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  1. Thanks for the information. I need to have my mechanic verify everything is per the STC after the hoses arrive.
  2. Looks like the air hose was flattened out on this one to fit where it was routed. I ordered a new set of hoses from Tom to eliminate the 5year AD but don’t know if the heater will be included or just oil. Hope this helps.
  3. Two7Victor

    Muffler crack

    Just ordered mine....$129 Thanks for the heads up and code!
  4. Two7Victor

    POH for later Vintage F Model

    For my 76 F. POH-1976 M20F.pdf
  5. Two7Victor

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    Yes, that would be a tough one to take now
  6. Two7Victor

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover

    Based on looking inside my tanks as they were being resealed, it is likely possible for a tablespoon of water to sit in the tank below the sump holes. The intake screen is significantly higher so if it sumps clear it would not make it to the intake tube. Pic from my '76F.
  7. Two7Victor

    RAJAY Hose AD 81-19-04

    Just ordered mine. Thanks.
  8. Two7Victor

    Which servo is leaking

    Mine did that too so I replaced the obviously bad hoses on back of the turn coordinator. Still have not been able to test fly (long story why) but hopefully it it's better now. Fortunately I have an off switch on the panel to disable PC if there are more problems.
  9. Talco Aviation just acquired Rajay. Maybe worth a call to them to see if there is any change on the STC. I talked to the owner Tom about updates to the POH info for my 76F...Seems like a good guy. Web - Owner Tom Langeland (386) 304-7079
  10. Two7Victor

    M20 F Fuel Selector Label

    From my '76 F that need replacing soon too. Looks like items 32, 34 & 35 on the sheet.
  11. Two7Victor

    Recommend me a new insurance broker

    True but BWIFLY found a carrier (XL Catlin) that Falcon didn't.
  12. Two7Victor

    Recommend me a new insurance broker

    I just changed from Falcon to because the price was about 1/2 what Falcon quoted on my renewal. I had no claims and more hours now but Falcon still wanted a significant increase over last year.