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  1. I'm struggling to find some numbers. What is the max allowable fuel differential in the for a m20k. I have the auxiliary tanks, however one has inevitably started to leak. The plan is to cap that one and fly it back to be resealed. The mains are fine. Would I be able to still safely use the auxiliary tank on the opposite wing while one remains bone dry? The extra range would be very helpful for my ferry trip.
  2. Apollo GPS data updates

    Yah with exhange rate I paid 188 it's 150 USD for one time.
  3. Traffic plus weather in Canada

    Another option for is XM satellite weather. There is a good setup to foreflight for in flight weather. I use stratux and XM that has me covered. How long are your flights?
  4. Apollo GPS data updates

    Any lines on a new skybound reader?
  5. Greetings, I was trying to update my Apollo GX 50 GPS using Jeppsesen Data Manager. The system uses a card similar to a pcmcia. I was using a dongle that converted the card to usb 2.0. However every time I tried the JDM it would not recognize it. Windows was asking to format the card but was unable to complete formatting in any file format. Windows also read the 2mb card as 64mb. Jeppsesen no longer supports the Apollo and the call center wasn't too helpful. Anyone still running an apollo have any advice Or maybe have a dongle they're willing to sell for me to try out? Cheers! Marek
  6. Greetings From Up North

  7. Greetings From Up North

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm in Saskatoon, CYXE, at the moment. New reg coming soon!
  8. Hey Everyone! I just thought I'd introduce myself. Proud new owner of a '81 M20K Rocket. She's going through import right now sorting out some airworthiness issues. Will have some pictures for you guys soon. Always looking to meet new friends or some advice. Cheers, Mark