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  1. The squelch can be adjusted in the setup menus.
  2. What are the new fangled alternator things? My 57 year old generator is doing just fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it or fix it till it is.
  3. Just did the flap fix. Started as just replacing the hoses. Could not pressure fill the system so time to take the pump apart. Somehow, a small piece of trash?? had blocked the hole in the return line in the pump so fluid would not flow. That fixed and o rings replace now fluid flowed as it should. One point for setting the flap retract speed. Screw the adjustment all the way in then back off 1/8 turn. Should be real close to the 10 seconds. At this point it was taking 5 to 6 pumps to get the flaps all the way down. No one around to help bleed. I left the flaps 3 pumps down and called it a day. Next morning, the air had worked itself out the top. 4 pumps to full flaps. Life is good. The fittings for the actuator is a number 4. Top of reservoir is 1/8 pipe thread.
  4. Sounds like the fuel pump is barely able maintain the fuel flow at high power setting. I would have the fuel pump checked out.
  5. Al Mooney designed the Comanche according to the book "The Al Mooney Story"
  6. Agree on the A4 wire. In my experience, it is the plug in the connector that is bent. The connector is a card edge and the pins can be bent when removing and replacing the transponder. My guess is the transponder is good. Just not receiving the correct information from the encoder.
  7. I do not have a picture of mine. I think the plane had the factory original in it when I did the panel upgrade. I used a piece of plastic I think was about 1/8 inch thick with a couple inches overhang on both sides and front of the radios. Zip ties to hold it in place sloping down in front. Pretty high tech.
  8. As a last chance water shield, I installed a piece of rigid plastic across the top of the radio stack. If water does get in, this should keep out of the radios.
  9. This sounds like a bent pin on one of the grey code wires not making contact. Anytime the transponder is removed and replaced it is supposed to be recertified for this reason.
  10. My voltmeter is in a USB converter. Sporty's sells on for about $20. Don't remember where I got mine but I am sure a did not pay more than that for it.
  11. I have a similar issue with a JPI 900. I consistently shows about .7 volts less then a voltmeter plugged into a lighter socket. My amps show what I consider a normal load. Yours showing 3 amps is suspect.
  12. Yes it is a big nut and bolt. I know for a fact the tow bar will slip out without it and it can hurt.
  13. I have one of those tow bars. Welded a nut inside so you can screw a bolt into it to keep it from slipping out of the nose wheel tube. It will slip out at the worst possible time.
  14. That looks like a 63 M20C. The electric and engine driven fuel pumps are in parallel. That is besides the point. The problem he has as mentioned above is the engine drive pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. My 63 C had the same problem. Also, I did find a new Tempest pump that fit but the original AC pump has a smaller case then the new ones. Having the old one overhauled will ensure it will fit. New ones maybe maybe not.