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  1. It seems that there is a trend of predatory avionics work. Things are ongoing with my end. My best case scenario I think is they have the panel installed, they can't figure out the autopilot and I fly it somewhere else. My last email from the shop was saying that that they need to diagnose a trim issue. The electric trim is not working and a trim failure light is on.... I wonder who can figure out that one *sarcasm*. I wonder if anyone has legal background and thinks it would be helpful to draft up a document. Maybe something that we could bring to
  2. Yes. As agreed beforehand. Funny though at the price it is now I could have gone to a different shop, bought their parts and still be under for costs due to the labor overruns.
  3. Sounds completely fair and what I would say if he wasn't dodging me.
  4. I'm looking for some ideas from people who have been ripped off by shops. Last November 2019, I dropped my plane off to get some work done on Vancouver Island, Canada. I am from Saskatchewan so it's a long drive but I had family there. Including the installation of an avionics package that someone sold all in one with 2 Aspens, G530, G330. I was not given a quote up front but in May 2020 by email message, at 65 hours in saying that there would be another 40 of work and it would be done In one week. Their shop rate is $115/hr. I thought better late than never. I took the ti
  5. Hey team, I have finally upgraded to some dual aspens and now I have the leftover parts collecting space on my shelf. Does anyone know what some of this stuff is worth or the best venue to offload it? Not a for sale thread. As soon as I get some ideas I'll put it up in the paid section.
  6. I was always told to use to disconnect switch on the yoke to avoid using the one on the king autopilot controller because they have a magnetic micro switch that fails with use. Regards, Mark
  7. Id like to go bigger! As big as possible. Last time I cracked my door plastic jamming in my luggage sadly.
  8. Hi team, Im away from the Mooney and can't measure so I was hoping somone has dimensions for the baggage door on a M20K. Also does anyone have any hard luggage recommendations that work well with the Mooney? Marek
  9. Howdy Team, I'm running a 81 M20K Rocket Conversion. I'm just wondering if anyone else is regularly practicing precautionary landings (to touchdown or not) in their turbo Mooney? What is your glide power setting? I know the TSIO engines don't like low power settings for very long and are prone to cooling issues so I'm quite hesitant to do this. Anyone do any other regular basic emergency and maneuvering training regularly in their rockets? Ie. U/As, slow flight, stalls: clean, take-off, accelerated, etc. What do you do to mitigate risk and wear and tear. Fly sa
  10. Rocket did have the part number of course which I will post when my AME gets it to me. I was curious: What would be the failure mode of one of these mounts? I don't seem to have any engine sag but the rubber is indeed cracked. Mark
  11. Hoping somone has some experience in this department. Still looking.
  12. Would you have contact info. Whenever I call rocket I get the machine.
  13. Howdy team, Just doing my annual and we found some engine mounts that need to be replaced. 1981 m20k Rocket tsio520nb. Would anyone know where I would find the part number? Thanks, Mark
  14. I'm with Don. I recently had a few months of flying without them as they were out for service. If you're in a more predictable airspace and mostly IFR flying with gentle decents I wouldn't bother. They can be quite handy if you're trying to "make it work."
  15. And regulator, even for 40 years old seems to be operational last check last year. At least on paper.
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