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  1. Get a USB adapter that plugs into the lighter plug. Sporty's sell one for about $20 that has a voltmeter built in. If the volts are correct, no need to worry about the amps.
  2. As I mentioned, mine reads the same as the one under the wing.
  3. Was there a problem with it being in the naca duct? That is where mine is works great. Reads the same Dynon probe mounted under the wing.
  4. I just installed a TruTrack in A C175. There were issues so I called BK for help. They were very helpful. While I had them on the phone I asked about the Mooney release. They said that it should any time. The same answer for the last year, but they do thank it will happen soon.
  5. What does a AC for Part 121 have to do with Part 91?
  6. Had to grind down one side of the bracket. Then a little motivation with a rubber hammer allowed it to slide between skin and tube. It is tight.
  7. Gee that is way too easy. The 63 C model has an aluminum box around the tube that had to be cut out to make room for the bracket
  8. Unless flying for hire, there is no FAR that requires a landing light. Since there is no requirement to have one, why can you not add one under the NORSEE provision?
  9. The Air Force E3 aircraft I used to fly had 50 ft marks. Flew alot of IFR.
  10. I just bought two from Wentworth. It appears that the carter pin head must be squeezed so it will fit further into the nut. If installed as is, the head sticks out too far and will cut a grove into the cap. Also if the tail of pin is not bent enough it will also cut a grove. This will lead to the crack. I found the problem when pushing the plane back after the annual. I heard a clicking sound coming from the wheels. Investigation found the carter pins scrapping on both wheels. By the way both caps from Wentworth had the groves from the carter pin in them. Still serviceable but
  11. If you pump the brakes, does the travel get less? Do not understand how wearing the pads would make the travel less. I would bet on air in the system.
  12. The squelch can be adjusted in the setup menus.
  13. What are the new fangled alternator things? My 57 year old generator is doing just fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it or fix it till it is.
  14. Just did the flap fix. Started as just replacing the hoses. Could not pressure fill the system so time to take the pump apart. Somehow, a small piece of trash?? had blocked the hole in the return line in the pump so fluid would not flow. That fixed and o rings replace now fluid flowed as it should. One point for setting the flap retract speed. Screw the adjustment all the way in then back off 1/8 turn. Should be real close to the 10 seconds. At this point it was taking 5 to 6 pumps to get the flaps all the way down. No one around to help bleed. I left the flaps 3 pumps
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