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  1. Is this really a dehumidifier of simply a heater? Looks interesting.
  2. I went out to the hangar today and what I found made me wonder if the question is not to leave the heat on all the time or not but other circumstances that we may or may not have control over. Last week and this weekend has been cold and wet. Rain, snow, rain,..... Today, it started to warm up. When I opened the cabin door, it was very humid in the cabin. Moisture on the inside of the windows. Of course the cabin is "sealed" up with the door closed so what moisture that was in there was basically trapped. It is my habit, in the winter, to install the engine cover and propeller cover just before I leave. The engine is usually still warm. This is potentially bad for the engine I think. The amount of moisture contained in the warm air is probably "trapped" under the thermal blanket and therefore will simply condense. What are your guys thoughts on this? I think I will leave the thermal blanket off now until I start the pre-heat so the engine can acclimate to the environment. I may even leave the window open in the cabin to get some ventilation. Thoughts?
  3. warren.huisman

    Artec 345 elt

    I am wondering if anyone was able to get 406 antenna mounted under the dorsal fin?
  4. warren.huisman

    What causes this?

    The engine would stumble on the right mag. This is what I found while troubleshooting this. It appears that the globe of metal is shorting the plug. Looks almost like solder. What causes this to happen? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    Not seeing any significant differences on the engine monitor. It has the single drive, dual mag on this one. I think I’ll try swapping the plugs left mag and right mag and see if it follows them or stays with the mag. Not many other components I don’t think[emoji848]. Less than 200 hours on the mag since overhaul. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    Well, the static issue is still ongoing . I have changed the ignition harness because it was recommended by the repair shop and i was getting some "stumbling" with the right Mag with a Mag check in flight. The rough engine on the right Mag is still there with the new harness. I don't have the issue on the ground at 2000 RPM - only in the air. Any ideas? Mag issue? Spark plug(s)? I have fine wire plugs but not sure of the age.
  7. warren.huisman

    Mooney Mechanics Detroit Area

    Where are you hangared and would you consider an owner assisted annual?
  8. It seems this has been discussed many times with different opinions. I'm gonna watch this one because it seems logical to me to use a heater all of the time as long as a cowl blanket is used.
  9. warren.huisman

    Engine Covers are they worth it?

    We purchased an engine cover from macsairplanecovers on ebay for the Cherokee a couple of year ago. Its a guy in Northern Michigan who makes them. Not sure he has patterns for a Mooney but I would check. If I didn't have two Tannis covers for the Mooney already, i would be checking with him. I think I like his cover better than the Tannis.
  10. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    Thanks for the information. He does a nice job explaining the ground loop phenomena. I'll keep you posted if this solves the issue. fingers crossed.
  11. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    If i understand correctly, they are only able to make the static go away by powering off the Aspen. I believe the other avionics except 530 and audio panel are also powered down. They swapped the Aspen with one from the mechanics plane with the same results. So, i doubt it is the Aspen but something associated with it (wiring, etc)
  12. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    Well, the issue is not yet resolved. It appears that the noise goes away when the aspen is shut down. They found some improperly grounded and shielded wires but so far has not yielded any better results . It still does it with the engine off.
  13. warren.huisman

    AOPA and Mooney

    I don't feel their is a bias against Mooney's by AOPA. AOPA picked the 201 for their Millennium sweepstakes because they wanted something special to commemorate the turn of the century. The cover of the edition which featured the almost finished sweepstakes airplane was "Prize of the Century". Previously, the "best" airplanes they gave away was an Arrow and a Cessna 206. The Mooney is far sexier and efficient than either of them.
  14. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    Sl15 audio panel, sl30 nav/com, flight stream 210, strike finder, Aspen 1000 pro pfd, vm1000 engine monitor. The issue is, I get the static on the ground with all this stuff off. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. warren.huisman

    Static on Comm 1

    I have recently had a530W installed in my panel in place of a GX60. Also installed a Garmin 345 transponder to be ADSB compliant. A couple months after the install, I started to get intermittent static where the Comm breaks squelch. Initially, it wasn't too bad and I basically ignored it. However, it became so bad, that the Comm was basically useless as it drove me nuts with all the static. It seems to send and receive effectively, but the static otherwise drove me nuts. Long story, short - the avionics shop who installed the radio has not yet been able to determine root cause. Even consulting with Garmin has been unfruitful. Any ideas?