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  1. My voltmeter is in a USB converter. Sporty's sells on for about $20. Don't remember where I got mine but I am sure a did not pay more than that for it.
  2. I have a similar issue with a JPI 900. I consistently shows about .7 volts less then a voltmeter plugged into a lighter socket. My amps show what I consider a normal load. Yours showing 3 amps is suspect.
  3. Yes it is a big nut and bolt. I know for a fact the tow bar will slip out without it and it can hurt.
  4. I have one of those tow bars. Welded a nut inside so you can screw a bolt into it to keep it from slipping out of the nose wheel tube. It will slip out at the worst possible time.
  5. That looks like a 63 M20C. The electric and engine driven fuel pumps are in parallel. That is besides the point. The problem he has as mentioned above is the engine drive pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. My 63 C had the same problem. Also, I did find a new Tempest pump that fit but the original AC pump has a smaller case then the new ones. Having the old one overhauled will ensure it will fit. New ones maybe maybe not.
  6. Just uploaded to Avionics section Telex TC200 installation manual. Also attached here. Floyd 13599-TelexTC-200.pdf
  7. According to faa records, He lived at a house on the airport.