. No connections will be made to the G5. The Gad 29B or GMU 11 will not be required
  7. If you put all the test points to 0 it will start working. It still needs to be corresponded to you altimeter.
  8. If you want the autopilot to use the Aspen horizon for roll information to the autopilot, then you will need the EA100. You don't need the EA100 even if you have pitch if you keep the original horizon.
  9. The TXi EIS is much less restricted then the JPI or EI instrument replacements. The installer can change the gauges around and program the parameters unlike JPI and EI. There are some limitations but at least you don't have to send it back if something changes on the engine parameters. I bet if enough people ask they will be able to add % horsepower.
  10. This is the information I got from my Aspen rep less then a week ago. E5: 1: Ifr compatible 2: you can remove the horizon and DG unless the horizon is used for the autopilot(see note 4) 3: The ACU will be required for most older autopilots and navigation receivers 4: If you have an autopilot that uses the horizon you can use the EA100. 1000 PRO Max PFD: all the same requirements of the E5 with the addition of needing to keep the horizon. The thoughts at Oshkosh was that since the E5 didn't a horizon that the 1000 max pro PFD would also not need one. Aspen as since been told that is not the case. The 1000 PRO max PFD has the same requirements at the 1000 pro PFD. If you install the 1000 pro max PFD and MFD you can get rid of all the flight instruments except the compass.
  11. The 430 will use RS-232 for gps and weather information. The 429 will be for traffic. You will also want to use the RS232 out of the aspen to send pressure altitude to the 345 so that you can get rid of your encoder.
  12. My guess is something is partially blocking your MAP transducer.
  13. You will lose TIS-a coming from the 330 es if you remove the 429 connector.
  14. The GFC 500 doesn't require the two 429 inputs on the 430W. You currently only need both inputs with non garmin auto pilots. You need the GAD 29b if you want nav and gps information to show up on the G5 HSI.