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  1. Mooney M20J muffler and exhaust system

    What model plane do you have and do you want to sell your power flow system
  2. Starter for Large Bore Continentals (550)

    Sky-tec is very good
  3. Fields of red lights southeast of Wichita

    They are terrible just let the gas and flow through the pipeline
  4. New Paint Hawk Aircraft Painting

    Nice work what is his phone #
  5. Stupidly Simple Boost Pump Switch Repair

    Thanks that is even better idea exactly the same as in my m20 j and no worries plug and play
  6. Stupidly Simple Boost Pump Switch Repair

    Thanks good idea mine feel off the other day to I'm going to do the same fix
  7. WTB Nav/Com

    I'm leaving my 430 adding 530 g345 PSA8000 with all the bugs that Avidine is having and I don't want just all touch screen 750 650 and new Avionces are so high for just flying only few days a week don't see putting 30$$ in to panel trying to keep the 83 j model at a price that I can sell soon and upgrade to faster plane
  8. Thanks I will remember that
  9. WTB Nav/Com

    I have narco 12d forsale
  10. Looking for a 12V Nav/Com

    I have narco 12 d forsale
  11. Can you call me tomorrow 843-230-2869 we can talk more about on the phone instead of all this email back and forth Thanks Kale McManus