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  1. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    Very nice
  2. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I have a friend at KHVS I think it is 1979 j all electric avidyne 540 Adsb upgrade new radios not sure what kind but you can give him call 843-601-1050 Chris Printess very nice airplane sorry I don't have an email for him you could tell him I told you to call Kale McManus is my name
  3. Bellanca????

    You can't find a nice 1979 super Viking for less than $125.000 but flying it is great a friend of mine has one wood and fabric just scares some people it's better in my opinion has no memory like aluminum
  4. Wire welder

    Vicks vapor rubb on top and bottom of your eye lids
  5. Wire welder

    Not sure how new machine welds better than older machine copper was better back in 1959
  6. Wire welder

    Seems some of you have some idea of and about welding definitely buy a Miller for sure they make the best hands down ac machines on the market don't quote me but I think Miller matic 140 mig machine would be all that any body would want that would not be using all the time and parts are easy to find at any welding supply you can run flux core wire in it to but I would recommend bare wire with 7525 gas redueses splatter would be glad to help with any questions I have been welding for 23 years 100% X-ray mainline pipe line nuclear power plants so I do have the knowledge to help whom ever wold like
  7. Looking for a nice updated 201

    I know we're a nice one is at email me kalemcmanus@ gmail. Com
  8. Aircraft Property Tax

    It is totally up to you me and lot of people do it out of Delaware some out Florida some out of Montana hut it's your choice
  9. Aircraft Property Tax

    Look in trade a plane for the place in Delaware get you a llc through them I really can't remember exactly but I think mine is $180.00 a year anyone can do it only takes an hour or two to file fax papers back
  10. 1964 M20E

    No price or times
  11. Looking for pedal extensions

    That was why I said you would be better of to just order from mooney or get the fellow that said he could build for $20 to make some
  12. Looking for pedal extensions

    Then you want need any pedal ext so whatever
  13. Looking for pedal extensions

    Well I think anyone can do it it's like your first solo you just have to put your mind to it and do it first landing was not great but you get better
  14. Looking for pedal extensions

    It's not a hard thing to do for people that do this kind of work and have the tools and I could build them for someone but my time is worth something and you can buy them from mooney a lot cheaper than I would build and sell the man that can do it for $20 should sell them to the people that need them he should have temple made already should be snap and looks like he done great job on them