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  1. M20k 305

    I plan about 200kts tas and 20 gph at 16000 it's typically less. Fuel flow but I'm typically taking off with min (planned) fuel so it's nice to be making fuel on the trip. Send me a pm and we can talk details.
  2. Notchy trim diagnosis

    Well... Looks like we finally solved it. The bearing where the autopilot trim servo attaches was inadvertently sprayed with a corrosion inhibitor and it turned into cement, in particular when cold. I doubt my adventures in this will help anyone but it's good to have this thing fixed. Mark
  3. Tie down rings

    I do. I have forgot once and it did not affect handling at all. I guess there is a small drag penalty.
  4. Notchy trim diagnosis

    There is a square section at the trim jack screw. I would not want to put a pipe wrench on a torque tube. Even one as built as our Mooney ones are.
  5. Notchy trim diagnosis

    Still waiting for the bill but around $ 1300 cdn
  6. This is how I got mine. Free and up to date.
  7. Notchy trim diagnosis

    Thanks for the replies. After various situations. Trim working then not. Disassembly and relubing of the trim screw. I am just replacing the assembly. It's pricy and a bit annoying but sometimes fixing stuff over and over again leads to more problems. A point that I caught was the screw boot can fray and make things much worse. Ill let you know how she goes. Cheers, Mark
  8. Icing event.

    Wow. I just wanted to share some stories of a personal experience for knowledge of the common good. Play nice and keep the ad hominem to a minimum. I'd hope people aren't taking flying advice from a bunch of anonymous people on the internet. There is value to both knowing the rules and explaining what happens when they are broken. Fly safe.
  9. Icing event.

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share personal experience for the team. Planned a night ifr flight, no forecast or reported icing. I have no anti ice on the m20k so I am pretty cautious about it. In descent started noticing some vibration in the engine. Was in the mountains so I got steped down pretty quick. Vibration went away but wing ice remained. I think most of it built up on the wing in the first few minutes as I entered lower moist but warm air the ice turned from rime into a melted mixed. Of course it was night and the airfield just started to have this mixed precipitation (not for cast) Flying characteristics were actually not too affected. I had about 30 gal of fuel in the wings, 1 pax front seat and about 50 lbs of cargo. I had no issues with full flap landing. Rounding out just below 80kts. Windscreen did start to collect around the middle. The sides were fine and I could see past. Eventually the de fog and warmer temps let it slide right off. Conclusions that I can draw from this are. Don't rely on forecast for icing. The CIP is quite good to be honest and I will be trusting that more in the future. The Canadian gfa really let me down. Rely on atc as they were quite helpful and stepped me down to below the feeder altitude for the RNav. And if ice happens, don't panic. Turn on whateve equipment you have. Get to lower and hopefully she'll melt. In this particular situation I felt that controlability was not an issue. Fly safe!
  10. Notchy trim diagnosis

    I got a little bit of feedback from the Mooney Center and this was there thoughts on the trim getting stiff. " I have been looking at the trim system for your Mooney. I do have a couple of questions with regard to the trim. The M/M talks about the Trim ControlActuator rigging in the centre of the Aircraft. Do you know if anyone has looked in that area ref. Fig 27-10 Trim Control Actuator Rigging in the M/M. I ask the question because if your AME’s are not seeing anything significant in the rear of the Aircraft with the trim jack perhaps the settings in the Trim Control Actuator require some lubrication and/or adjustment. As well in Fig 27-9 the M/M talks about the Variable Down spring. I am wondering if this cable tension has been looked at? These are my initial thoughts to look seeing as your AME has been into the trim jack." For searching knowledge in the future.
  11. speed brake problem- quirky?!

    I've had the same problem with one speed brake retracting and one not. Slowing to approach speed and popping the breaker saved me when I was stuck and I had to divert to an alternate. I recently got a quote for $1,500 from precise flight to service the cartridges on my m20k.
  12. Notchy trim diagnosis

    Thanks for the info guys. The U joints and the Jack have been cleaned up. The notchy trim is all gone. Now it is getting really stiff towards nose down. I I'm thinking the problem is either in the cockpit or the tail.
  13. Howdy guys, I want to get the board's opinion on something my mechanic is having a little bit of trouble with. Flying back from the coast to a balmy - 40 degrees Celsius Saskatoon my trim started to lock up. First I noticed the electric trim was not working, then I noticed that the wheel was very stiff. I managed to land it without further incident. I let the aircraft sit for a while in a warm hanger. AME thought it was just frozen up and did all the simple things like regreasing stuff. I took the aircraft on another cross country, in the cold. And the trim was better after thawing out in the hanger however I still noticed it was notchy while warm. The autopilot failed to work and the breaker popped a couple of times. Electric trim seemed better but even that quit. Anybody have anything similar happened to them? What could it be? Thanks from the great white North, Mark
  14. GPS Card reader help

    Hey again, I need update my Apollo GX 50 GPS. I had ordered a card reader from another member here but it was lost in mail or stuck somewhere. Pretty much what I'm looking for is someone who has a data card reader to flash me a western usa/canada database and mail it out to me. I'd give you some cash for your time. You can even use my jeppsesen account if required. Shoot me a pm if you have an old skybound and a few minutes for an old Mooniak. Cheers! Marek
  15. I'm struggling to find some numbers. What is the max allowable fuel differential in the for a m20k. I have the auxiliary tanks, however one has inevitably started to leak. The plan is to cap that one and fly it back to be resealed. The mains are fine. Would I be able to still safely use the auxiliary tank on the opposite wing while one remains bone dry? The extra range would be very helpful for my ferry trip.