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  1. To get a true cruse fuel burn rate, Top off a tank. Take off on the other tank. Get to cruse altitude and power setting, switch to full tank, note the time. At end of cruse, note the time and switch back to other tank. Land and top the cruse tank and calculate the gal/hr. Lots of variables for total flight. Ground ops 1-2 gph. Take off about 16.5 gph, climb and decent depends on power setting. Have fun.
  2. 337 are not always as useful as you would think about prior damage. What was done for the repair should be listed but not the reason for the repair. So reading a 337 about a gear up would say what was done but not that the plane had a gear up.
  3. Would you rather have 5 gallons left in one tank or 2.5 gallons in each?
  4. I have installed this autopilot in a Cherokee and a Cessna. The install manuals are very complete with pictures. The kits were complete. Just needed a Circuit breaker and a DPDT switch to connect. Talks well to w430 or any other GPS, even hand held if it has a wired out. With a WAAS unit flys approached very well. It is not certified for approaches though.
  5. I got an Email for Gulf Coast Avionics this morning. The STC for installation of the AeroCruze 100 in Mooney Series aircraft is nearing completion. This approval will cover Mooney M20B, M20C, M20D, M20E, M20F, M20J, M20K, M20L, M20M, M20R, M20S, M20TN, M20U and M20V aircraft. They are now accepting pre orders. Spruce is also listing it.
  6. Bearing cone 08125 cup 214-00300 spacer 53005-000
  7. Still lots of options there. Connect it to gps or use external antenna? Want heading vs track? I have installed them in various configurations. If just AI with external antenna, probably about 6 hours to install.
  8. What is being installed? G5 Attitude stand alone? HSI with GAD and Magnetometer Temp prob. Big difference in install time depending on what is going in.
  9. Get a USB adapter that plugs into the lighter plug. Sporty's sell one for about $20 that has a voltmeter built in. If the volts are correct, no need to worry about the amps.
  10. As I mentioned, mine reads the same as the one under the wing.
  11. Was there a problem with it being in the naca duct? That is where mine is works great. Reads the same Dynon probe mounted under the wing.
  12. I just installed a TruTrack in A C175. There were issues so I called BK for help. They were very helpful. While I had them on the phone I asked about the Mooney release. They said that it should any time. The same answer for the last year, but they do thank it will happen soon.
  13. What does a AC for Part 121 have to do with Part 91?
  14. Had to grind down one side of the bracket. Then a little motivation with a rubber hammer allowed it to slide between skin and tube. It is tight.
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