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  1. Marek7

    Speed Brakes

    I'm with Don. I recently had a few months of flying without them as they were out for service. If you're in a more predictable airspace and mostly IFR flying with gentle decents I wouldn't bother. They can be quite handy if you're trying to "make it work."
  2. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    And regulator, even for 40 years old seems to be operational last check last year. At least on paper.
  3. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    Got the bugger. Doesn't seem to leak when the Scott connector is installed though. Thanks for help team. Mark
  4. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    Thanks for the chart. This is the conclusion where I'm at. I am planning to do a test flight, get everything to altitude and cold soak. I have half the interior apart and going to put leak testing fluid to see if it manifests. The almost 40 year old regulator is a bit of a concern too.
  5. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    Shutoff is in the back with the tank actuated by a push/pull line. Seems to shut off quite well. Is there anything that would be temperature/vibration sensitive. On the ground this moment I cant find any leaks. In the air I could put my money on them coming back.
  6. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    Hey Don, Nope there were no ports connected. I'll try and plug in some and see what happens. I did do soapy water around all of the ports (with and without a connector) and there was nothing obvious.
  7. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    I would say so. I've gotten it filled at various places. But I like the way you think
  8. Marek7

    Oxygen leak

    Happy Friday everyone, I'm having a little bit of trouble trying to diagnose an oxygen leak. The system seems to hold pressure while all the valves are closed. However I only get about 2 hours of oxygen time at altitude per complete fill of the bottle. This is using the flow regulated nasal cannula by airox usually around FL200. just left the supply valve open overnight and I did not get any leaks. I have sprayed soapy water over all the connections after removing the interior and nothing. My theory is that this old regulator gets cold and starts dumping oxygen in the back. I am all for your ideas. More creative the better! Happy flying, Marek
  9. Marek7

    Wife’s pic

  10. Marek7

    Quick Cross Country

    I can picture some kid waiting patiently for the shuttle simulator complaining to his mom that there a group of airplane guys that won't get off.
  11. Marek7

    Planning A Long Cross-country Trip

    Springbank is awesome for GA. And cheap gas usually.
  12. Marek7

    Planning A Long Cross-country Trip

    Don't rush things. It's easy trying to "get there" but really you're flying for fun. Take the extra time to plan things out that are enjoyable and challenging to fly. Don't half ass any flight planning. CYYN is not the best pit stop in my opinion. Enjoy yourself!
  13. Marek7

    M20k 305

    I plan about 200kts tas and 20 gph at 16000 it's typically less. Fuel flow but I'm typically taking off with min (planned) fuel so it's nice to be making fuel on the trip. Send me a pm and we can talk details.
  14. Marek7

    Notchy trim diagnosis

    Well... Looks like we finally solved it. The bearing where the autopilot trim servo attaches was inadvertently sprayed with a corrosion inhibitor and it turned into cement, in particular when cold. I doubt my adventures in this will help anyone but it's good to have this thing fixed. Mark
  15. Marek7

    Tie down rings

    I do. I have forgot once and it did not affect handling at all. I guess there is a small drag penalty.