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  1. Flew a friend from bta to ear to pick up a Cherokee. Cam back as a flight of two. Really had to pull back the power so he could keep up 3E7F2CFB-CFFB-40BD-BCD4-6E2DFC6CF903.MOV
  2. Looking for the grease zerk to lube the front bearing of the main gear
  3. After reading about the possibility of having the plane take off left or right on its own we went ahead and put the spacer back in today. Seemed like a good idea as we still had the tool available to compress the disks. The result Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. mikejr718

    Poor radio performance

    Wanted to update this thread. Tracked down problem to an antenna access port installed between the radio and antenna. Removed it and things improved drastically. I looks somewhat home made and allowed some one to hook up a handheld radio and use the antenna associated with the mx11. It was mounted in the panel near the radio. After removing it had to open it up to see the insides
  5. I leveled the plane this morning and checked it per m20-202 and it appears to be just inside the specs that make the shim not necessary. It seemed to take a lot of pressure from the compression tool I rented from lasar just to get it back together without the shim. It came apart with little pressure from the tool, I think the old disks had compressed and hardened a lot. I dread thinking about trying to compress things enough to get it together with the shim. Is it important to get it well inside the specs or will just inside be ok. I was hoping after a few landings and some use the new disks would compress some.
  6. Found a spacer under the collar that holds the top of the sock disc stack. I didn’t see it in the parts catalog and thought I would be unable to compress discs with it in there. I left it out and was able to get things back together. It still took quite a bit of force using the special tool to compress the discs. Would like help as to why it was there and if it’s necessary. The old discs were like rocks and were quite a bit shorter than the new ones put in. See photos
  7. mikejr718

    Poor radio performance

    Is there supposed to be continuity between the antenna wire and the metal parts of the antenna that the screws go into?
  8. I have a tkm mx11 as the comm 2 in my 1975 Mooney m20c ranger. The radio seems to have limited range and usually fails to transmit sometimes after warmed up. Comm 1 is a narco mk12d+ that works surprisingly well for being a narco. Standing back looking at the plane a few days ago it looked like the finish on the rear antenna did not match the rest of the plane. I have the stock 7 antennas. The cork gasket at the base of the radio looked dried up and shriveled so I thought I would remove the antenna and see if it appeared corroded, damaged etc. It was attached with three painted screws and one ground type screw with two star washers on it. The gasket was keeping the entire base of the antenna from contacting the aircraft and underneath the antenna was completely painted. I also have continuity from the center pin of the antenna to the metal base of the antenna. I confirmed the rear antenna is connected to comm2. Can I assume that this installation of this antenna could be part of the problem and the antenna itself may be bad based on the continuity from the center antenna conductor and the antenna base?