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  1. Kale McManus

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    I was not looking to sell the mooney it just seemed to happen man offered what I wanted and I kick myself every day I was right in the middle of finishing my instrument rating I always thought about going bigger so here I am v tail and like it little bit of Avionces and I'm done just build time but back to your question I really didn't look around to up the useful load on the mooney don't think there was lot for the 83 j model without spending more than I could ever get back out of it
  2. Kale McManus

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    If you flying the mooney I'm not sure but if you are the 5th set you don't have you can do more and get the useful load up more just depends on what you want I guess I will miss the mooney for sure but I needed the room that bonanza has to offer
  3. Kale McManus

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    Useful load is 1061 in v add tip tanks puts it up to 1261 I would say speed going to be about the same but I need the 5 th seat and like having more room
  4. Kale McManus

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    I just sold my 20 j and bought v35 you going to have to spend a little money on the tip tanks but you get 200 pounds more useful load and helps cg move forward good amount something to consider
  5. Kale McManus

    Looking for kmt 112

    Anyone have kmt 112 flux gate forsale or can they be fixed
  6. Kale McManus

    85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    Were is the wing and how much are the asking for it I do believe that the plane can be put back together for a reasonable price
  7. Kale McManus

    Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    Looks good how much and how long and waiting time
  8. Kale McManus

    New Mooney Owner

    Yes I would do it as soon as possible
  9. Kale McManus

    Mooney M20J glareshield overhaul

    That is nice how much did they charge for the work I have they same glaresheild @ what was the time line getting it back
  10. Kale McManus

    Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    Very nice
  11. Kale McManus

    Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I have a friend at KHVS I think it is 1979 j all electric avidyne 540 Adsb upgrade new radios not sure what kind but you can give him call 843-601-1050 Chris Printess very nice airplane sorry I don't have an email for him you could tell him I told you to call Kale McManus is my name
  12. Kale McManus


    You can't find a nice 1979 super Viking for less than $125.000 but flying it is great a friend of mine has one wood and fabric just scares some people it's better in my opinion has no memory like aluminum
  13. Kale McManus

    Wire welder

    Vicks vapor rubb on top and bottom of your eye lids
  14. Kale McManus

    Wire welder

    Not sure how new machine welds better than older machine copper was better back in 1959