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  1. o-360 overhaul

    Talked to Sam on the phone, seems to be a straight shooter! His prices are good and even had some good advice on shipping!
  2. o-360 overhaul

    Thanks, I'm just trying to put an offer in on a plane but wanted to factor some of the overhaul in.
  3. o-360 overhaul

    The engine hasn't flown much over the years and is at 1700 tsmo
  4. Looking for prices to get an o-360 for a C model to get rebuilt. It had the bottom end done about 6 years ago and about 700 hrs ago. I don't own the plane yet but just want to get a good quote cause the engine maybe has 300 hrs left on it. I'm up in MA and wanted to know there is any Canadian company that can do it since it may be cheaper with the current conversion rates.
  5. 1969 MOONEY M20C •

    I like the throttle quadrant! It's what I'm used to lol. Makes me feel like I'm at work.
  6. 1969 MOONEY M20C •

    RH 9/02/2004 LH 8/10/2015 thats when the tanks were done
  7. Has anyone looked at the one yet 1969 MOONEY M20C • $49,900 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 180 hp, 3869 TTAF&E, 1695 SMOH, 633 Since Bottom End Overhaul. 633 TTSN 2 Blade Hartzell Prop (no recur AD), Annual due 8/17, One Piece Belly Pan, Complete Logs, 201 Style Speed Mods; Windshield, Cowling/Baffling, Wingtips, Spinner, Instrument Panel, Control Yokes. GNS-530W, 796 GPS, GDL-39, GTX-327, STEC 30 With Alt Hold, ST-901 GPS Steering, KX-155 With GS, KMA-24, Pilot's Bose Headset With Hardwired Power Plug, (3) DC Headsets, Standby Vac, JPI 830 With Fuel Flow, Standby Elec AI, Portable O2 System, Tanis Preheat, Pilot/Copilot Shoulder Harness, Light Weight Starter. Its up in Maine Its on Barnstormers
  8. looking into this J

    Im guessing that maybe I should look at other tails instead of this one! Thanks, Guys!
  9. looking into this J

    sorry that's the wrong link here is the proper one!
  10. Hi guys I am looking at this nice J model, Can you let me know what you guys think? This would be my first mooney/ aircraft deal. Disregard looking at this one!
  11. What to get

    I most likely will drive during the icy weather. Just want the best bang for my buck.
  12. What to get

    Hi guys, my name is Tim I'm new here and am looking to buy a mooney for my wife and me. She is an instrument-rated private pilot, and I fly for a living. We are moving to BVY Mass, and I was looking for something I can fly back and for to FRG for work. Should I just spend the extra money and get a J or a K? or go with an older F? Thanks guys