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  1. Two7Victor

    RAJAY Hose AD 81-19-04

    Just ordered mine. Thanks.
  2. Two7Victor

    Which servo is leaking

    Mine did that too so I replaced the obviously bad hoses on back of the turn coordinator. Still have not been able to test fly (long story why) but hopefully it it's better now. Fortunately I have an off switch on the panel to disable PC if there are more problems.
  3. Talco Aviation just acquired Rajay. Maybe worth a call to them to see if there is any change on the STC. I talked to the owner Tom about updates to the POH info for my 76F...Seems like a good guy. Web - Owner Tom Langeland (386) 304-7079
  4. Two7Victor

    M20 F Fuel Selector Label

    From my '76 F that need replacing soon too. Looks like items 32, 34 & 35 on the sheet.
  5. Two7Victor

    Recommend me a new insurance broker

    True but BWIFLY found a carrier (XL Catlin) that Falcon didn't.
  6. Two7Victor

    Recommend me a new insurance broker

    I just changed from Falcon to because the price was about 1/2 what Falcon quoted on my renewal. I had no claims and more hours now but Falcon still wanted a significant increase over last year.